How To Create An Online Course In 50 Minutes (STEP BY STEP)


How To Create An Online Course In 50 Minutes (STEP BY STEP)

All right guys this has been a massive request for a long time And I want to get back into tutorial videos so today we will talk about Creating a kick-ass course an online course that can create you over a thousand dollars Per day now a thousand dollars per day. You might be thinking. That’s a lot What’s actually in kind of modest for courses now? We of course is making million dollar millions of dollars a month? 30 40 50 six figures a month so a thousand dollars a day for a course is Very very plausible depending on traffic sources and things like that however can be done And I’m going to show you how to create a simple course very easily with in this video right now so get a drink get some food because I’m Smoking a little bit of a long, but here. I’m gonna take you through everything Now when I first started my courses going to have a few courses I have a fitness course that I am doing someone now I’m not into fitness as you can tell But I have a friend that is and she uses the exact same method as I do and my econ elite course Also having my course for my shovel out for my shop off like theme training. I have a consulting course here in New Zealand Now when I started all of my courses It took me like weeks to figure out the right platform because WordPress sucks. It’s too confusing it can be hacked We have clickfunnels, but clickfunnels sucks because you can hack the clickfunnels memberships. I know how to do it I’m not gonna tell you do it the clickfunnels memberships can be hacked pretty easily anything your things can get stolen There’s also a glitch where people can log in without even paying And then there’s also these things like teachable and stuff But they’re very expensive, so I’m gonna so I spent like a long time guys finding. I I wanted of course a Platform that was easy to use that I didn’t have to go through the painstaking Tasks of WordPress and plugins, and then I could do everything within a few minutes I can go and set up a course right now within a few minutes if I have all the videos ready So in this video, I’m gonna show you exactly how to get this done Step-by-step, all right, I’m gonna jump straight into this and once again give this video like if you enjoyed it I want to bring out more tutorials and stuff like that And all sorts of free training all right, so let’s jump into this guys. This is a kind of course We’re going to be so this is what I created one of the main courses and like I have half an hour with all the videos and stuff already done right this isn’t kind of look you can go for the tips of features Modules down here, and then you could put banners down here. You can have comments You can have goals you can have notes you can have discussions so it’s there’s a lot of functions in here and This platform that I use Compared to everything else that I’ve used or tried to use like if you go to clickfunnels memberships You don’t have any of this stuff. Okay guys now. This is what I use for my memberships, okay? I use a program called ever listen so it’s all gonna be going through in this tutorial Price-wise, it’s pretty good, but it’s you can do landing pages. Okay, which is quite cool It’s got heaps of integrations. What else we got. It’s got affiliate platform. It’s gonna get a flips on board on your membership That’s the landing page creator. It’s got templates or the integrations mobile friendly What else we’ve got and let’s look at the pricing so it’s 47 bucks a month on the starter which is Pawlenty, that’s really all you need to start and 47 bucks is pretty good considering things like teachables are a hundred clickfunnels is nice 97 so 47 is pretty good guys, and you just Stick with the basics guys you don’t need like all the bells and whistles when you’re first starting your training Okay, you don’t need to be flash. Just get the basic plan Although if you do feel like you need other features get it But the basic plan pretty much has all the features if this is kind of something you want to use however you can use your Own platform one that you like But I’m gonna be showing you how to do it with the program called ever listen because it’s simple and easy to use alright and for payments guys I use a platform called zaxxar, and they have a free trial one-month trial you can get that I’m gonna leave links below for all the sort of stuff if you want to check it out And then Zechs is pretty cool heaps of features So I’m gonna take you through creating the course and then actually integrating Zechs are into the course and sitting everything up So you’re really to rumble alright? And it really the next sales you ready to make money if you don’t know guys courses are very lucrative right now Everyone’s trying to learn everyone trying to teach Both three of my all three of my courses have done considerably well this year and I plan to bring out another one because They are very good way to teach people as long as of course as good guys. We’re gonna Have a good course you want to have good quality training Okay, so the first thing to do guys is obviously download ever listen if you’re going to use this tutorial or whatever one you want To you know whether you want to use WordPress whatever go ahead, but I don’t really recommend it. This is big This is the beginner friendly alright. That’s the whole point of this beginner friendly Now once you’re inside the training. I’m going to actually block a lot of are misgiven to here I’m gonna block a lot of information guys because I don’t like to show off stuff, okay I’m very I like to keep my stuff very private This is one of my courses as you can see I can see who’s online right now. That’s one feature I like and I can go to I left on all my products and then or I can pick up particular on a nexus one of my products actually Because that’s the earnings down there. Um so you can see who’s online maybe this is all the products You can see who’s online these videos if you want to see stuff And then there’s always all options here that we’re gonna go through all right, so that’s kind of the dashboard And then you can also see all of your courses, but I’m actually inside one particular course right now Okay, so what we’re gonna do guys is we’re gonna go back to the dashboard and