How to Find Your Purpose | Jay Shetty on Impact Theory


How to Find Your Purpose | Jay Shetty on Impact Theory

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100 thoughts on “How to Find Your Purpose | Jay Shetty on Impact Theory”

  1. anshuman sinha says:

    I think Vishen and Jay both are speaking on a common topic

  2. anshuman sinha says:

    @Tom Bilyeu I think you should bring up Sadhguru,Jay Shetty and Vishen Lakhiani together that will just blow everybody’s mind with so much information and help everybody learn from their experiences altogether.

  3. Suraj Dharmalingam says:


  4. Dev Devil says:

    Which monk did jay sethi met can anyone say??

  5. Kumar says:

    Jay Shetty=Mini Sadhguru

  6. Ice Halili says:

    Saw a lot of Jay Shetty's videos on facebook, Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and kudos to Tom for being such a good interviewer and listener.

  7. aakash singh says:

    Awesome 👌👌👍

  8. shika ray says:

    Damn… Jay Shetty is so intelligent and it just makes him 10 times more attractive

  9. Team Young Boyz Haïti says:

    I am so Proud to learn english by myself and discover these incredible videos and great minds ✊🏽🤗🌍

  10. schooly ole says:

    Aint no purpose dawg, we here to die

  11. Trisha Taylor says:

    Tom… your interviewing skills make every interview you do AMAZING but THIS one , you stayed right up there with Jay!!!! Like you said, you may use different words then he does but you both mean the same things! This interview compelled me to reach for my notebook and pen. I couldn't take notes fast enough. To use entertainment to educate is the best choice for impacting the world! The garbage that is out there…so much violance death, darkness, crime…come on! I have seen movies or tv shows that actually TAUGHT me how to break into someone's home! They taught me how to kill someone! I would support Jay Shetty in his endeavors ANY day of the year! Thank you SO much for having him on as your quest.

  12. Mila Piedra says:

    Dude thanks for the amazing content you produce. I can’t get enough.

  13. sunil jaiswal says:

    @suneelkumarja10 nothing own you by gita

  14. An says:

    wow! This guy…

  15. Girum Bekele says:

    You lived like the fictional character on the Book called " The monk who sold his Ferrari". Keep up the good work bro

  16. yvonne taylor says:

    I loved everything about this. Only wished i had understood all of this when i was younger.

  17. Marie Chalifoux says:

    “Meet them where they are.” Absolutely!

  18. Apple Dangani says:

    I don't know why I'm crying. When Jay Shetty is talking about how he get to know the monk.

  19. Chileahe Kaoma says:

    love jay shat

  20. Desmond Little says:


  21. Mark D says:

    I loved this video but it also made me realize how uneducated I am. This man has answered so many questions I had in my head. I’m learning so much about life and it’s purpose and understanding! I’m going through a rough time in my life at the moment and these videos are really beneficial to me. Thx

  22. Christina Shriver says:

    The respect I have for both of you is incredible. Thank you. I am in this tribe.

  23. RoadStruck says:

    even this video has dislikes! how on earth!!!!!!!!

  24. Greg van G says:


  25. Kersteni aknapesu says:

    Tom Bilyeu thanks for sharing this, very great content! 🙂

  26. super hiker says:

    Now this under 30 no experience gonnaa teach us because they are well speakers without experience it's a bullshit as his name shetty haha

  27. Light Powr says:

    Great episode! This was one of the most impactful impact theories for me. Thank you for preparing this 🔥

  28. Kee-pyor Myndopen says:

    Slick salesman. Real slick. Yap yap yap.

  29. Arya Stark says:

    Im lost into his eyes and into him, his energy is NOT possible, Is he from earth?

  30. O'Brien, Devon says:

    So much valuable things to take from this in an hour. Mind was truly blown. Jay Shetty is awesome

  31. Rakhi Upadhyay says:

    Jay, if you are reading this, I just wanna ask. Did you want to wake up and shadow a monk for nxt 10 years, while you were at it?☺

  32. DCTRucker says:

    Great advise thanks

  33. MSkwar says:

    "Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn't know the first thing about either." -Marshall McLuhan

    I think his point was sort of the same 8n regards to making education spread like entertainment. Just more politicised.

  34. Nqobile Precious Ngidi says:

    The interviewer is bad. He doesn't not know how to ask questions. He gives Jay million questions at a time. 😠😠😠 Annoying

  35. Thomas Johnson says:

    Did 10 years of twice daily meditation, yoga and vegetarian lifestyle. My body was healthy (I was young and lean), but no other benefits. No passion, purpose or deep insights. None.

  36. Thomas Johnson says:

    There is zero evidence for a spiritual dimension.

  37. Thomas Johnson says:

    Gratitude to whom?

  38. Thomas Johnson says:

    Nothing in the video helped me to find my purpose.

