How To Prepare Yourself For College?


How To Prepare Yourself For College?

Hey, what’s up? John Sonmez here from Tired of pushy recruiters sending you LinkedIn
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double the normal sign-on bonus for using that link. I got a question from a highschooler. I love these questions. Some of you—I just—my hat is off to you. You’re so young, yet you’re doing the smart
thing. You’re doing the wise thing, which is to get
advice, to apply yourself now, to work hard to have the kind of—the fortitude and grit
and develop that most people don’t ever develop in their whole life, and you’re so young and
you’re doing it. That’s awesome. I got this question about “How does a high
school kid prepare himself for computer science in college?” This is from Anonymous and he says, “Hey,
John. Hope you’re well. I’m a 17-year-old kid who just discovered
an absolute passion for Computer Science and programming just two months ago after starting
and thereafter finishing the Harvard intro to Computer Science CS50 Course. I want to know what I should and can do as
a high school kid to get a step ahead. I sit in a school bus for an hour and a half
everyday so I’m willing to watch videos or even listen to podcasts during then. Thanks in advance for any help.” Honestly, the best thing to do if you’re in
high school and you want to prepare for college is to actually start doing the college work
ahead of time. I think that’s probably the best thing that
you could possibly do. The wonderful thing about the Internet and
about today is that there are tons of college courses online for free right now. I did a video on the top, I think, certification
programs, online certification programs. In that, I mentioned online certifications
and some online colleges. There’s definitely a lot of programs out there. Places like Udacity. Udemy offer courses. What I would be doing is I would be focusing
on—well, first of all, have an objective. Just because you’re going to go to college
and learn something doesn’t mean that you can’t have a higher level objective. Because why are you going to college? Okay? You got to ask yourself this question. Is it to get a piece of paper? Some people, that could be valid. Is it to actually—do you feel like you’re
going to learn something in college? If so, what is your objective? Do you want to become a software developer? What kind of software development do you want
to do? Start asking yourself and thinking about these
bigger questions because it’s one thing to get in a boat and start paddling. If you don’t know where you’re going, all
that effort can be wasted. Maybe you get some strong arm from paddling
so much and maybe you can paddle fast, but you want to be paddling in a definite direction. What is your definite direction? Where are you going in life? Where would you want to go? I know some big questions to ask someone in
high school, but you could change directions, but at least be going to some direction. You see what I’m saying? Pick something that you’re going to specialize
in the computer science field. Pick something that you’re going to try and
learn and know why you’re going to college. Know what is the purpose there. With that said, like I said, you can go and
you can go online and you can find courses. How you would spend that time? If you want to spend that time on the bus,
focus on learning, on actually like being—having the capability to build applications. Start building your own applications. One of the best things when I finished up
my degree is I was already programming in the field. I was already creating applications and creating
my own applications. I started taking some night classes, some
college night classes like correspondents’ school. You know what? It was like I didn’t even read the textbook. I just did all the assignments. You know why? Because I already knew how to do all this. I was already writing applications. I already knew C++ better than the professor
at the time. Not to brag but it was true and I could write
all the applications because I was already doing the work. What can you do that is going to be equivalent
to already doing the work. If you build a couple applications on the
side, if you throw some apps in the App Store that you’ve build and you’ve learned this
stuff, then college is going to be a breeze. It’s going to be simple for you. You know that computer science degree is going
to have algorithms and data structures. Learn all that stuff. Get all that stuff ahead of time and then
you’ll be able to focus more during your classes and during college experience on getting a
deeper knowledge, and spending time with the professor, going to deeper subjects. You’ll be able to get a ton more out of college. If I were doing college today and I were in
your shoes, what I would be doing is I would be trying to basically learn everything that
I’m going to learn in college while I’m still in high school, which you could totally do. You’ve got the time to do that. I’d be learning how to program. I’d be creating my own applications, doing
all that. Then when I got to college, I would be tapping
into the resources there. I would be like—I wouldn’t have to spend
as much time studying and learning the stuff because I’d already have that base level knowledge,
but I’d be able to spend the time with the professors. I mean if you’re going to pay that kind of
money like the real value there is not the stuff that you can learn out of the book. You can learn all that online. You can get—knowledge is free. What would be the real value to me if I were
in your shoes would be to get the time, the one-on-one time with the professor to ask
the deeper questions to go deeper into the subject, to really explore my curiosity to
use it as an opportunity. That’s what I would suggest. Just think about and, in fact, what you can
do is you can look at, if you have a college in mind that you plan on going to, look at
what their curriculum is and look at the syllabuses for the courses, and actually start studying
that stuff. See if some of those courses are online even
if you’re not going to get credit for it. By the time you get there, it will be so much
easier for you to do. It’s just a better way to approach things
rather than—the other thing I would say also is that by learning this discipline of
studying on your own, it’s going to prepare you better. In high school, you’ve got to show up. You take the bus. You go there for a certain amount of time. You got a certain amount of homework. College is a little bit more free. It’s a little bit more kind of up to you,
so you could goof off all day. You don’t have to go to class. No one is going to sit there and babysit you. If you can develop that self-discipline, which
you probably already have a ton of it if you’re emailing me if you’re watching these videos. If you can develop that self-discipline to
be able to self-teach yourself, that’s going to be highly valuable. For those of you also that are interested
in learning, I definitely have a course out there that can help you. It’s called 10 Steps To Learn Anything Quickly. I’d highly recommend getting that course. Let me know if you are a high school student
and you’d like a discount on that. I can’t extend the discount to everyone, but
I can definitely do something for you. Just send me an email, [email protected]
and I’ll see what I can do to make that a little bit cheaper for you. All right. If you like this video, if you haven’t subscribed
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    Not sure if there are dedicated math lectures and exams in America but here at university in Germany we have them. I'd add that you should be interested in math a lot. Mathematics at university differs a lot from what you most likely have learned in school and it's worth to at least take a look at what you will learn in university and if you have the motivation to study maths beforehand definitely do that. Im saying this because I'd like to have gotten this advice before attending university. Math was the subject I struggled the most with.

    There are different opinions on this subject, I guess, but wanted to mention this in case it helps someone!

  3. Blake Greene says:

    Honestly if you don't have mommy and daddy to pay for it then don't go at all unless it's a cheap college. The last thing you want is that enormous debt right off the bat believe me. Learn a trade, join/start a business, and work your way to the top. Don't waste your time and money!

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    Why the intro is muted?

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    the silent intro made me feel uncomfortable.

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    Hey man, just a question here. Can i become a decent/good web developer in 2 years? im 16 years old and currently self teahcing myself. i dont want to go to college if i can make over 5k dollars a month. is this possible? any help? tips? courses? anything

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    hey whats up john sonmez here from simple programmer DOT com

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