How to Stop Translating in Your Head and Start Thinking in English Like a Native


How to Stop Translating in Your Head and Start Thinking in English Like a Native

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100 thoughts on “How to Stop Translating in Your Head and Start Thinking in English Like a Native”

  1. Fabio Antony says:

    I' am from Ecuador, south america, i can speack emglish but a basic level, is easy for me to speack, the problem is when i have to listen, that' s difficult to me, i've been some videos like that to improove mi english and i can say it have been helping to much, i want say a thing , you have a incredible pronunciation, is very easy for me to understand what you say, i am not shure if is because the vídeos that i have seen like that or the rason is because you have a incredible pronunciation, sorry if i have a mistake in my writing jajajaja.

  2. JUAN FLORES says:


  3. Jesua Hernandez says:

    Thanks you very much for the tips

  4. Mamdoh GFX says:

    gabby thank u so much

  5. Irish Bouzouki says:

    An excellent presentstion excellently presented.
    I am 71; just relocated to my native lreland after 50 yrs in Canada and now living in a native lrish speaking community in Donegal.
    Your tips are useful no matter what laguage one wants to learn/converse in.
    Thank you.

  6. Somaya Tarek says:

    I am from Egypt and your pronunciation is good in Arabic 💖
    You are surprised me

  7. lonely heart says:

    Teşekkürker çok güzel gerçekten Turkish translate

  8. Antorcha D says:

    En vez de pensar en español debo pensar en inglés lo más que puedo.

    I dont think just in spanosh, I must think i English allí tome at allí..

    Today i'll start…

  9. aBigBowlOf _ChimChim says:

    Why am I watching this I am 100% fluent in English LOL but not 100% maybe 90% cuz I'm still learning obviously my first language is English and I'm still figuring out words

  10. John Silvester says:

    I loved this video, ur pronunciation is really good and easy to understand too. I'm Brazilian and loved your Portuguese sentences, u sound so cute! Haha By the way, I'm an English teacher here and I already do most of these tips, but it's really interesting to stop and think about it.

  11. Yokito lakaka says:

    Hey! I am Diego from Spain🇪🇦, i am going to english classes to pass b2 level and id like to talk to anyone who wants to help me to improve my english, if somebody wants let me know. We can talk in spanish too. Ty

  12. مازن آل جابر . says:

    Thanks sis everyday I watch some of your videos .. and every day I saw myslef grew up and learn something new and useful .. I wish If could know you before .. thank you so much for what you’re donig and I hope one day I’ll speak english like a native .. love you so much 😞💛💛

  13. Spencer Lee says:

    thank you sharing

  14. Asmaa Abdelqui Abdel aziz says:

    Can you help me how speak and collect vocabulary

  15. Jose Carlos Peixoto says:


  16. Jose Carlos Peixoto says:

    I love you!

  17. Wenny Rossalinda says:

    I love your English.

  18. Francis GAUTHIER says:

    Thank you for this excellent video. My problème is different. I am French and able to speak quite easily in your language. Before having seen your video, I already used to speak to myself in English.
    But there is a big gap between my fluency when speaking and understanding. When speaking with english natives, they notice that I converse with easiness and they do speak naturaly. And here is my difficulty. I find it sometimes very difficult to follow. It may result some misunderstandings. May be that my brain is too slow !!!! What could be the clue ?

  19. Marmori Pelaa :o says:

    I personally try not to translate at all, I just understand and reply in the same language.

  20. amine tube says:

    You are prety

  21. Asqar Surya says:

    Just wanna start to improve my english and this video help me to make it. Thankyou!

  22. Ксюха says:

    Hello) I from Ukraine) I don't know English, but I understand you by 40 per cent sure) thank's and I will wait a new video "Developing yourself for a small"

  23. idham haikal says:

    good spirit for the good steps 🥰

  24. Taisyr Salha says:

    Thank you

  25. هداب علي says:

    Thanks I like so much this lesson

  26. Magaly Arias says:

    Excellent video, it allows me to visualize the correct pronunciation and train my ear to listen to English. Thank you

  27. Malena Mendaña says:

    Actually, "book" is 'libro' in Spanish. I'm Argentinian and couldn't help to correct that mistake. Haha

  28. Augusto Resende says:

    Nice lesson, good advices. Your Portuguese is ok, but the accent it`s more Brazilian.