I’m going to show you fresh how to create a Course from scratch right so when you go to dashboard here And once again, I just like to So you’re gonna have basically a couple of things here. There’s video tutorials, so you can check out how to do things and stuff like that then we have You can import a membership from somewhere somewhere else whether it be WordPress whether it be clickfunnels whether it be teachables you can import and if they can’t do it with this function simply contact their support and You’ll be able to get your stuff imported alright So the first thing you want to do guys is going to create a membership And we’re gonna go through all of the functions as we go through Cakes all you get step by step on this okay? Creating we’re going to create our first membership. We’re gonna name it YouTube We name it YouTube course And we’ll just put YouTube of course Let’s put whitey Franklin YouTube cause Franklin Membership title what does put YouTube course and then you can add a little bit of a description And then you can actually so this is kind of what people might see it depending on how you set it up This is what people might see when they come so you might want to make it nice Or you might not want to make it nice like it’s really up to you, but we’ll just put For the sake of it or put it in the chair, maybe this will work. I don’t know I saw what you comm elites there But we’re not gonna fill this out, but you can just make this nice, and you know do that yourself, okay? Pretty easy you’re going to get a proceed now this the reason I’m using this platform guys because it’s really So simple so it’s it’s in step so we have theme selection Some of these things you might not get depending on what plan you get well. That’s a new one Oh, that’s another I haven’t seen any of these Interesting that’s good. I’m gonna probably change cuz I’m doing I’m dropping sorry guys I get calls all the time and I forgot to pop I forget for my phone on silent So these are some of the feet are themes But you’re probably not gonna get access to these ones if you do the basic plan so it’s got a basic template and this is The one I use right now, so there’s quite a few Some I didn’t like somebody do like I actually just really like this one alright, so we’re gonna click use theme Now the first page is going to be the page where you send people to log in to your Membership, so if you guys have seen mine you’ll see us another link and you can disable the logo or you can add an image Suborders add my one a game add image Sorry that’s not a logo That was a background image Add logo there we go This one here is actually the background image, so we’ll just test some out here See what we can come up with All right there. We go so I just changed the background image What sham kind of looks weird because the logo is not really suitable for that particular background image But that’s okay alright So this is the login page people are gonna log in simple easy you can change the colors if you want or you can actually do a Predefined color pattern and this will change throughout your entire store sorry no your store got Shopify in my mind Your entire membership, okay, and I’m just gonna. I’m not might not save that. We’ll see now this is going are you so okay? We’ll save it now go down to number two this is where your categories are going to be things like that How you can sit up you can set up the instructor and all that sort of stuff if you go back to my course Let’s have a look here real quick my one you notice. I don’t really have any of that stuff I don’t really like it. I kind of just like to keep mine really really simple so that’s why I don’t have any of this stuff okay, and I’ve also had I have mine set to actually not go to this I’ll show you how to set up so but pretty much. Don’t worry about any of this okay? I’ll share and set it up a different way Then we have this I’ll actually one thing you might want to change actually we can probably do it here Um so then we have this as you can see video placeholder other modules in the course which I actually have Disabled online so you see below the videos I don’t have them the main reason for that is because I just don’t want them there But you can also change the logo once again, so we’ll put down this real quick And then you can change this image if you like So sit back drop image. I think I had some money money money money And there we go nice little backdrop image there, so I’m not going to take you through like every single process here guys But I’m just trying to show you the basics of how to set of stuff and how easy it like really how easy it is So we’re not going to really miss with any of this I don’t think we need to I don’t actually think yeah, so see this layout options new this wasn’t even actually Inside my training inside my courses when I did it cuz it because they’re consistently updating this stuff I never actually had that option so you can have your main headline down here But we’ll just change it back real quick because I don’t really like a lot Matt. Okay So that’s pretty easy then the next important page is kind of probably not so this is the video page Worried about that Said I was a module page This is kind of like a download page if you want to give away some free content inside your training I don’t mess with any of that as well. Okay. You don’t really need to mess with that That’s nothing like that’s just something you don’t need to use I’m gonna now click Save now What I’m going to do guys is I’m actually going to go back to my dashboard okay once you’ve done that go back to your dashboard and Then go down to your thing and you want to go to the dashboard down here, okay, so you have things like You can duplicate your thing you can turn it off and on this’s where your money how many members you have just go to campaign dashboard and Now we get to start playing with everything which is pretty cool So you’re gonna have you can have goals you can ask people for testimonials you can do quizzes You can add comments you shows everything guys activity. How many people were active inside your training, so you know what’s going on Now this is that I’m next step. You need to do. Okay. We’ve done theme customization. We’ve done theme selection We don’t need to do that anymore. We want to go to Membership pages I actually