How to improve your MEMORY | LBCC Study Skills


How to improve your MEMORY | LBCC Study Skills

okay i’m gonna go ahead and start uh…
today’s workshop is called memory tricks and the reason that next week’s workshop is called
more memory tricks is because i know a lot of tricks and i can’t get them all in one workshop so
more of the same next week if you find today’s workshop helpful which
i hope you do and you’re able to come back next week that
would be great ’cause that way you get sort of the full teaching on this if you’re not able to make it next week and
this is the only one you come to hopefully you’ll still get something good my first thing that i’m gonna do with you
today is to show you hopefully the power of that
word the word tricks i gave a workshop last week called how to
remember for tests so that was the first memory workshop but for this one what i want you to try to uh… understand
and sort of value is the fact that if you learn tricks
or shortcut ways to do things it makes it so much easier to memorize lots
of things for school and it makes your memory look even better
than it is now and i’m hoping it’s pretty good to very good
but it makes it look even better and so most of you have probably seen magic tricks performed
before uh… either in person or on t_v_ and if somebody is a good magician and they do uh… trick and you watch carefully
and try to figure out how they move the elephant from there to there or cut
someone in half and put them back together if they’re good you can’t figure out how they did it and your
mouth drops open wow but if you find out how they do the trick and you realize ah it’s just a cute little trick
and then you see the magic trick again it’s not so special anymore because the magic
is gone well i want to show you two things to start
with and i’m actually gonna do this next week too this is like your mental warm
up before i get to the main teaching uh… i don’t know what your attitude is toward math some people love math some people okay and some people hate math with a passion i ran into a former student today and i said
how are your classes going this semester she said fine except math and that’s how she says math and so if that’s you you’re gonna learn something here if you like
math great a few of you might have seen this before but again it’s not to teach you math
as much as it is to show you the power of tricks ok so i’m just going take a few minutes with
this and then we’ll move into the main a section of the workshop okay if i ask you to do this problem which i
don’t want you to do actually but if i asked you to do this on paper this is thirty five times what thirty-five now even if math is your weakest subject if
you wrote down that problem and you did the problem i think everyone here could come up
with the right answer you know it’s not that difficult but if i told you that you could actually do this kind of problem in two or three seconds in your head most people even if they’re not great at math
would think uh… boy you don’t know my mind i can’t do something like
that but if you know the trick it’s easy ok so here’s how it works when you have a two-digit number that ends
in five and you want to square it or
multiply it by itself all you have to do is one simple thing and
that is look at the first number which in this case
is three multiply it by one more than that so this is tough math what’s one more than three what’s three times four twelve that’s pretty easy right well twelve
and then you do one more thing and that is stick the number twenty five on
the end and then you’re done that’s it one thousand two hundred and twenty-five
is the answer people when i show them that they say wait a minute but how did you and you know what i always say who cares as long as it works you don’t even have to know
why it works it just does so if i give you sixty-five squared you’re supposed to be able to know how to do
that quickly unless i’ve lost you over here which is ok it’s six times seven which is forty-two and then twenty five okay and that’s it when i show this to people also and they learn
how to do it and they think wow that’s fast you know that’s good one thing that they ask is does this work with all numbers and my answer to that is no if it worked with all numbers we would all
be math majors right ’cause this is really easy but there are a lot of other math tricks
a lot of them and i’m gonna show you one more in a minute but here’s what i wanted to to
tell you um… i have actually had students try this before and whether you
do this or not is up to you but it’s kind of fun to experiment with it or try it and that’s
this um… once somebody learns how to do this even
if they don’t understand why it works but they just know the two little steps very often i’ve had students go up later
today to someone they know family member friend classmates somebody and they walk up and they
hand them a piece of paper and a pen or pencil and they say this and if you do this this is what i want you to
say i want you to choose a number that is two digits and ends in five and you square it on paper and i’ll do it in my head and we’ll see who finishes faster so in other words trying to show off your great
math ability okay so the person looks at you and i’ve had people even do this with family
members who knew they were bad at math and this really blows the mind of somebody
like that so they say okay two-digit number that ends in five they say yeah okay how about twenty five and so they write the problem the way that
