How to Take an Online Class at SNHU

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So you’re looking for information on how
to take one of our online classes? Here at SNHU we want you to have access to
education that fits into your lifestyle. Which is why our online courses were
developed to provide a more modern and personalized learning experience. Let’s
take a look. To make it as convenient as possible our online courses are
accessible from any desktop tablet or mobile device, any time. Simply login to
your SNHU account and from the course menu you’ll have access to your learning
modules, schedule of assignments discussion boards, grades and any
announcements from your instructors. Let’s dive into a module. Each course
consists of weekly modules. Within each module you’ll find all of your
assignments for the week, consisting of discussion board posts, quizzes, your
progress and more. Most weeks you’ll be assigned a discussion prompt to
participate in. Simply start a new thread, type your response and hit submit. This
is a collaborative environment where your classmates will respond to you and
you can comment back with your thoughts. Occasionally you’ll have a larger
assignment, like a paper or a group project. The online submission tool makes
it easy to submit your work. When you’re ready you can upload or drag and drop a
file into the submission area. Once you’ve submitted your assignments
you’ll receive feedback and a final grade from your instructor on the grades
screen. Here you’ll be able to see total points earned, a letter grade, and high
level feedback on each assignment. For more detailed feedback just click into
any individual assignment. Protip. You can even sign up for notifications and get
your grades on the go. Online undergraduate courses run for eight
weeks while graduate courses run for ten weeks. All classes offer 24/7 online
student services, where you can access the library as well as tech, academic and
student support. Making it easy to get the help you need when you need it. From
making it easy to communicate with your instructors and engage with your
classmates to the 200 plus online degree programs accessible from virtually
anywhere, SNHU’S online degree programs were designed with you in mind.
Still looking for more information? Here’s what real students had to say.
Everyone’s time is important and when you have questions or you need guidance
they’re able to give it to you in a timely fashion.
You always had contact with your advisor and the advisor then could source you
out to other resources to help you through anything. I don’t go to school on
campus. I go to school online. I may be sitting here in Kingsland, Georgia
nowhere near New Hampshire, but I still feel like I’m part of Southern New
Hampshire University. I still feel like I’m part of that campus. To learn more or
sign up for classes visit

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