How to Add or Withdraw Programs in Your Submitted 105 Application (OUAC)

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How to Add or Withdraw Programs in Your Submitted 105 Application (OUAC)

Hello welcome back to the Ontario Universities Application Centre or OUAC. This video tutorial will walk you through the steps of making changes to your program choices, in your submitted application. During the application period, you can access your application to change information, including your program choices. However, keep in mind some universities may not accept changes past a certain date. Check the university’s own information to determine if they have any program specific deadlines. To begin, click the “Choices Offers” link. Here you can add or withdraw programs, or change the details of the programs you applied to. To withdraw a choice, click “Withdraw Choice” in the column beside the choice. To change details of an existing choice, click the “Change” link to the right side of the choice and make the necessary changes. For an existing program choice, you may change only the details that you initially specified. To change the program code or the university you must first withdraw your existing choice and then add the new choice using the “Add Program” button. Remember, if you add more program choices, you may have to pay additional fees. Any additional choice over and above your initial 3 programs, is $50 for each choice. Even if you withdraw a choice and add a new choice, the fee is $50 Unless you withdraw a choice and add a choice of the same institution. Please note: There are no refunds for withdrawn choices. If you have been offered admission to a program, or if you have accepted a university offer of admission, you will not be able to change the program details. Please contact the University for further instructions. Please note: If you exit your application at this point, without completing the submit process, your changes will not be saved. When you’re ready, go to the “Review and Submit” page. You will see a list of all the changes you made in the amendment summary. Follow the steps on this page, to fully submit your changes. Thank you for watching! Check out the OUAC’s YouTube channel for more information on submitting your application.

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