it normally is written by the time they finish writing the problem
you should already know the answer and they haven’t even started figuring it out yet what’s the answer to that yeah six twenty five ’cause it’s two times
three is six twenty five so what you do to impress them is before they’ve even done anything you tell
them the answer but you don’t say it like this six twenty five you have to have an attitude about it you
see it this way six twenty five like come on give me something tough and they’re
going to look at you and they’re going to think get out of here and then they’re gonna start going through and doing the problem the normal
way and then at the end they get the same answer that you got and they’re going to look at you i guarantee you and they’re going to say how’d you do that so fast if they ask you this is the only time i’m ever going to say
this ever lie don’t tell ’em say this this is my favorite things say this
i can’t tell you how i do the problem like that so quickly but i’ve been lying in bed till two o’clock in
the morning everynight learning to move the numbers in my mind and they’ll look at you and go wow… and they’ll say wish i could be as good as you
are and then here’s the hardest part you have
a straight face no smiling or what ever you look at ’em and say well you keep working on it and maybe one day you’ll
be as brilliant as i am and that’s hard for you to say because you know that it’s
just a simple trick but what they think when you’re able to come
up with something that fast is that you’re basically doing this and you’re doing all these things and you’re not doing any of that well it’s kinda nice to be able to do something like this and impress somebody ok now if they ask you a day or two or three later
if you see him again and they say can’t you tell me how you do those problems
so fast i’m still thinking about that go ahead and say all right i’ll tell and then show them this and watch their great admiration of you
just drop and they’ll just look at you like
they thought you were special because it’s not special but if you
don’t know how to do it it looks fantastic okay so that’s the idea
with tricks and then i’m gonna to show you
one other really fast one and then i want you to uh… kinda get ready for the main teaching today
i don’t know how many of you have ever seen this but it’s even uh… more fun for me than the
other one if you’re given this problem which is not
hard to do it all but it just takes a little while to get it done if you know the trick you can do it one second okay what’s six plus two eight done you didn’t even multiply anything and it’s a multiplication problem that’s pretty
odd ok fifty-four times eleven five plus four and so it’s five ninety four so you can do that in one second and the other
person still du that and you look so brilliant okay and it’s cuz you know the shortcut you
know the trick ok so that’s the idea and again i’m going to give you a few more of those next week some people have said can you do a whole workshop
on math tricks i should probably do that sometime i know a lot of
them one of the things that i love about this about
these math tricks is sometimes when people learn how to do em and they show em to somebody and the other
persons impressed it’s the first time in their life that they’ve
ever felt power over numbers because they hate math and they start to kind of get into it a little more well one of these days maybe i’ll do that but for today the main thing that i want
to do as i want to show you uh… three specific things that have helped
students to score higher on tests ok first one and this is kind of uh… the first of two
similar ones is i’m gonna explain a little bit about how acronyms can be used to help you get better grades on tests and uh… the big key and i’ll explain this more in a couple
minutes is that acronyms normally are words and they’re made up of first letters of other
words and all of you have used these before in your life but most people didn’t even know what they
were called and so i want to give you three practical examples of how these can help you under the pressure of a
test to remember everything that you’re supposed
to okay the first one is sort of a common idea for an acronym and that’s the word homes and this word is a very common word that everybody
here knows but actually this is this great powerful memory trick and it doesn’t so much look like it when
you see it but it is this is a help in a geography class more than
likely and it’s to help a person to memorize the five great lakes that are in and around
the state of michigan and memorizing five things for a test no big deal but if you had a hundred other things that you had to learn the trick is how can you stare at all of those
when you’re studying and then when you get to the test remember em all wouldn’t you may
be forget one or forget two or forget three so the way that acronyms are almost always
written is vertically works better that way and then i’ll just go ahead for this one so you
can kinda get an idea these are the names of the five great lakes
huron ontario michigan erie and superior okay and again those five things by themselves
are not that tuff to learn or to remember but i wanna show you something uh by the way
when i teach students how to create acronyms and how to write em it usually works really well when you do this when you’re done i was kind
