how to organize a binder // back to school 2019


how to organize a binder // back to school 2019

Binders have always been my favorite organization
tool. They allow for endless customization options,
can be reused across the years and its content can be reorganized according to your needs. So of course that I would be looking for a
binder as the first purchase of 2019’s back to school season. The purpose of this video is to show you some
options in terms of binder organization and what you should be searching for in terms
of price and quality while you are shopping for your stationery. In this back to school shopping trip I was
looking for a binder setup with old-school vibes and that could act as an archiving solution
for my notes at home. I was also looking for a budget friendly setup
so I went for mid to low range supplies that were durable enough to withstand the semester
without breaking the bank. Taking that into account, I knew right away
that plastic binders were out of question since they would be completely over budget,
ranging from ten to 20 euros so I went for the classic cardstock slash cardboard version
which is probably going to be more than enough since I won’t be carrying this thing in a
backpack to college. If you find a plastic binder that fits your
budget, that’s always the option that I alays recommend since it will last you a looong
time, especially if you carry it around. In case you prefer to stick with the lighter
version, it can be a good idea to laminate the corners of your binder so it doesn’t rip
when it scrapes against other objects. After the binder was picked, the biggest challenge
was finding tabs that were resistant enough and fit the price point. Although the hard plastic ones are the best,
they were incredibly expensive and the cheaper plastic solutions are those thin plastic dividers
that easily bend and rip as well; the cardstock dividers however, are very filmsy and will
look torn at the tabs after a couple weeks of use so I found a good in-between which
were cardstock dividers with plastic reinforced tabs. For more organization goodness I went searching
for some old school looking folder inserts for the binder and found these archiving folders
that can be easily hole punched and serve as a place to keep handouts, your syllabus
or any initial information provided at the beginning of the semester that is useful to
isolate and can be kept as a front page of the course’s divider. Besides those folders, which cost 75 cents
each, I also found a pack of cardstock archivers that serve to file major projects that can
also be isolated from the rest of your notes. These can be useful for test practice, homework
you have to turn in, assignments, reports and that type of work that is detrimental
for your final grade. Since Staples was majorly lacking in filler
paper I went out of my way to another store and found this new notepad by Oxford that
was perfect for the type of binder I was trying to achieve. They also had this same notebook in white
so if the yellow toned pages are not for you, that’s not a problem. Two great features about this notepad are
that one, each page can be scanned using the markings in the corners and they work with
their app Scribzee, and, two, despite being ruled pages you have markings at the top and
bottom of each page that serve to guide you in case you want to draw vertical lines, which
can be useful in some formats like the cornell method. Using a hole-punched notepad is great because
you can keep it at the back of your binder and of course you can also double tape it
or hold it with a binder clip. Regarding what to put in your binder during
setup, I always recommend a one-page academic calendar which allows you to see what are
the assignments, tests, midterms, quizes and exams you’ll have at a glance. Of course that all of this information should
be migrated to your personal planner, whether you use an app or a paper calendar, but having
all of this information condensed in one page is really nice and helps you manage your expectations
better. To quickly create the perfect academic calendar
just go over to []( and generate your custom made calendar, download
the PDF and print it. They have many templates available for each
specific type of calendar so it’s easy to find something that fits your needs without
losing time creating something like that yourself. Secondly, I think it’s a good idea to keep
your syllabi in your binder, divided per classes. First of all, it acts as a table of contents
for the following notes and, secondly, it can be a precious tool to refer back to previous
chapters or to simply understand how all of your lectures are connected around a bigger
theme. Of course that you can go all out with your
binder and use other inserts and acessories but if I were you, I would keep it as simple
as it gets. Maybe get a penloop if you are prone to misplace
your pens or a side pocket to keep a class schedule or the map of your campus. The more crowded and full your binder is,
the less likely you’ll resort to it as a studying tool and that’s the opposite of what we want
to achieve with today’s video. Binder organisation is just a part of the
many things you can organize before back to school to have an easier time once the semester
starts, and if you want to boost your organisation skills in time for the first day of college
so you can start the year on the right foot and without losing track of your studies,
you can find tons of organization and planning lessons in Skillshare, who’s sponsoring today’s
video. Skillshare is an online learning community
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you build new skills, develop new strategies and learn more about anything you feel curious
about. Skillshare portfolio includes productivity
and business masterclasses, tutorials on how to work with different types of software,
language classes, art and design courses and so on. But if you’re watching this video because
you want to get more organized for back to school, you can start by watching Productivity
with Evernote: Use one Tool for Everything. Premium membership gives you unlimited access
to all these incredible classes so no individual payments required and since skillshare costs
less than 10 dollars a month for the yearly subscription, it’s the perfect platform
to conitnuously develop your study skills.Also, if you one of the first 500 people to click
the link in description box to get your first two months of unlimited classes for free.

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