How to Homeschool Online: What is Homeschool Connections

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How to Homeschool Online: What is Homeschool Connections

Welcome to Homeschool Connections, the preferred choice for online courses taught in the Catholic tradition. Homeschool Connections is a family-first organization designed to complement your homeschooling efforts. We provide two types of course offerings: live and recorded courses. Our live online classes are taught by master instructors, covering subjects ranging from math, science, world history, literature, Spanish, economics, philosophy, and so much more. The live classroom setting allows students to interact with their instructor and fellow students, in addition to receiving assignments, which are graded by the instructor, See the course catalog for descriptions of each class offered, And be sure to register early since these classes do fill up quickly. For those students who wish to move at their own pace, our recorded courses offer unlimited access to over 250 reported courses. This gives your family a wide variety of courses to choose from without having to pay for each individual course. Sign up for our trial period under the Unlimited Access tab and give our recorded courses a try for yourself. To learn more about Homeschool Connections subscribe to our e-newsletter and please contact us if you have any questions. May God bless your homeschooling efforts.

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