of encourage that and that is to draw a box around it so that
the actual acronym kinda pops off the page makes it a little easier to remember well if you were required on your test in geography
among other things to write down the names of the five great lakes and you got to
that question and you thought okay i studied that i know that was in my notes or in my book
and i know i had it somewhere and you’re trying to just find one of the lakes here and here
one back here and you’re just searching for em that’s a lot of pressure uh… on a test but if you’ve memorized this which just takes
a little practice then when the test comes all you should have
to do is write these five letters and everything else should
just come spilling out of your brain uh… acronyms work well for people because
each one of the letters is kind of like a little hook that you hang a word on and so it tends to even under
a nervous type of situation on a test it all seems to come back to a person more
than if they just stared at the names and hope that they would remember that okay so again uh… this is a word the word homes made up of first letters of other words um… the second one i think we have several
people in here who probably will recognize this one i don’t know if anyone a new that from your previous experience but
this one is pretty common yep right so these are the colors of uh… rainbow when would you ever need to know that well
i guess if you took a rainbow class uh… geology uh you know whatever ok and so this is a man’s name roy g. biv even though there is no man with that name don’t think there’s ever been a man with that
name but you can pronounce it like a name and it’s simple and easy to remember now this is a class participation moment so even if
you’ve never seen this before i want you to try to see if you can come up with these everybody
should know the first five after that it gets a little harder so what’s
this one that’s very impressive sometimes it gets so
quiet when i get to the i indigo and violet those are a little more
obscure red orange yellow green blue are very you know easy well if you memorize this and you just practice
it a few times you would never forget it and there may be a never be a time
in your life where you need to know seven colors of the rainbow but if you ever do now you know okay so that’s the second one and then it my third example of acronyms my favorite one ever and other than one or two people in here who i
know would remember this everybody else would never know this and that’s
because i made it up so it’s not in a book anywhere whatever else
i made it up and so i want to teach this to you backwards and here’s the way i’ll say it um… several years ago i had a student who came to me in a real panic she said i have a test next week i have so
much to memorize i’m gonna forget a lot of it can you help me and i said okay what’s the class and when she told me i got nervous for
her she said it’s anatomy i don’t know if you have ever taken anatomy that’s scary okay there’s a lot of stuff to
remember and it just kills your brain trying to just memorize uh… i said what part do you need help with in particular she said well
everything but one thing that i’m especially worried
about is this my uh… teacher told us that one of the things
we have to memorize for the test is the ten organ systems in the human body and i said well why are you worried about
that more than some other things and she said because of the way it’s going to be asked and i said oh multiple-choice or true or false and she
said oh no worse than that she said fill-in the blanks just like that now everybody heres taken enough tests in your
life to know this what happens to a lot of peoples minds when they see blanks on a test yeah you go blank ok um… multiple-choice questions which you’ve all
answered many times before are not always easy for sure but the answers right there waving at you all the other fake answers are waving too and
you just have to recognize which one is right but when it’s fill in the blank there’s no
help anywhere you either know it or you don’t and she said i’m gonna look at this list and i’m going
to study it for hours of all ten of them and then when i get to the test i’ll forget half so is there a trick is there a way i can do
it i said i have an idea let me try this um… i asked her an important question related to this this is what you always need
to ask first and that is do you need to know all ten of them in this
order the way that i see them on the paper and she said no any orders okay as long as i write them all down and i get credit
for em i said ok that’s good to know i took all ten of the letters and i wrote em on a piece of paper tried
to move them around and make a big ten-letter word that she could use just like this to easily remember those couldn’t do it it’s hard to take a bunch of letters and turn
them into a huge word so i thought how about like this this is actually like
a couple of acronyms how about if i can find couple of shorter words use the same letters and it would help her just as much and i played
around with it for a minute and i found it and i told her this the same thing i’m gonna tell
u and she had the look on her face that you’re going to have i said i found it this is going to help you this
is great i’m all excited and i told her this here’s what it is i said it’s nicer drums that’s going to help you on your test
