How Online College Works for Colorado Rapids Defender Eric Miller

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How Online College Works for Colorado Rapids Defender Eric Miller

Hey what’s up guys is Eric Miller. To
start my day off here in Denver Colorado about to head into the training facility
for a good session here. I decided to go back to school because I just wanted to
keep continuing my education. I thought getting my MBA would be super valuable
so Southern New Hampshire was the perfect option for me being able do it
online and all that stuff worked out for kind of our busy lifestyles a lot of
traveling stuff. I couldn’t go to a brick-and-mortar school somewhere all
the time because we were traveling so much, so just being able to, yeah, continue my education and just trying to just, learn as much as possible.
Hey guys just got done with training so I sit here on my favorite coffee shops
in Denver called Huckleberry. They got this awesome patio; it’s such a beautiful day, so I am going to do a couple hours of work here, see what I can get done. We have such a bizarre like experience here, but like you’re gonna play soccer for X number of years and kind of that and then you kind
of have to reset it up for soccer so I think as much education and all that
stuff as you can get before the end is is super beneficial. Taking my dog Cooper for a little walk
here. I would say I’m just proud of just kind of the work that it takes to get it
all done. There’s a lot of a lot of hours to be put in and there’s a lot of nights
and afternoons that I don’t want to do anything and just be able to commit to
doing stuff and then just the accomplishment at the end of finishing a class and dealing well is great. When I’m all done I’ll be proud of myself. Alright guys, thanks for spending all day with us here in Denver going through all the typical stuff that we do as as professional
soccer players and Southern New Hampshire University students so, hopefully see you soon. Later.

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