How to get a Free Laptop | (Not Clickbait)


How to get a Free Laptop | (Not Clickbait)

hi I’m guessing if you click on this
video it’s because you want a new laptop you’ve come to the right place and I
hope I don’t disappoint you if you’re new here hello my name is Kat Theo and I went
to school for pharmacy but instead I’m sitting here on YouTube with a whole
bunch of student debt telling you how you can score our free laptop dreams
really do come true people oh good so today we’re going to be looking at some
creative ways to get a hundred percent free laptop however if you do have an
extra eight hundred dollars lying around somewhere but you don’t want to spend on
a new laptop this video is probably not for you but if you stick around to the
end we’re also going to be getting into how you can get a pretty freakin cheap
laptop for you rich kids out there let’s get into it so like I said before this video is
gonna be for people that actually can’t afford a laptop maybe you lost your job
and you’re going through a rough patch in your life well hopefully this video
has come at the right time for you to maybe help you get a job and help you
get back on your feet so the first organization that you can
get a free laptop is with computers with causes computer with causes is an
organization that provides refurbished computers to people in need also to
students and returning veterans visit the link below in the description to see
if you qualify for a computer from them my second one is called whip causes it’s
simple it has a similar name of the first one and it’s a similar idea and
also a similar website but it actually is a different organization so basically
what causes does is they receive donated phones tablets and laptops which they
then donate to people who need them there’s gonna be a link in the
description for an application to see if you also qualify my third organization
is the National Kristina foundation this is a really great foundation that works
to promote the reuse of technology to the community and also to businesses so
basically what this foundation does is businesses will donate their old
technology to the foundation and then the foundation will give it out to free
for families in need or people they need like students and things like that so
most of the stuff when you hear old technology is really not that old it can
be like an iPhone 6 for example it’s not old stuff it’s not like the Stone Age
typewriter or something it’s actually like pretty current technology my fourth
organization is the on it foundation the on it foundation will give you a free
complimentary laptop if you have someone in your family that is in k-12 gets a
free or reduced school end attend the public school and reside in
the United States of America don’t worry if you don’t qualify for the free laptop
they also have another program call it jump on it foundation which you can get
a very discounted laptop but we’ll get into that a little bit later so my fifth
way is for anyone who’s considering going back to school or going to school
if you’re in high school think about going to university there are actually
quite a few online universities that give free laptops to new students to
entice them to go to their University so if you just do a Google search so it’s
actually quite a few online University that give out free laptops to new
students but just some examples are Full Sail University st. John University and
Seton Hill University there are many others but these are just some examples
my six way to score free laptops with PCs for the people PCs for people
provide laptops and low-cost internet for illegible recipients they are
actually a certified Microsoft refurbish er so all of the computers will come
with Microsoft Windows 10 you will need to be below the 200% poverty line or
currently enrolled in an income-based government assistant program just check
out the link in the description to see if you qualify for a free laptop with
PCs for people if you’re wondering you know how you can get a free laptop from
the government there was actually quite a few government assistance programs but
you can get a free laptop you should check in your local area but in Missouri
for example my seventh way the web services and Technology Services
provides a free laptop to local families check local organizations in your area
to see who provides free laptops to local families a good starting point
would be checking with your State Department of Human Services my 8th way
to score a free computer is if you’re in the California area I seems like a lot
of my viewers are in the California area computers for kids with a K is an
organization that provides reused or recycled computers to students
in schools in the Southern California area who are in financial need you can
visit their website in the description to see if you qualify my ninth way is also
for residents of California so if you’re not in California you can just skip
this but it’s an organization called smart riverside so this is a project for
residents in riverside california and some more specific to be able to receive
a laptop at no cost you will need to earn less than forty five thousand
dollars a year which i think a lot people would qualify and you need to be
able to take an eight-hour free computer training this organization also teaches
at-risk youth to refurbish computers so they also kind of have a way to make a
side income so that’s a really interesting thing about smart riverside
my tenth way is for people that live in Seattle the Seattle community
networks it’s a network that gives away laptops to the community for people who
need them they do say the waiting list is long it can be about six months until
you receive a laptop but it is free so okay now we’re gonna jump into ways to
get a very discounted computer my eleventh way is with connect all connect
all is a company organization I’m not sure where you can buy a laptop as low
as $109 so I will put their website in the description you do have to meet the
requirements and it’s the same where it’s kind of like low-income families but if
you meet the requirements you can buy a laptop is cheap as 109 dollars my
twelfth way to get a highly discounted computer is with computer technology
assistance course with the CTA C you can buy a laptop as low as $100 and they
have given out over 3,000 laptops to families in need two libraries of two
churches faith-based organizations and nonprofit organizations
my 13th way to get a cheap laptop is actually on okay so now we’re
gonna be jumping into ways that are not income restricted but so you’re not
gonna get a laptop $100 but you can get really big discounts and so on Amazon
there are ways you can kind of trick the system with Amazon outlet and Amazon
warehouse just look at my other video if you don’t already know there’s actually
a lot of tricks in hacks you can use to get a lot of discounts on Amazon I do
recommend you check out that video but essentially you can use Amazon warehouse
and Amazon outlet to find deep discounts on laptops okay my fourteenth way is for
students or for anyone that is considering going back to school
notebooks for students is an organization or company or website that
students can buy very disconnect laptops from so if you’re someone who’s
attending primary school high school college or you’re even homeschooled you
are eligible to get a really deep discounted laptop from notebooks for
student ok my 15th program my last program something like kind of inter
before is called jump on it program to jump on it program is a part of the on
its foundation wow that’s a tongue twister on it foundation is a foundation
that I mentioned before that is income based but they also that gives out free
laptops depending on your income but they also have a program called the jump
on it program where you can get a highly discounted computer with this program
you can get a laptop as low as $99 and they have a layaway plan that starts as
low as just paying $15 okay that’s all I have for you guys today those are my 15
ways to get a free laptop or a really just kind of laptop if you have any
other ways or know many other organizations that offer free
electronics to people in need or just other ways to kind of hack the system
please do let us know in the comments your comments help out the community so
much and I honestly I read every single one of them thanks so much for your
support and I will see you on the next money Monday video bye

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