  29. Videos videos says:


  30. Luan Nguyen Minh says:

    MC phát âm từ Test thôi cũng chưa chuẩn

  31. Ismail Kyan says:


  32. نفيسة نصرالدين says:

    do not speak "native language" , speak "first language"

  33. Piper Cares says:

    I've never felt comfortable with using a bilingual dictionary or people translating because you don't really learn that way. Thinking in english when you speak it is the key indeed.

  34. Sofia Bekhouche says:

    i like your tips espcially talking to our selves improves our capabilities, thank you

  35. Marcos Rocamora De Queros says:

    O tu pronuncias muy bien, o tengo mejor nivel del que esperaba 🙂

  36. IRFAN M says:

    You look like Captain Marvel..!

  37. Allan Powell says:

    You such an absolute teacher 👩‍🏫

  38. Samuel Moart says:

    I speak Spanish and Portuguese and now I am learning English, In my opinion, your Portuguese sounds more natural than your English, but I liked the whole video and I could understand a lot through your exprecion thank you!

  39. Austin Austin says:

    Is it only me or u really look like captain marvel ?

  40. MAGDA MOLINA says:

    I really like this video .. i have a hope that this time i will speak english finally 😁

  41. Going Viral says:

    Very helpful! Thanks a lot!


    thanks by video, help me it

  43. javier leon says:

    Meencanta tu camisa

  44. Ahmed Ali says:

    Wow thank you so much ❤❤

  45. Abin Andrews says:

    It's a good methods u
    Gave. Thanks..

  46. Indiro Meza says:

    Wow, so cool! Nossa muito bom de mais, vaya! Esta genial, valeu pra caramba!

  47. Bartosz Adamczyk says:

    Thank You very much for this tips…

  48. Мурат Рузиев says:

    Thank you so much for this useful councils

  49. Blabla Blabla says:

    Thinking in English is most important thing about learning English. If you want to learning Norwegian, Deutsch, Turkish or another one, try this in that language too. This is really important. 👏👏🍃

  50. Emre Güven says:

    Actually my exact problem is finding a native friend everyone has prejudge about Turkish people but you shouldn't guys

  51. Hernando Gabriel Lugo says:

    Thanks so much for your video! You help me a lot really!
    And your Spanish and Portuguese are perfect, a new suscriber from Argentina.

  52. Динара Гусейнова says:

    Я устала читать субтитры на 4 минуте

  53. I American says:

    Thank you very much it very useful video

  54. Pabitra Kumar Nayak says:

    It is very nice sister . I am from india

  55. Mohamed Salah says:

    I'm from Algeria and I understand you very well .
    Thank you

  56. Gökhan Durmaz says:

    my question is out of topic ,but what’s the name of the song in end of the video?

  57. Yoselin Pena says:


  58. BlackburNN says:

    I am so happy!!! I could hear and understand everything you said. No subtitles. IM IN FIRE BABY

  59. Danny Tegerna says:

    Thanks a lot gabby the way you teach english very awsome

  60. Danny Tegerna says:

    Thanks a lot gabby the way you teach english very awsome

  61. ANIS MIRA says:

    I'm from Paris and I like to speak in English ☺

  62. STRONG MAN says:

    Hey.I wanna practice English language with people having Intermediate level and above.If you have suitable level,you write your number below.

  63. The Undertaker says:


  64. Charly Vega says:

    Y loved. Y learn any time with music conference apeak myself and enjoy thank you

  65. Marcos Santos says:


  66. Pham Baza says:

    your tips are really useful. thanks a lot

  67. ts firu says:

    Stop speak and think in foreign language and START SPEAK AND THINK NATIVE!