what you want to do first Sorry guys is you want to go to members and you want to create your own? Member just so you can check everything You can preview everything see what’s going on, so I’m just going to make one here Franklin Whatever Frank, I’ll just quickly do this and then I’ll come back all right now guys I actually Created my own thing so I don’t need to get the login details. I can just now go to Where can I go I can now go to back to dashboard real quick? I’ll just do this real quick, and I want to go to back down to here and go click visit site Ok and what I want to do, then is I actually want to login This is important, okay? So it’s important to login because we want to see what’s going on No, I mustn’t have saved because it’s not up so you can go Start now, and it will bring up your training, but I’m actually going to show you a bit away So we don’t have to I don’t like when people come to my training, and they see this here, okay? So now I’ve got that other way of credit of membership credit in member Okay, so all right. Sorry guys. I lost myself a little bit there, so For some reason it showed me as in America I should here in New Zealand maybe I’m on an American IP right now I could be at the VPN, so we’re gonna go to the first step guys is membership pages, okay? This is where everything is really easy, and we’re this is our product name So it should be the YouTube one or just um rename so you can actually have multiple products guys so if you wanna do like a combination so if you want to sell a Facebook course and a youtube course and one you can do that. Let’s go YouTube will just say YouTube course and We’ll just save okay now. This is how easy it is guys that it’s actually at the pause the screen But this won’t be there when you start But when you put your first module on there’s a facebook life thing and you can actually stream Facebook live videos from your Facebook page Group if you have a group of people that you training and put it into the membership if you like which is really cool So first thing you want to do is when actually go to add category, and this is going to be your module So we’re gonna name this Module one and don’t worry this live update won’t show we’re gonna name this I might just name this like maybe What is them at week one would pretend? We’re doing like a? Training where we’re doing a week weekly training week 1 2 3 or 5 all, right So I’m gonna that took a little time to load i’m on an american VPN right now. We’re na’kal is week 1 okay or you can do module 1 Module 1 actually are still module 1 is to keep that kind of on the same path You don’t really need to worry about the description for the way i’m going to show you how to seal this up Okay, module 1 and Then all you do guys is you just go into here, and you go add video page oh? That’s is module 2 Let me just change that real quick. I want to keep it like real simple module two and Then you can enter the title and we’re going to do something click Start you to Course okay, whatever whatever we do here. I’m not really going to get into detail with the writing don’t even worry about descriptions I don’t really do that I don’t worry too much about adding images, okay because I’m going to show you a way that I kind of do things and Then I’m going to go guys you’re gonna get a video. I use Vimeo Okay, you can just upload Vimeo, and that is a horrible picture of me. Go to UM your settings and make your video private Okay, and then get the link. Oh sorry you want to get the embed code got it embed and Get the embed code either preset. I’m gonna get the code copy the code. I’m gonna go back to our Course and we’re going to go to add video And then I’m gonna go to add new video And we’re gonna go title it doesn’t matter, I just put I’m really you. I’m really bad. I just put anything We’re sorry the me oh
So you can do YouTube videos Vimeo Worcester Amazon Dropbox generic video or try to kiss you can just maybe this is new This is new html5 is new can they’ve done an update since I last that of course And I’m so put anything here submit and don’t put an able autoplay on people don’t like their own courses, so now I have a module and a video and if we actually go back and Do go into here should be up. I’m not sure cuz I might have to actually either. We go module one and oh well, I have to actually sit up the packages, and I’ll show you how to do that and the second packages is how we’re going to be sitting up for Zack so I’ll Show that alright, so that’s how you set up modules guys, and you can just go add category again And that’s going to add a nother category right so I can then do module two will just sit up one more And then we’ll work on to the rest of how to set up packages and stuff Do module two short description we will add a Add the same video. Oh sorry. I think I yeah add content below add the same video and We’ll just go insert this video. Okay. That’s that’s the other video. That’s the same video now. I might just make this video to you Now guys the UM thing here is There’s a lot of options now. It might look like a lot of options, but it’s still beginner friendly so I’ll just grab the options real quick, and then we’ll work on to creating packages, which is how we setup zaxxar and The membership, so you can see kind of how everything automates itself and you just Sabac likes to make money so we have a video you can add a video outside here like maybe an Introduction and stuff I don’t worry about that because that’s not how I set things up So add content page is something like so you can actually go. We’ll do an ADD content page on The ice actually they’ve just added a new one add resources so add content pages like you can add contents into the module section so descriptions and images and stuff if you like You can do a giveaway page if you like You can preview you can do clone Everything you can do a drip feed so like I meant like a weekly training course if you like and you can move these up And down now resources you can add resources under under videos, so let’s say you’re doing a Shopify course and underneath you’re giving away a Shopify trial you can put that under your Creating a Shopify store videos right and you can use downloadable content external URLs You can use existing resources or chil show you how to sit up in this training? Ok so what we’ve done