  39. Kaleidoscope Beats says:

    Everyone has a purpose in life. Perhaps yours is watching television

  40. Lisa Ceizler says:

    Omgosh this man is beautiful

  41. anonymous says:

    i don't buy this guy.  
    i don't think he's entirely honest or sincere.  
    i think he does it for money, followers, fame, writing & selling books, being on tv, making movies…money money money..fame, ego.  
    this doesn't sound like monk like behavior to me.


    Very few Indians have blue eyes

  43. Mohith Rajeek says:

    All that i keep wondering is who is that monk who changed Jays perspective in life 🤔

  44. mehak mehta says:


  45. Natalia Staravo says:

    This is one of my favourite talks. Very useful, inspiring and humbling. Thank you Tom and Jay for sharing your wisdom.

  46. juliet wambui says:

    Sigh###Tom's voice

  47. Warrior law says:

    Wow, Jay Shetty, so young, so wise, I was captivated by his presence. Divinely instructed to complete his Mission on Earth.

  48. Nethuli Ananya says:

    Love u jey shetty.. I love only ur knowledge nothing else.

  49. Johnny begood says:

    Does nobody really see through this clown? I don't think even he knows the phrases he's regurgitating. His smile looks fake for god's sake.

  50. NigPriMense Dynamic Gravity says:

    I am going through tough times nowadays, it always seems inadequate to experience the negative thoughts entering your mind, it leaves you lost, and gives you in to believe them (rather than focusing on the present). I have experienced that over the last 3 months.

    I still don’t know if whether or not my path will become who I really am, or make me expand the love, joy and spirit of fulfillment in the things that aspires for service and confidence. Yet, I still will never ever stop believing in myself, and the lesson and ampleness of people like Jay Shetty, for the truth stands before everyone. Won’t give up.

  51. Missy Dee says:

    I’d love to learn how to find your path while having chronic pain, a horrible memory/Brain fog, and work 8 hours a day. I’m exhausted and don’t move in the evenings and need weekends to recoup mentally and physically for the next work week. Anyone?

  52. Jose Liam says:

    "I am not what u think i am,i am not what u think i am,i am what i think u think i am" 13:12

  53. Manish Gwalani says:

    The amount of power in the wisdom shared by Jay is absolutely heart warming. The way he speaks, and the impact he has in my soul is all I need at this stage of my life. Thank you Tom, thank you Jay. Thank you for your service. Love you both ♥️

  54. Fatima Martucci says:

    My second time of watching this video, the video is really inspiring 💯

  55. Mariana Diaz says:

    I really enjoyed this video♡

  56. Bharti Thakkar says:

    Thanks 🙏 😊

  57. soma solu says:

    would much rather hear wisdom from people who have walked the talk…people who have made difference to the world with their actions…mother Teresa, einstein, gandhi, lincoln, bill gates  etc….not a kid who attended monk school and has figured out how to make money out of that…sure he makes sense…but its easier to look at the stories of great people who have existed and learn from them rather than fill your minds with things you find woke… "get up in the morning…do something worthwhile"…all you need to know…

  58. Diallo Fatoumata Battouly says:

    I am not what I think I am. I am not what you think I am.
    I am what I think you think I am.
    Promise myself from today to work on it

  59. da streets part 3 says:

    jay shitty. fraud extraordinaire. plagiarizes everyone at all times.

  60. OnDaGrindTVdotcom says:

    Hey Jay Shitty is a con artist constantly plagiarizing other peoples quotes. He sells ideas that are not his own but claims them as his own which is where the conning begins.

    If Impact Theory is featuring a con artists what does that make them?

    Have you noticed that London Real took down their interviews they had with him? That’s integrity. Where is your Integrity Tom?

  61. Erin K says:

    this is probably be my first you tube comment ever… but the one thing that stirs me and probably bc I wanted to hear the rest of what Jay had to say (multiple times) because he is truly captivating and real and just makes the world seem like a better more hopeful and better place and awesome bonus it's in "laymans terms" and a way,at least for me ,I can understand… you talk multiple times of trying to use the internet to change lives yet you are so scheduled on time that you cut off ,what I can guess, are beautiful things that are being said by jay… and yet we can turn on CNN, FOX , NBC whatever… and stair for hours at a building with an armed man inside putting all the watchers in utter fear… but no time to let a good man say good words 🙆🤷 Friggin Media … so disappointing but thank you none the less for what was recorded and aired

  62. da streets part 3 says:

    ‘Four score and seven years ago…’
    By Jay Shetty
    No, really

  63. Anandashree Astrology says:

    Umm, seriously?? If you are into this guy please just check this out :

  64. 12many says:

    Jay shitty! must be nice to make millions off other people's creative work

  65. Streetzlegend says:

    What are your thoughts on Jay being exposed Tom?