  68. Said thanks you very much for your advice Lamine says:

    thanks lot very much for your advice

  69. jogeswaroram juge says:


  70. Pedro Miguel Francisco says:

    Hello… I´m from Angola. I´m learning Inglish and your video is help me to grow. thanks, I will keep on to study to be better.

  71. Sonali Roy says:

    I don't have anyone to talk in English. I have to practice alone. Can anyone help me out how may I do that? Please.

  72. Leda Pinho says:

    Thank you, by the way, your portuguese is perfect!

  73. Bonny Guillen says:

    I really like your recommendations, I think they are very helpful to me. Thank you very much for this video and I just subscribed to your Chanel.

  74. Ян Середа says:

    Thanks for clear speak.

  75. Buthaina Alamer says:

    I love this language…I wish it would was my native language💕

  76. Çiçek Bahçe says:

    Türk yok mu??

  77. Une Blonde says:

    We can comment videos in english it is a really good exercise to think more in english!

  78. Une Blonde says:

    The most difficult for me is to speak or Write in english because of the grammar (I Know : english isn't a difficult language… it is less difficult than french but french is my native language so it is easier😅)
    When I read or listen english I understand all (except some words or sentences but I always understand the global sens) so I'd like to speak and write more english but I can't speak or write in a other language without search a word (except for this commentary so sorry if I did mistakes)
    Anyway thanks for this video ! Now I want to progress so I think I Will progress😁

  79. Francisco Cala Rodriguez says:

    Interesante y motivadora manera de enseñar. La profesora Gaby tiene un lenguaje claro, preciso, con excelente dicción y se expresa a un ritmo que es posible seguirla sin necesidad de leer los subtítulos. Me he suscrito para poder recibir más videos de ella. Congratulations !!!

  80. Caroline Vergara says:

    Si no se buscará la tradición de inglés , los americanos o ingleses no tuvieran necesidad de buscar diccionario para ver el significado de una palabra de inglés a español

  81. Gabriel Lysias says:

    Thanks Very mucho for you video.

  82. taffs mercenário says:

    I have a sore throat


    I love you

  84. Ehab Mekky says:

    Thank you I love it so much

  85. Harry Haller says:

    I'm so happy learning English quickly, I have to practice speaking and listening everyday.

  86. JingJoe Nanthikorn says:

    Thank you for your kindness. Someone told me " If you dream in English that's mean you start to think in English " 😁
    I love English. 😘

  87. Francesco Cennamo says:

    Well, you just turned the wonder on me to watch a Netflix movie in english. Please give me some advice, so we also have a little talk. What is your favourite show on Netflix?

  88. Marta Furnari says:

    Hi everyone! There is someone who want to practice eng speach? We can talk on facebook 😊 i'm from Italy

  89. Lorindo Felizardo says:

    How wonderful

  90. Leonardo Campos says:


  91. María del Carmen Coppa says:

    Web don' t understand conversational English because english people are always in a rush and speaks quickly.They don't take in account the listener.

  92. CaminoMasQueUnLoco says:

    Libro is Spanish

  93. Víctor_ Marcelo says:

    i do not understand english and speak englesh is most difficult for me

  94. Nada En Especial says:

    Libro is spanish too

  95. Vítor Souza says:

    This video was awesome! I understood about 90-95% of this video! Thank you for do it and congratulations for your Portuguese! You're learning very well!

  96. Eduardo A. pro says:

    Thaks i practice your tips

  97. Pal Vipin says:

    I want to make friend if anyone interested plz comment

  98. Mr Pk says:

    i have understood almost the whole video with subtitles on. now i trying to improve my listening. Its so difficult understand what are people talking about. In the begining i'm thought that you was brazilian haha Brazil its watching you!! obrigado!

  99. fulvio DE LUCA says:

    how happy I am… I've understood the 90% you said withoud reading the subtitles. Great!!!!!!! Cuai bella!!!!!

  100. fulvio DE LUCA says:

    oooops …. Ciao bella!!!

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