guys with coming here. We’ve set up the basic membership pages, right I’m obviously not going to do a full course right now But you just do to do a module you do um add category and then to add a video to that module so modules are categories and Cut it while categories are categories But you name the modules or week one week two and then to put it on video and you go add video pay if you Want to add another one? I’ll just do that again, and it’s going to add a second video paid for me right there, and then I can just change Now these here This here is the related page sittings what that does is I’m going to disable related page sections showing under this page what that means is I don’t want like Knicks module related module under any of my stuff the reason is I just think it looks messy, okay? So I usually disable those you can disable this page from shine in the sidebar menu Which I might do that as well no no I’ll leave that to say well the patients shown and related page sections I’ll do that as well. I think that I haven’t sit up for a while I think that’s how the door okay So that’s how to set up a nice just course now creating packages is where things get a little bit more complicated however It’s still very very easy to do so a package is what we’re gonna do YouTube course when you know add So, that’s the one we just that’s the normal one. I’m actually going to go and Leave that. I’m gonna do an add a new package because we’re gonna sit up zaxxar Okay, so this is where things get a little bit technical, but it’s still pretty easy guys. I’m just gonna do this YouTube You know it doesn’t matter what you name our guys package What what this does is it sets everything up so once someone purchases your product it automatically sends out the logins you don’t have to Do anything guys that’s the beauty of this okay, and then we’re going to go? YouTube course I don’t worry about any of this. I don’t worry about any of that You don’t really need to worry about any of this stuff guys unless you can let build you can build landing pages inside of this Am I still doing that I have my own landing pages as you see right here, and we’ll talk about those in a second, so Set this up and then click Save now You’re going to go to the payment options, and you’re going to So this should like let’s click Save again. It should show up at the payment options Yep, so you can do i’m jvzoo paypal one shopping cart stripe clickbank. I’m gonna do is XO, okay, or you can setup free access if you’re free course and I’m gonna price it like 197 Value so maybe I’ll just say the values like 500 bucks And see this payment Guys this is very important, so we’re gonna actually copy this now we’re gonna go into zexal now. We’re gonna actually copy this Okay We’re going to go to my zexal dashboard And we’re going to go to products and add new products and add a new front end okay once again very very simple process now what you need to do is you actually need to go and See it says missing payment processor settings you need to go and set up your payment integrations That’s pretty easy. You just do it in here and follow the steps okay That’s very easy to do you can just do that in here. You don’t use EXO guys You can just use PayPal if you want it might save you a little bit of money They actually doing zaxxar, but I just like to use EXO now I’m gonna go to general information, and I’m gonna go PayPal. Yes stripe. Yes, okay, I want those on rename this YouTube test We’re not going to go through all of this stuff guys I’m gonna add a price $10 one time you had your support URL your support email address Refund, there’s all these options you can go through, but we’re not gonna really go through that right now Don’t member integration just leave that that’s their member integration. I don’t really like it just leave that okay It’s all right. We’re keeping this clock. We’re keeping this simple. There is a script Oh, so this is what we’re going to do soon, but there’s some conversion scripts So you can add your Facebook pixels and your Google pixels and stuff like that okay? And then so that’s conversion so that’s like purchase some pixels, and then we have the checkout pixels as well But what you want to do guys is go into script integration and you want to take this paypal our payment? Notification URL and you want to put it in here, and you want to click test zp in And it’s gonna come up and say test is complete Test zpm is successful okay, and when I click Save Changes That’s all we need to know for now and I just actually got an email right now It seems your test email Then what you want to do guys is you want to actually go to integration settings, okay? This is a very important step. You might actually publish your Things that your product first to go to go live publish So what zextras is it’s a checkout processor like I said You don’t have to use this you can use something like PayPal or stripe just straight up But I like to use excerpt because it has a lot of really good functions Okay, that’s free for a month, but you can just use PayPal guys. You don’t need to have this I’m not telling sellers to or anything You can just use PayPal all right if you want to if you want to set that up And we’re just gonna it and we maybe we will do PayPal on this but I’ve just never set that up before so I’m gonna go to order button here and I’m going to get this code right here, and I’m going to copy this code, okay? I’m gonna go back here, and I’m going to put my button in here, and I’m going to go save and I’ve just six up everything automatically Okay, so that now when someone purchases my product They’re going to get all the information so what I need to do is go back to create packages and What I want to do is go to Youtube course and I want to add Email message so this is what’s going to send out when people? Sign up to my course alright pretty simple They’re going to get the password and email automatically and you can put in all the details here, okay? Now that’s you can also add an autoresponder so if you want them to go on to your list and things like that People that have purchased All the autoresponder stuff here and also webinar integrations, but that’s for another day Now what this is the most important thing guys is one of the most important things to do that I never always forget to do Once you’ve created