How to Apply – Upper Division Transfer and 2nd Bachelor’s Degree

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Congratulations on deciding to take the
next steps in earning your bachelor’s degree online at the University of
Florida. Today we are gonna walk you through the application process. UF
Online attracts a variety of students that are in different stages of their
academic journey in this video. We are focusing on students who will be joining us as an upper-division transfer or a second bachelor’s degree student. Not
sure if that is you? Well here’s a quick overview. We classify you as an
upper-division transfer if you have 60 or more transferable college credits.
This includes students who have already earned an Associate of Arts degree. Now
if you have a bachelor’s degree and are seeking to earn another bachelor’s
degree, no surprise here we classify you as a second bachelor’s degree applicant.
if you fall into either of these two categories, you’re in the right place, so
continue watching. If not please watch our applicant type video to determine
what category you fall into. Now that we have determined you are an
upper-division transfer or a second bachelor’s applicant, let’s get started. Here’s what you need to know to become a Gator. We are excited to tell you that UF
Online offers criteria based admissions for upper division and second bachelor
degree-seeking applicants. What this means to you is that we are able to
welcome all qualified applicants into our program who meet our set admissions criteria. It’s a pretty straightforward approach and we’re looking for two
things. First you need to meet the overall admissions criteria for UF. The
minimum transfer criteria is that you must have a cumulative 2.0 GPA in all of
your college coursework and in particular you must have a 2.0 GPA or
higher from the last institution you attended. Second you must meet the
criteria for the major to which you are applying. There are too many majors for us to go over each one now but here are some
basic rules that apply across the board. Each major has an overall GPA
requirement that you’ll need to meet and a set of prerequisite courses that you
must have completed with a certain GPA. In addition to meeting the GPA,
you must have a grade of C or better in all prerequisite courses. If you are
missing any prerequisites you will need to complete these at another institution
before taking your first class in UF Online. The detailed criteria for each
major can be found on the individual degree pages of our website. At the
bottom of each page, there’s a box titled “What are the criteria for competitive
transfer applicants?” So you’ll still need to work hard to get in but you’ll know
exactly what it takes to get admitted to your degree program. The only exception
to this is if you are applying to the RN to BSN program which has limited
capacity at this time. One quick note to any returning Gators seeking a second
bachelor’s: you’ll want to take a look at some specific policies on our How to
Apply webpage. Now that you have a better understanding of our academic
requirements, you’re ready to start the application process and we’ve narrowed
it down to three easy steps. Step 1 – Complete the online application by the
deadline for the semester in which you would like to start. We encourage you to
start your application early so you have time to review and understand the
admissions process. Even though admissions for you is criteria based, we
still want to get to know you. Take your time in answering the open-ended
questions on the application. Tell us your story. We want to know about you. Why are you pursuing this degree? What are your goals
and how can UF Online help you achieve them? This is your chance to
shine and share all of your unique capabilities and gifts, so start your
application now and give yourself plenty of time to tell the best story about you.
Step 2 – Pay the $30 application fee and $7 processing fee. Step 3 – Arrange to have your application materials, things like transcripts, sent
to UF. For upper division transfer and second bachelor’s degree applicants. We
do need official transcripts from each institution that you attended, including
high school and college. Additionally we need official scores for any college
level exams that you took for credit, such as advanced placement tests. Those are the three steps to our application process. Did you take notes? No worries.
All the information we’ve just shared can also be found in the admissions
section of our website, which always contains the most updated information. We even have a checklist that you can download and print. Another note about
our admissions process: we operate on a rolling admissions basis. That means once you complete the three steps above we will review your admissions package as
soon as we can and get a decision to you. Now we’ve given you all the tips you
need to be a successful applicant, so don’t wait. Start your application today.
The sooner you do, the sooner you become a Gator or for some of you, a double

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