How they beat the odds to make it to college | Roadtrip Nation: Beating the Odds

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How they beat the odds to make it to college | Roadtrip Nation: Beating the Odds

Hi. My name is Willie and I had the honor
of producing and directing the Roadtrip Nation documentary that you’re about to
see — “Beating the Odds.” In case you don’t know, Roadtrip Nation basically exists to
help you figure out what you want to do with your life, or even if you have an
idea already of where you want to go, you know there’s still often that question
of “but how do I actually get there?” Well, that’s what we’re here to help with, and
one of the ways that we do that is with documentaries like this one, “Beating the
Odds.” Each of our films features a different group of people taking a road
trip in one of our big, bright green RVs and they interview people that they look
up to about how they got to where they are. On this road trip in particular we
got to meet with some of the most incredible, inspiring human beings I’m
sure I’ll ever get to come in contact with, and I am so excited to get to share
their stories and their advice with you now. So this story is all about these
three: Esther, Ikie, and Estephanie, who, you know, on paper aren’t necessarily
supposed to have been able to make it to college. But, even with everything stacked
against them, they saw that college could be their way out. So, they fought for it
with everything that they had. This film is the story of these three coming
together one summer to take a road trip across the country in search of advice
and guidance and inspiration from people who had been through similar struggles
in their life but found a way through it. So, thank you ahead of time so much for
watching, and I hope you enjoy. You don’t let your circumstances or
yourself stop you. That’s beating the odds and that’s what I’m doing and
that’s what I’ve been doing. I’m working with the cards that I’m given trying my
best with what I got. I’ve come really far but there’s still a
lot of work to be done. You know every person in their life deals with some
sort of obstacle whether it’s big or small or it comes at various
cycles in their life, and I personally have had a handful of heavy and hard ones to
kind of overcome. Sometimes you just have to remind yourself of that… of that where
you were before and where you are now and how dark that can get and how dark
it was. Every day is a battle but I have to choose to press on. Growing up it was not easy to get into
college. Growing up I knew that I wanted to get into college but I had a lot of
things that were… that were put in my way. I didn’t… I didn’t know if I was gonna be
able to get to get to college. I knew that I was gonna fight for it. I am
somebody who just keeps trying. I think that’s what beating the odds means you
just keep trying, no matter what life throws at you. You just get back up. You
keep you beat the odds, that’s what you do. You beat the odds. This summer we’re
gonna be going across the nation talking to people that have gone through
hardships and obstacles and went on to do incredible things in their community
but also in our own life. You have someone like me, who from, you know,
suburbs of Wisconsin and Ikie is from, you know, West Virginia, and Estephanie’s
from New York. For being such different people and coming from such different
places, at our core we’re all going through similar situations in life. We
really do get each other. We’ll be with each other in a big, green RV for about
four weeks. We’re gonna be going across the country, from sea to shining sea. I
think I’ll be a different person by the end of it, I really do. Thank you so much for watching and make
sure to subscribe for more videos like this. But don’t forget that is just the
beginning of the larger story. Next up, we’ll get to dive deeper into the
powerful backstories of Esther and Ikie and Estephanie, and you’ll just learn
more about where these incredible people are coming from and what they’re looking
for on this road trip, so be sure to check that out. And I’d like to thank ACT’s Center for Equity and Learning for fueling this road trip. You guys are
amazing. Thank you. So, I’ll see you guys on the next one.

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