your particular package You need to go and assign it to your course so you can do multiple packages by the way So you do a one dollar trail you can do different prices you can add them all to your course So you need to go to here and you need to go to set package Okay, and you want to do set package YouTube package and save Now once anyone signs up to your course or purchases it They’re going to get sent everything and they’re going to come into your course and it’s going to be very very Easy for them to sit up now what I am going to do guys is just go to quick quickly create another package I haven’t done I Haven’t done PayPal before, but I will just quickly do a little bit of a test here to kind of see How easy it is? Because I understand it not everyone’s going to want to use something like zaxxar right PayPal’s free, so why not so we’ll just go PayPal You have not integrated PayPal with the toolkit so click here, let’s just click here, maybe have a look Ok so I haven’t actually integrated PayPal Which is what I all you’ll need to do is integrate PayPal into this ok And then when you come to here just follow the instructions on what to do alright and you can setup PayPal to run your thing without having to pay for things like thrive cars exa or Anything like that because X is obviously a bit of a fee if you decide to do that alright pretty simple pretty easy And it’s that no guys even though PayPal stuff is free to use and all that sort of stuff I would recommend using something like Zak sir because then I can do stripe and PayPal so I can have two Payment options alright when you when you set up your arm When you set this stuff up, you can only use one payment method and you can You can like have two so you can have PayPal and stripe however with the zaxxar Everything is on the same page. Everything is all good like this this ever listen isn’t a checkout platform It’s only a landing page builder in a membership platform ok you Can’t actually do like checkups and things like that you can give you a course away for free, but that’s some really yet alright So what I’m gonna Do now is I’m actually going to go back to my member And I’m going to make sure that I am on the I’m going to edit the details I’m just going to quickly make sure that I’m on the right package, and I’m just going to go and check out everything Make and check out the course alright right so what I did guys that is cut it there because I wanted to create I had to create a new member to get on the other package so Inside here now You’ll see I’m back here if I click start now which I’m going to show you a little bit of a cleaner way on module 1 This is where our start course, so we’re going to actually get rid of a lot of this stuff but as you can see now we’re inside here with ugly photo of me and We have all of this good stuff here alright, so now we’re gonna actually clean it up a little bit We’re gonna go back and we’re gonna go to Find out where we are here. We’re just going to go back to dashboard and I’ll just go back to dashboard, and then we’ll come back and forgot where we are right guys so this quickly came back in Now obviously the this sale thing is not real because I didn’t pay I just went through I had it set up like that so Once again. We’ve done the package now. You can do something called a sales page if you like You can create. I haven’t really created any sales pages with this So I don’t really I can’t really give you a tutorial on that because I haven’t done it However, if you go to their page you can see they have lots of Templates you can use and you can really sit up some really nice landing pages alright If you don’t want to use your own separate landing page creator, but I use another landing page creator Just because I like it and I’ve used it before I use this however you can Do your own with this you just go to here? And you just go you can add product reviews. We can just have a little bit previous Wasn’t gonna drink him So you’ll obviously be able to customize this guys and then what you’ll do is you’ll have your packages here So this is the all access package. This is the first one the temporary one This is a second one I tested and this is our main package And then you’ll simply go buy now and what that’s going to do is it’s going to take people if we click this It should take them to ours xar account and they can purchase and what I might do is show you how to? Edit all of this stuff as well alright So I’ll show you how to edit all this at the end of our this video and they can purchase when they purchase they’ll get sent that information Ok so you can create a landing page very simple and you can do things like add testimonials You can edit all of everything ok add multimedia I don’t know how to like I think this is obviously where you must edit things I don’t know how to edit it 100% so worth of dead they have training videos on all that okay Now the knee I just don’t Don’t users as a landing page crater. That’s all but the features there Now settings guides is quite important You don’t need to really worry about adding creating levels We’ll just leave that out, and you can just stick with straight packages, okay? that just gets a little bit more confusing so auto sequences guys you can um add an Autoresponder and this is where it would all show up with your packages, but however. We’re not going to go through that That’s you know you probably have your own autoresponder, but you can do that. This is where you can set up some emails for like Gamification which I’ll talk about in a second, so there’s a few more things here you can use External pages as we do your support pages your newsfeed your product pages, so there’ll be a set your landing page store page so store pages where You’ll have all your products So you can do a store page as well, and you can you could customize all this I know it looks a bit ugly now you can customize all this and then you can send out a Landing page for your particular product all right. We have Terms & Conditions and stuff, which you’ll see down here on my course So pretty simple pretty scrap stuff now gamification guys. This is pretty cool. We have it on my course This is kind of what sets my course apart from a lot of others because we have all this type of stuff you can go out there and give your students badges Okay for completing