she looked at me like what in the world are you talking about she said what does that have to do with the
body nothing doesn’t matter as long as you have these letters to hang
the words on and you practice you’re going to remember it well some of you are more science oriented than
others and i’m going to go through these really fast uh… if you’re going to end up being a nurse a doctor x-ray technician something in the medical field
this probably be good for you to know everybody else you can just sort of learn it for a second
and then forget it okay this is the nervous system we’ll skip that one for second circulatory
endocrine reproductive digestive respiratory urinary muscular and skeletal so all those systems you have now uh… anybody know what the i stands for i always like to ask that because
i embarrassed myself that day when i was helping her i do that all the time uh… and it had to do with this one anybody know that one ok a lot of people think immune system or
they look down and they think intestines they’re just like anything i have that starts with
an i but actually when i saw this word and most
of you who have never seen this word before few
of you probably have but most of you haven’t you ever seen that before uh… most people i looked at it and i said
integumentary system i don’t have that i don’t have any integuments i don’t even
know what that is so my student taught me teachers learn something everyday just like students
do and she said yeah you do and i said i do what is it she said well
it’s all your outer covering so it’s your skin nails hair and all of that oh yeah i guess i do so i learned something that day i will never
forget this even though i’m never going to need it ever in my life but i know it okay so what we did was i went back to this
with her and i said what’s this one and then what’s this one and she kept forgetting
some remembering others and then we went back over it and she remembered
the others and forgot the others and this is kind of struggling with it but after about five or ten minutes of this
over and over again she was able to rattle off every one of those
just like i did for you we practiced a little more and then she took
that with her and she studied it as the test was approaching how did she study
it well she said while she was driving she’s just thinking ten organ systems nicer drums n is for nervous i is for integument
just kinda went over em takes like one minute while cooking while walking while doing whatever just sort of pull it
up in your mind go over it and you’re done she told me later that when she went to take
the test on this material she turned the page and there it was name the ten organ systems of the human body
and then ten blanks and and i said so what’d you think when you saw that and instead of saying i started panicking and she just said that
i smiled i said that’s good smiling on a test is good
and i said what was the next thing you did and what was the next thing she did yeah she wrote nicer drums got em all ten out of ten like she had
a little memory pill easy okay well um… after she told me that she said thank
you for teaching me that trick and i said you’re welcome and then she said but at the same time i’m really angry with you and i thought wow i can’t help anybody and here’s what she said she said i gotta
c on the test the whole test and i said well a c’s not a great grade but
this is anatomy if you pass the test i mean that’s a great achievement and she said why didn’t you teach me tricks like that for
everything i needed to know then i would’ve gotten an a and you know what i told her and
i think you kinda know this already even though i haven’t gotten into this much you can’t use tricks like this for every single
thing you need to learn for a test you get so confused you start mixing up the tricks and everything
else every once in awhile when you have four five six things to learn this works great other times it doesn’t work
at all and you need other tricks that’s what we’re getting to right now ok
so that’s three examples of how acronyms work uh… you go ahead by the way so i don’t forget
that start the sign in sheet again uh… i want you to try to listen to what i’m
teaching the whole time but when that gets to you fill it out pass it along so we can get it
all the way to the back um… the other one that i want to show you that is similar we’ll just take
a couple of minutes with this is uh… acrostics and acrostics use first letters of words
usually just like acronyms do except acrostics are not words there
sentences instead and so uh… one very simple example of this
that some of you may be familiar with is uh… those are not uh… that that’s not
an acrostic that’s obvious not a sentence anybody recognize those letters this one is for music anybody in here who’s ever taken music lessons
ever in your life one of the first things you had to learn how to do is to read the notes kinda helps so you know what to play but it’s really hard for people when they’re
learning music to learn the notes and that’s because these five letters are the five lines
on the treble clef in music and trying to memorize these is pointless cuz it doesn’t mean anything
it’s just a bunch of letters and so there’s a sentence that is in almost every music beginning music book that helps a person to remember this and a few of you may know that what is the sentence yes every good boy does fine that’s a little bit of a strange sentence
but where do those words come from like what does