  66. Rahil NA says:

    " the noise outside makes us wanna fit into the container,and that stops us from differentiating between what is my mind saying and what is my intelligence saying and what happens is the noise becomes your voice that noise becomes what you think is what you're saying " such a great talk and this is my 2 time i watched it .. شكرا لكم خطاب ملهم ( it means thank u its was an inspiring talk in arabic )

  67. yurityurit says:

    Jay Shetty steals!!!

  68. Chia Wildy says:

    This is outstanding…. Simply outstanding.

  69. Lisa Donnelly says:

    wow great interview ❤

  70. Laura Roldan Mazo says:

    Wow what an inspiring video ! It lightens my purpose in life 😄

  71. Bonita Hobbs says:


  72. Keaisha Hunt says:

    Amazing just pure amazing ❤️

  73. Samuel Lincoln says:

    I was honestly a little surprised that Tom invited Jay Shetty to his show. Usually guests who are invited have built a career out of their hard work. I’ll just leave this here.

  74. Nirajan Dahal says:

    System 1 is your  Head and System 2 is your Heart.

  75. Pravin Periasamy says:

    Complete fucking fraud

  76. ruhika Dass says:

    That wink at 10:26 is everything ❤️❤️❤️

  77. Julia Lee says:

    I can't help coming back to this interview. I actually listened to it twice to capture the ideas shared with spotify podcast and youtube here each once within the same evening. Absolutely love it.

  78. Maynerd says:

    Tom: "I haven't done cocaine but I have done ice cream"
    Monk: "I have done both, haha."

  79. romieo joseph says:

    ”growing up in an Indian household, you'd have ended up being a doctor, a lawyer or a failure.". I won't agree to that completely….
    But this video is really good😍

  80. Nayomi Dayarathne says:

    Omg.this is so inspirational and so much wisdom.Thank u jayshetty.🙂

  81. Yashwanth somayajula says:

    Jay shetty always felt fake, he copied many quotes by other people and carefully compiled them to become famous. HYPOCRISY – 100

  82. Andrew Ferreri says:

    Tom id just like to say your show is a part of my life now. Every Thursday night I sit at home with my wife and watch a new episode. Every episode we become more educated and have a greater perspective on life. so much.
    Much love. ❤

  83. Choose to Win says:

    try this too guys,

  84. cali staFerrer says:

    I am dreaming how I and Jay shetty will meet in future just to thank him

  85. Dachia Arritola says:

    More great Jay stuff:

  86. Lillukka says:

    When I can't lie to myself anymore
    so why bother to lie to strangers, right?
    If I`d heard you speaking this truth 20 years ago
    would have thought "of course am smarter" than this pretty face who knows nothing .. and I had presumably humble look at life…fortunately, the arrogance of a young person is not permanent. and today am so Thankful of these people around me who I have chosen -like my dear friend since primary school
    for Years she`s given away these old camera roll boxes/don't know if this is the right translation for those/ and she has decorated those to look nice and are safe, small ashtray go always with you. So we wouldn't dumpe our smokes on the ground anymore.
    So it is indeed important of how we choose to see and live our life and How one person can make a change in others lives
    When my sister go running takes a bag with and pick up trash from ground on her route.. these are small things but y don t have to be Gandhi to make good things for yourself and others.. Right Jay Shetty ?

  87. Jiya Shrestha says:

    i m going to be a monk and start a new life i promise

  88. DrVaibhav Gupta says:

    To kya karru..job chod du..😂😂..jokes apart are a great mentor..

  89. Mark Mitchell says:

    Most important thing is your health screw everything else .

  90. Valerie says:

    "Jay Shetty is making wisdom go viral." would have been better if it was his own wisdom – or if he would have given credit to the actual wise ones.

  91. Tanushree Rana says:

    Such a fraud, Jay Shady!

  92. Riaan Van Niekerk says:

    Wow….thank you Tom and Jay for the knowledge bombs. Great advise ant tips, definitely watching it again, I don't want to miss a thing. Great show Tom !!!!!

  93. WeDragonSlayers says:

    doesn't this guy steal everyone quotes???

  94. cc cc says:

    So very soft spoken and intellectual, words of so much knowledge and a different outlook on things. There is a God 😊

  95. NERE says:

    This guy is a con man. Completely full of shit. Astonishing the sheer number of imbeciles listening to this scum. This tool was never a monk. He’s a douche YouTube influencer playing the weak. Hilarious.

  96. Bhunpinder Dhaliwal says:

    I learned searching in the content of your experience is endless. Just more and more ideas which are interesting, but never truly fulfilling. Try resting in what is aware of what is happening.

  97. Shany Nidam says:

    You are beautiful
    and good looking 🙂

  98. Mind Organics by Thanya says:

    Really amazing #Love Jay <3

  99. Aaron Todd says:

    Incredible. Thank you

  100. Anthony K says:

    Too bad he has been called out as a blatant plagerist, and possibly a false monk.

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