particular tasks, so I asked them if they’ve got the right Facebook targeting Cleared they’ve got 20 orders boom they’ve got they’ve had five figures. We have one minute. That’s done that But obviously so many more members a lot of them. Just don’t do the gamification generated a thousand dollars from your store We have five members that have done that we have thousands members in here Sit up there store a hundred and eighteen members however a lot of them still wouldn’t have done it yet If some of them don’t ever do it, but that’s a gamification guys And you can set this up in here by adding badges. You can add the goals once again There are videos on all of this. I’m not gonna obviously take you through that here. It’ll take quite a long time and these stats And stuff like that right, so everything’s in here there’s videos on there Sinem gamification, but this is something guys that I’ve noticed so my course makes a massive difference man The interaction is amazing people stay longer in your course they they they actually put the effort in and they love it ok Gamification is a must if you plan to have a long term course we actually interact with people okay So that’s gamification, then we have language sitting sitting skies So you can go through and do different types of language and things like that I? Haven’t played with this Manage categories and tags once again. I haven’t messed with this I’ve never needed to I just like the simple stuff manage instructors So you can add yourself as an instructor and what will happen is um There’ll be a little box that will come up and I can be like hey I’m Franklin and I’ve created multiple online businesses generate this much money This is why you should listen to me right things like that so you can create an author box if you like Manage resources this is quite important So you would add your resources like Shopify trials or? downloadable Content and then like and then you can add it to here And then if you go to your membership pages was open this stuff real quick Go to your membership pages, and then you can add those resources To your content right down here, okay, so that’s pretty cool And then we have manual payments talking to miss around that Moderation is just like comments and stuff Monetization guys you can add banners, so you can add Please my course right here So you can add banners to the sidebar so for more monetization, okay? But one thing you can do is you can have like Updates coming across the screen here you can have big call to actions at the top of your thing if you’ve got a promotion going On if you want to give away some trails like there’s lots of ways to monetize things inside this alright, so that’s pretty cool Other settings this is probably where things get a little bit more important, so See seen a mapping this is if you want to use your own domain name, but I don’t really worry about that Okay, I just use the basic Member hub, sorry ever listen membership portal that works fine broadcasting is are sending out all this is for the Have used live leap and that will bring your Facebook group live stuff into The membership is TPMS. That’s for email sitting skies as they have automatic responder This is what I want to show you okay default pages This is really important guys if you have this set on default page. It’s gonna look Missy alright It’s gonna be like it’s gonna be messy like this. Okay. It’s going to look like junk I don’t like it what we want to do is we want to go to Redirect to module or page and we’re gonna go which site course are sorry YouTube course. We’re gonna go to start YouTube course and save What this means is when anyone signs in they’re going to be directed straight to this video right here, okay? It’s this ugly video of me. It’s not going to be directed to The this Missy stuff here and and confuse people it’s going to be directed, right To here so what I do guys is I actually have a welcome. I first I draw a welcome video Okay, so what I would do is actually will go back to here and will remembers pages. I’ll go um and I think it’s I’ll go add video page Okay, and this is going to show up Before any I think so it’s down here this move all I need to do is move this up to the top Okay and we might just We’ll just leave that for now But I’ll add this to the top and I’ll make sure my settings are set to that and then what’s going to happen is That’s going to be my welcome video, okay Where are we let’s do me on a welcome video, and then when people sign up and I log in to my course um They’re gonna come to my welcome video, and then all of my our modules gonna be down here Let’s just set it up real quick. So you so you can see What I’m talking about okay? Welcome. I want you to see everything so you know exactly what I’m talking about Save and we’re gonna go add video We’re going to go to insert this video here And what we’re going to do is we’re going to make sure this all the store save here my little bit of a refresh Let’s do a refresh here And we’re gonna go to welcome save Now what will happen guys is people will come to my arm Will go to home Will go to Think they’re not going to see any of this what they’re gonna see guys is they’re going to land. Oh, I need to uh Ok so what’s happened there guys? This is what happens when you don’t? do things correctly ok um so I’m just going to show you this because this is a good example of me messing it up and This might happen to you. You need to go down to here sit package, and we need to make sure it’s set to YouTube package ok any time you do a new module or something um you have to sit the package so that’s why I suggest sitting up to a Course first then doing it bulk by here ok now if I go back do a refresh I should have access to this now and no, I don’t let me do a Another refresh here sit package me and save it ok guys I just had to actually oh, I want to show saying so I’m going to log out This is the thing about doing long videos like nothing goes to plan, but now it is, so I’m gonna actually log in real quick And you’ll see what happens ok check this out now. It’s going to go back to the my welcome video That’s how we set it up and now it looks super clean, so we have welcome module 1 module 2 They would have all of our other modules down here, so we’re out my welcome video Hey welcome to my course. My name is Franklin like I