that mean well e g b d f always the first letter okay so if you memorize that it would help
you to remember what each one was but i wanted to show you two other quick things
about this uh… i’ve learned in recent years that most beginning music books don’t have
the sentence anymore they changed it that was the sentence for a long long time um… food everybody loves food and so here’s the uh… one of the new ones every good boy deserves fudge so if you like chocolate you like fudge that makes it easy to remember and then i
wanted to tell you this really quickly too uh… last semester a student told me something
i’d never heard before and that was he said i learned uh… music to learn how to play the piano but i didn’t
learn it this way i didn’t learn it with uh… other deserves
fudge i learned it with sesame street and i said what and he said here’s what i learned ernie gave bert dog food i love that one ok uh… so in other words it can be any sentence
you can think of as long as each word begins with the right letter so you can just
use your imagination almost on that okay and then the other one that i’m
gonna give you as a little example of this has to do with something that i know some of you have learned
before and that is in the subject of math order of operations what’s the sentence hmm and whats the whole sentence yeah the the normal one is please excuse my dear aunt sally even though
there are other versions of that and the purpose behind this one is that when
you’re at a certain level of math you’re under a lot of pressure because you have a problem in front of you
that has several steps and if you do the steps out of order you get the wrong answer every time and so you’re sitting there and you’re thinking
okay what do i do first well the p stands for parenthesis and then e is for
exponents and then multiply divide add and subtract so this helps math students at that
level to remember what am i supposed to do first and usually
they remember it well even under the pressure of a test because they learned it as an
acrostic uh… one more thing about this students have asked me is it better to make an acronym or an
acrostic to learn something and my answer is always it’s better if you can to make an acronym
because it’s easier to remember a word than it is a sentence but sometimes like in this
case you can’t make an acronym and can you take these letters and move them around
and try to make a word out of them no and that’s because you need to know them
in this exact orders so your kind of stuck so this is the preference if you can but sometimes this is what you’ll need to do and again you can’t learn everything in college
by way of acronym or acrostics but it gives you an idea of how you can apply
that alright so uh… we’re going to spend the rest of
the uh… workshop today with kind of part one of something that
alot of you have never heard of never tried before and if you do this correctly it’s the best
memory trick i know those two that i gave you are good but this
is even better so this refers to the idea of mental pictures and when i teach this to students most of
them uh… just look at me like did you make that up i didn’t make
it up but i’ve used it a lot and it helps me to remember a lot of information i’m gonna share that with
you in just a little bit so on mental picture means this close your eyes get a picture of something
in your mind in a certain way and then it sticks and you remember it everybody here has good imagination even even if you think you don’t and you’re able to kind of see things in your
mind and if you learn to do it right it’s amazing how much you can learn so the
way i’m going to start this and i’m time going to take just a few minutes with this but it’s important is uh… the five qualities of good mental pictures if all you do is close your eyes and try to
get a picture of something then it’s almost like you’ve taken a nice short
nap and it doesn’t do you any good but if you
do it this way that i’m about to explain it works great so i’m going to give you the acronym space which is the word that’s why it’s an acronym
and each one of the five quality starts with one of these letters
the first one which i can talk about for a long time but i’m just gonna give you a little
idea is stupid stupid i think every day when you wake up you think please don’t let me do anything really stupid
today you know we try to avoid stupid but when it comes to memory stupid is wonderful and that’s because the more bizarre weird stupid something
is the more your able to remember it and i always tell people i don’t want you
to think about this too much but think about all the weird things in your brain all these things that you remember that you
don’t even want to remember you wish you could just push the delete button
and it’s all gone but you have all this stuff in there and you can’t get rid of it well show
you examples of these in a in a minute the p stands for play on words i wanna illustrate what i mean by this uh… i’m gonna ask everybody here including those who
are really tired so this always makes me scared when i ask people to close their eyes if i hear snoring i’m going to come over to
you but hopefully you’ll be okay i want you to do this i want you to look up here
and see this word okay and then i’d like to have everybody just
take a few seconds and i don’t want you just looking at it me i want you to close your eyes and i want you to get a picture of a lion
