How to become a Funeral Director | Mortuary Science Career | College Degree


How to become a Funeral Director | Mortuary Science Career | College Degree

According to the National Funeral Directors Association,
there is a continuous nationwide shortage of Funeral Directors & Embalmers … a shortage predicted to continue into the foreseeable future.
Our Mortuary Science program seeks to address this shortage by providing candidates for licensure with the educational training
necessary for careers in the mortuary field. The Mortuary Science program not only educates students
to be Funeral Directors but also trains them as Embalmers. Students can look forward to a career with unlimited earnings potential
if they are willing to work hard and put in the time to achieve success. We offer both a two-year day program and a night program
that takes about three years to complete, assuming students pass all courses. Both programs of study lead to the Associate in Applied Science degree.
The curriculum is appropriately challenging. Courses in Embalming (both lecture and clinical), Microbiology,
Pathology, Anatomy for Embalmers, and liberal arts courses are requirements for the degree in Mortuary Science. In an off-campus Clinical Embalming Lab, our students develop
competent embalming skills by working with human decedents. To complete the program in a timely manner, students must pass all
Mortuary Science courses with a minimum grade of C or better. We also offer a Funeral Home Practicum which places students
in their last semester in an actual working funeral home environment. There, under the instruction of a licensed funeral director and embalmer,
they learn first hand how funeral homes operate. During the practicum, most of our students are offered and accept employment.
At the end of their studies, students are required to sit for the National Board Examination which measures their academic
achievements against those in other Mortuary Science Colleges. The curriculum is standardized throughout the country. Students successfully passing the National Board Exam can work
in any state offering accredited Mortuary Science programs. All they have to do is pass a Mortuary Law examination
tailored for the state in which they intend to seek employment. At the end of a one-year Residency (required by State Law),
our graduates sit for the New York State law exam. After passing this exam, they are licensed as Funeral Directors
and Embalmers and can practice their new profession in the State of New York.

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8 thoughts on “How to become a Funeral Director | Mortuary Science Career | College Degree”

  1. Dave Ricin says:

    Is the process for becoming a mortician one that would be particularly challenging for someone who struggles heavily with math? The exams, required courses, etc?

  2. ChiQuinQuira Monroig says:

    Yes the program has requirements such as math 101 and financial accounting 101

  3. Vincent the Mortician says:

    I want to become one so bad.

  4. Shelly Bunce says:

    No thank you 😱

  5. Dajour Livingston22 says:

    I want to be a Licensed Funeral Director so bad.

  6. Air Strike Technologies says:

    If you want to live in poverty, get through this program and work for a funeral home. If you insist on this program, be an independent embalmer, license in as many states as you can and follow the money. THIS IS NOT A PROGRAM to earn wealth, it is a simply a trade. I do independent removals and make more than ANY embalmer I have met to this date. You want wealth, get a plumbers license. TRUTH!

  7. GoodTimes says:

    "Unlimited earning potential"…where do I sign up?

  8. Giordano Cafarella says:

    I had professor Wingster for 2 years in mortuary school (LI, NY) hands down the coolest guy in the world

    Love it

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