have right here ok I’m what’s up on the teacher this teaches that and then you would also have your arms and Bendel’s down here And I’m gonna go to module 1 and then it’ll come up with this now um if you want you can add pictures to This stuff here you just go down back to Membership pages and you can just edit to the category details. I think and you should be able to add images you Can add images somewhere but I can’t remember how to do that right now and I don’t want to drag this video on but you can add images to this here ok so if you can have like logo or something like that nobody go start our YouTube course and as you can see I’m now back in here and all I need to do is go back to the home page if I like to go back to Where it was so all of my stuffs here if you look here and mine that I have all of my so my welcome video all of my modules, and then I can go in and then It looks or not it looks a lot cleaner when it’s fold-out okay So that’s how you set up the course that’s how you do it, so people can come to this particular page That’s not so messy Then you have your categories here Newsfeed newsfeed is pretty good and go in there and see what’s happening inside your course right so in mind we have over 2000 comments they all show up here, I can go through add stuff like that. Okay, so that’s that we’ve set it up We’ve done the modules done that we’ve done the sittings so it goes to The Welcome thing okay, that’s it alright That’s all that’s pretty much like the basics of it all there’s obviously a few more things. We can do page settings So this is pretty cool guys. We can do SSL mode, which is um security and stuff like that secure display product I Don’t know what that is. I’ve never actually used it recent conversations, which is like the newsfeed markers complete So that is the little completed button down here, which is very very good So I’ve got a lot of a lot of tabs open. I will just get rid of a few Right now. We’re rid of that one. Go back here go back here Text Direction not short that is earn points so the gamma fication Upcoming modules that that’ll be underneath the video if you want to turn those on I think that’s what that is I haven’t really missed what this these settings much ratings is oh There’s our videos here guys as well of everything so rating settings is pretty cool. So you can go out there and People can rate your course, and I think I have it on here Yeah rape this product and people can rank the product and we’ve got tons of um testimonials in there alright So that’s pretty cool as well And then you can obviously turn off the home page support and what this does guys is this will turn off we’ve actually quit out of the Page haven’t we then let’s go out let’s go Paige again I should be logged in and yep, okay, so you can just visit the page guys by going here by the way and that Disables all of this stuff. Okay, so you can Decide what you want there. Okay? You can also add a quiz guys, which is pretty cool. It’s gonna add a quiz Kind of keep people interacted. I guess once again. I haven’t really messed with this too much, okay Rating sittings as well That’s there and then yeah, and we have that. I just want to go back to other settings I think we have the comments to sit up Okay, I can’t find the comments guys coming with our they’ve done an update But um you can obviously activate it so you have comments down here We’ll just guys I find this amazing guys, but if I can go in here and ask people ask everyone What’s up, okay? So it’s pretty cool But yeah, what else we got we’ve got my members so you can see what’s going on You can see all your members. You can see details you can kick them out or whatever if you want if then done something bad whatever whatever, and you should have and you’ve got total numbers and everything right, and then we have the affiliate dashboard Okay, once again. You can set up affiliates They have videos and all that and then we have often pages you can set up your own opt-in pages So we’ve opt-in page for this one Okay, I haven’t actually set up any opt-in pages for any of my stuff guys maybe Let’s see opt-in page. Oh here. We go. This is pretty cool I haven’t done any of this guys because you know I just sit up my membership and started and That was it so we’re gonna go YouTube course into name go How do we choose that Proceed alright let’s proceed guys. I just want to do this as well kind of to show you alright So you can well we can do a lot of stuff guys Oh, that’s the guys daughter that created this platform She actually created it own thing awesome we can do so much stuff here guys, so Yeah, you can do landing pages often is everything from this platform, okay, and you can set up Thank You pages And then we’re gonna do auto responder other you go, thank you pages, they look really good auto responder So yep, that’s sending out emails auto responder crater. Let’s create an email That’s pretty cool. You set all that up scheduler seen now or later Hi once again guys. I haven’t really messed with this too much, then we have recommendations What’s that and this going through here guys real quick because I haven’t really checked this up for a while updates And then we have the integrations Okay, so that’s how you can set up your membership now what I want to do before we stop is I want to actually go to Zechs err and show you how to set up your kind of Make you know your check out your check out process okay, so um We’ve created the membership Alright, very easy obviously you make it quite nicely stuff put some of modules in to do that guys It’s very simple you just go back on this video create a product And then you just simply create the pages okay, this is your course This is this can be your welcome video the live update thing doesn’t shop in your course So don’t worry about that just leave that there or whatever That’s an active right now, or you can make it active again, then we have module one and then these your videos ok guys So that that’s a recap on that like that’s how easy it is to create the course if you want to simplify it simply come in here come in here create this section right and then go down to settings and go down to other settings and Create the default page and make sure it’s on course and then your welcome video, and that’s it That’s like you can literally We just created a couple