in your mind okay now open your eyes now that should’ve been very easy right how about if i ask you to close your eyes
and get a picture of that uh… if you could do that boy you’re way better than i am right
you could close your eyes look around no don’t see one uh… you can’t
see this because there’s no such thing as this but when you use this method you have to see
something as a picture so you’re kinda stuck this is easy this is impossible so what do you do well an
example is this can you get a picture of this in your mind yes is it the same as that other word no but it’s a play on words which means a
rhyming word a word that sounds like another word and again on the show you how this actually
works in a minute but that’s an important part of this because if you can’t see it in a picture you can’t do it with this method ok the a
stands for action and this is something that a lot of people
never think about related to memory but it’s definitely true and im gonna illustrate it want you to look up here look for just a second at my hands okay which one do you look at first this one why it’s moving well what’s wrong with that one just there right is this more interesting than this well if i did this for like thirty more seconds you’d stop looking here you’d think that is boring
and then you’d look over here but at first your attention is drawn to something moving
more than something that’s standing still so when you use this method if you learn how to make it not like a photograph just frozen in your mind uh… you’re gonna remember more people tend
to forget things like that but if it’s like a video and there’s movement involved you tend to remember it more it helps it
stick in your mind okay and then the c gonna talk about just for a minute because it
actually has two different meanings to it both of these very uh… important to the success of this method the first one is your vocabulary word for
the day and uh… if you already know that and
use it in your vocabulary great if not it is really good word to start using in your spoken vocabulary and on paper
the word vivid means clear but it means something more than that and so what are a couple of other words you could use to describe vivid besides clear visual is possible any others you could think of bright bright is good too the word vivid in this case means uh… alive in focus bright sharp like that and then here’s my favorite thing everyone
will understand this last semester first time ever it shows how life is changing so i asked what
does vivid mean so bright alive in focus and then one person raised their hand
and they said this h_d_ ok everybody here knows what an h_ d_
t_v_ looks like whether you have one or you just walk by it in the store and
you look at it like that’s alive i’s like coming right off of there that’s the way you want your pictures to be
and if they’re not that way it’s not going to work and so i wanna show you one more thing before
i break the other here you don’t have to answer me on this but just just a couple minutes ago i asked
you to close your eyes and get a picture of a lion so the question is when you close your eyes did you see a lion and some people here’s what they say i ask em
that question they stay yes i certainly did say good describe it for me head was on the left tail was on the right it was facing me had a really big mane and they’re describing
it as if it’s right in front of em that’s good that’s what this is but and again you don’t have to admit to this
but i know every time i do this with a group at least a few people here’s their answer
i say did you see a lion when you closed your eyes and they say no but i think no well did you close your eyes yeah did i ask you to see a lion yeah but you didn’t see one no and i say why and here’s their answer every
time i don’t need to i already know what a lion looks like in other words it’s all just intellectual i don’t
need to see it that will kill this method faster than
anything else you need to see it alive as if it’s right in front of your face and if
you do this will work great for you if not it won’t work ok and then the other meaning
of clear is this not confusing so if you learn to create a very stupid weird picture of something in your
mind you want to be able to see that later and
know what it’s a picture of and not sit there thinking what is that so the last little one
and then i’m gonna give you some uh… applications of this is a little phrase easy to see so when you
to do this method you need to learn how to create pictures where it’s not so crammed
and crowded but just a few here and there and it’s easy for you to see in your mind
and then you remember it ok so these are the qualities and so what we’re gonna do for the rest of the workshop is to figure out when would you ever use this and i’m gonna actually show you one or two more
applications of this next week if you’re here for that workshop but i’m gonna give you one specific one now
that is my favorite one and this is again like a good use of mental pictures and it is in remembering names people’s names how are you with remembering people’s names every once in awhile someone says i remember
most names but most people that’s the way they look they say terrible uh… some people say i’m really good with
faces really good i don’t remember names at all and everybody here has had this happen to
you before i think some more than others you meet somebody you introduce yourself they introduce themselves
