How Online Learning Works: Online Communication


How Online Learning Works: Online Communication

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How Online Learning Works How do I talk to fellow classmates?
How do I talk to my professor?
How do I collaborate for group work? How do I communicate as a student online? How can I communicate with faculty and classmates? Canvas mail Canvas chat Discussion forums Video conferencing Document sharing tools How do I connect beyond the classroom? Blog
Virtual Student Hub Facebook groups
Social media accounts
Local alumni chapters What support teams can I reach out to? Applying
Disability services Financial aid
Tech support
Paying your bill Contact us if you have any questions!
[email protected] Penn State World Campus
A world of possibilities. Online.

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2 thoughts on “How Online Learning Works: Online Communication”

  1. Jason Millward says:

    Where can I access the "Virtual Student Hub" mentioned in the video? Thank you!

  2. ronald walters says:

    where can i find videos of the student portal?

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