of modules in a few seconds okay in this hosting video somewhere else And bring them in on this the comments down there guys so I can add emojis I can add images Like that’s simple okay, so the course is done alright guys now I’m going to show you I showed you how to create the package so do the course do the package which is very simple and Then just simply go down to the settings alright and create this okay Very very easy now what we’re gonna. Do is jump into Zack sir Make sure you kind of have a set that up a little bit better Okay So this is the you don’t need to worry about any of later stuff here all you need is this watch as I showed you You want to go back to will go to products? Okay, so I’m back in integration settings guys. We’re going to actually load up that wasn’t supposed to happen We’re gonna actually Load up guys to view the cart, so I like to view the cart while I’m actually editing it And we’re going to copy this we’re gonna put it into a new browser. I’m just gonna get rid of that Actually, yeah, and that there isn’t an easier way we always do this and that’s what you want up there. I’m gonna click Oh, you can’t see that so you want it to look like that okay? That’s the code you want in there and you’re gonna click enter Alright, and this is going to show your cart Please just change it okay So leave this up while you change things now what you want to do guys is go to here and go to page settings And we’re gonna go You could put your sales page in there So these here are the bullet points what those are as they are at least get rid of this Those are that bullet points down here okay? Now. I don’t actually like that template. I’m gonna go to this red one Which is what I use and click Save Changes And this is going to Change it for me Alright so be like this is really nice now, and we’ve got PayPal credit card Email we have bullet points and stuff and then what you can Do is actually add an image so an image like a logo of of your course and you can change the button text down here? Okay, and I’m just going to get rid of that said I’m confused myself, and you can also add testimonials and They can either be on the sidebar or below the cart page, okay And if you if you have your own separate landing page for instance like I have econ elites landing Pedro to separate all I need to do guys is go to integration settings and go to here and go to Use my own order button Well he needs to do is copy this guy’s and link it to my button so whether you’re using clickfunnels for landing pages Igloo whether you’re using? Leadpages whatever it’s called you Just simply link your button to this and this is the only code you need and this will take you to your checkout page Okay Pretty simple so that’s it guys I don’t think I really need to go on too much more like I wanted to keep this video under one hour And I think we’ve done there. I’m not sure on the time right now, but I want to keep it under one hour Let’s just have a bit of a recap You simply just need to go to ever listen or whatever platform you want they ever listen is so easy create simply go to the – I create membership, and then you just need to go and So this is this is the kind of thing create membership go to membership pages? Are you’ll you’ll get taken through the theme so you pick the theme you want And you can change the theme at any time guys, so we’re going to edit membership, and this should bring us to maybe the theme Sittings no hazards you. Can oh, sorry theme selection so you can change the theme at any time to whatever theme you want, okay? That’s pretty cool And then yeah, there’s the membership pages There’s the create packages Create packages is one of the most important things right and just make sure once you’ve done it you come – here you go select Package and you do whatever package you want, okay? You can do multiple packages if you want to have two different Prices if you want to have a $1 trial you can do one of my courses has like 30 different packages, okay? That’s pretty cool and then obviously I’m the sittings which I told you about the most important one is just to go there and make sure you have the sit on a welcome video Okay, guys. That’s it for this tutorial. I just want to run you through how to create your own course It doesn’t need to be complicated. You don’t need to worry about complicated things like WordPress You don’t need to worry about Complicated things like anything else and what are doors I might just get the email up and show you what it looks like when it? Gets sent out, okay, so here’s the email guys. This is what I get sent out okay pretty straightforward They’ll click on this and it’ll take them to the membership now. I’m signed in it’ll probably go on straight away but if I log out real quick This is the page that’s gonna take them to Akane you can change all this and stuff and your theme sittings alright guys so that’s how you can create a $1,000 a day course, and yes guys. It doesn’t matter really what the course looks like as long as you’ve got your content there That’s why I say to people like don’t get confused don’t over complicate things. Don’t spend hours trying to create your course Just give the content in there That’s why I’m ever listen as good because it’s so simple just make a call you can make a course within an hour As long as you have all your videos done of course so do the videos do the course Will you make the money guys as the traffic you sing to the course? It’s all about the traffic okay? It’s all about the traffic now obviously you wanna have some integrations in the course you want to look see me good But when you’re first doing it guys. You don’t need to worry about any of that stuff Okay this gift of course out there start sending traffic to it. Whether you do Facebook YouTube Anything like that make sure you subscribe to my channel like Thumbs up thumbs down whatever you want Hit the notification button I also leave a link up in the top there for a link to Ever listen and also a link for zaxxar and what I’ll do guys is I’ll see you guys in the next video I hope you enjoyed the tutorial just remember keep it basic. You don’t need to be complicated This is how I make all of my courses You can see my course and it’s super super easy alright, so see you guys in the next video

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