and talk for a few minutes you say ok nice to meet you leave see em again few days later week later they will come walk right up to you
they remember your name and whenever somebody remembers your name that
makes you feel kind of special but you’re also horrified at the same time because yeah you know you’re just hey buddy you know you can’t remember their name if you could learn how to be really good at
remembering names this gives you an advantage in your personal life in school in business lots of different areas because most people
are terrible with names so if you get good at it it gives you an advantage well how do you
remember somebody’s name when you meet them you actually have a lot of different uh…
ways to do that there isn’t just one but the way that i want to show you involves
this method and if this what i’m about to show you if this seems really weird and stupid to you then just remember oh yeah that’s good okay so here’s the example i’m gonna give
you we’re going to do this with two names ok you meet a lady with no hair i’m not gonna draw their hair on
there but you meet a lady at a party or a meeting or something and you want to remember
her name it’s important to you and so we’re going to start out with the easiest
name i know for this and then we’re going to get to a
hard one ok her name is sandy campbell and so what
you’re supposed to do when you use this method is to look at her face think of her first name and come up with a
picture that this reminds you of and put the picture somewhere around her face in your
mind so when you hear sandy what’s the first thing you think of yeah most people think of sand like at the
beach is that the only right answer no it could be other things it’s your own
personal way you think but if you pictured her uh… and you wanted to say ok i want to remember
when i see her face next time i want to remember her name is sandy what could you do well here’s an example some people say i picture sand all over her face in her hair and i just want to go up and start
brushing it off so really weird picture sand everywhere okay
that’s one other people have said i would picture a
big sand castle built right on top of her head like she’s wearing
it like a hat that’s very bizarre too other people have said i would picture her
buried in the sand all the way up to here and the only thing
sticking out is her face as long as the face is right in the middle of
all that whatever you come up with as long as you see it in a very clear way you’re going to remember it okay now the last name is often very difficult
for people to remember maybe more than the first and so a lot of times you have to divide the
last name into parts and come up with pictures for those but we shouldn’t have to do that here which is
the reason that i start with this one uh… campbell yeah most people think of soup ok so if you have done something with this poor lady’s
face in your mind and you want to remember her last name is campbell what are you going to do i want to hear a couple of suggestions
from you to see how wierd your imagination is yeah she could be eating soup and we gotta get more bazaar than that right so what else could we do what some people have said and sorry about
this i know it’s gross they’ve pictured cream of something soup like
cream of mushroom or cream of chicken and they just picture it just dripping right down her face and maybe the sand is
washing off that’s pretty gross other people have said i picture these little cans of soup as like earrings other people
big can on top of the head whatever so you just let your imagination kind of run
crazy and then when you’re done and you see that as if she put it on and she’s wearing it then next time you see her you walk up to her sandy campbell how are you and she says wow you remember my name that’s so
nice and little does she know what you did and you don’t want to tell her this either
cuz then she’ll run the other way but that’s the way that this is done okay now this is an
easy name most names are not that easy so i’m gonna give you one more and this is a very hard name to remember but it’s a good illustration of this too okay uh… anybody know who that is yeah that’s me ok that means if i see any
of you after today you better know my name cuz i’m gonna teach
you how to remember it okay this is how i become famous or infamous or whatever okay so i want to remember when you do this
you’re not supposed to think you’re supposed to just react like the first
thing that pops in your head so when you hear scott scott okay a lot of people first thing they think of is scott tissue so they think of toilet paper or uh…
kleenex or whatever so than i say okay you have a real face in front of you now what
are you going to do and they look at my face and they’re trying to figure out and i’ve
had people say things like well i picture kleenex coming out of your
nose you know like it’s a dispenser or big rolls of toilet paper instead of my ears or something else like
that what else does scott sound like or yes scotch tape other right uh… all kinds of possibilities which
one of those is best whatever one you come up with because again
that’s the way your brain works but i am going to give you an illustration of this
scotch tape is what some people come up with i say okay
that’s good so what do you do you know you got the face right here and they look at me and they say well i picture
you holding some tape i say yeah but come on we got to go more stupid than that
otherwise your not going to remember so then they
picture me

wrapped up like a mummy in tape all the way up or some people have said this and they
get very excited when they say it i picture this big piece of tape right across your mouth and i thought why are you getting excited about that
but anyway that’s what they say okay so uh… we think ok we got my first name well last
name you have to know how to pronounce the name
’cause if you don’t you can’t do it you’re playing with the sounds
of the name so my last name is actually mispronounced by almost everybody that’s the way it’s actually pronounced is breckner so if you take this part the breck part what does that sound like or remind you of
brick what else break breck ok breakfast is one that people come up with a lot and so i say what are you going to do to remember
that that’s my name and they start giving me the scariest looks
anybody could ever give me they look at my face eggs here sausage here bacon here they just stick my whole breakfast
all over my face if that works great other people have said the word brick
and they think well like bricks like on top of your head and that works fine it’s not exactly right
but it’s close ok and then the last part of the named the n e r what are you going to do most of you i think no what nerd means okay uh… if you don’t you’ll learn something
but i wanted to show you something really quickly and that is a lot of people um… think differently than other people we kinda
know that and i’ve asked some people i said i want you
to just listen to this and then the first thing you think of say it and i say ner and you know what some people have said they say
nerve and i say why nerve and they say well i’m in biology we’re studying the nervous system i close my
eyes and i can see nerves and that’s the way their brain
goes other people say i wouldn’t think of that at all i think of nerf ball nerd you know whatever so whatever you use
whatever works for you is good well uh… there are all kinds of pictures that you
could create for somebody to be a nerd and uh… whatever you came up with you try to play
around with the sounds and all that you come up with something strange around the face and then if you see it in a clear way then
the next time you see the person you’ll remember now i wanna tell you a couple more things
and we’ll finish up with this did the sign in sheet make it all the way around okay you could just that’s ok
i’ll go ahead and get it after but nobody missed that okay good what i want to tell you is this let you
know a little uh… secret i always tell my students this every semester the first day of class i say something and as soon as i say it i
think why did i say that i shouldn’t have said that and that is i tell all my students i’m gonna learn all your names in the first
couple weeks of the semester and this semester i have a hundred and sixty students at least i had a hundred sixty at the
start that’s a lot of names ok especially for an old
brain well i learned em all i know em all and that makes me look like i’m some kind
of memory genius how can you remember that many names it’s a trick okay that makes me look better
than i really am just like everything that i’ve shown you today starting with those math
tricks i’ve learned some of my students
names by just looking at them and looking at the name and it kind of clicks other people i can’t remember their name for some reason it just won’t get in there
whenever that happens i use this method and create these weird
pictures around their brain around their head and then when i see them
the next few times i see those pictures i remember their name
and then after a little while those pictures disappear they’re like a crutch you know that
you need for a little while and then once you know the name you don’t even need it anymore
and they go away the fact that i’m able to remember a hundred
and sixty names is even amazing to me because i can barely
remember where i left my keys or whatever else but i can remember that because i use this trick all the time and if you’ve learned this and you kinda get the idea of it what a lot of people tell me is i understand what that says but i could
never do that and i said why and they say i just don’t have a good imagination and i always say yes you do you just have to learn how
to apply it for this so this is the last thing that i’m gonna leave
you with and this is just a little mental exercise for you to do even as you leave here uh… i know that you know your name if you don’t were in trouble okay but if you met someone and you wanted to teach
them how to remember your name this way you would have to create picture for your
first name and last name so the question is what does your first name sound like rhyme with how about your last name
think about that and some people find it very easy because their name sounds just like something
or whatever other people say wow my name doesn’t sound like anything but if you think about it long enough you
can figure it out think about a friend of yours you already know their name but think about
their name how would i create pictures and once you start doing that with a few more
people it starts getting easier and i can do this pretty well just
’cause i’ve done it for a long time so it’s like any skill that you develop as
you go okay so just uh… give it a try it’s kind of a fun thing
to do as well

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