How To Use The PDW9 With Its New Damage Drop-Off! – Rainbow Six Siege

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How To Use The PDW9 With Its New Damage Drop-Off! – Rainbow Six Siege

What’s up guys, Rogue-9 here and while we
may not have any new weapons to explore this season, there are some guns that are receiving
major damage stat changes for Operation Ember Rise; first and foremost among them Jackal’s PDW9. This means that my previous Loadout META video
is now out of date, so good news everyone: We are going to be revisiting Jackal
to compare his C7E and PDW9! What are their strengths and weaknesses and
which one should you be using in which situation? Let’s go and find out! As always, let’s start out with a quick
check of the overall stats. I briefly checked over all of the important
ones with a few tests in-game and it appears that everything but the damage output of the
PDW9 is remaining as is. The SMG is getting a damage buff at close
range and a nerf at long range to finally give it the proper damage drop-off it always deserved. No longer will the PDW be the outcast amongst
Siege’s guns; the only gun that for some reason got more powerful at longer ranges… For better or worse, those days are finally
coming to an end! But despite the long range damage nerf, the
PDW remains the better gun at long range for Jackal and with both guns having the same
fire rate; the individual damage advantages and disadvantages translate through into the
damage per second stats. And as I mentioned all else remains equal. Because of this, the way I will be structuring
this video is that I will briefly recap all of the important elements about the guns that
are not changing and then go into a more detailed discussion and comparison of the takedown
power of each weapon before issuing a new conclusion. If you have seen my previous Loadout META
video on Jackal and you remember all of the details from back then, then feel free check
the comment’s section below for a timestamp that will allow you to jump straight to the
damage discussion. If you would like a quick refresher on all
of the other stats, just sit back… relax… close your eyes… take a deep breath in… hold… and gently breathe out… AND NOW OPEN YOUR EYES AND PAY ATTENTION ‘CAUSE I HAVE SOME QUICK-FIRE GUN INFO FOR YOU! In terms of capacity: 30+1 bullets is great
but 50+1 bullets is even greater! Standard balancing in R6 is: more bullets
in the gun means longer reload times and that applies to Jackal too. The C7E has blisteringly fast reload times,
the best of any assault rifle in the game and even better than most SMGs. The PDW9 is the polar opposite with reload
times that are 300-500ms below the averages for the SMG class. But I guess you get almost double the capacity
so: swings and roundabouts! Aim Down Sight times are the standard 450ms
and 300ms respectively but with the angled grip, you can cut each of those down by 40%
giving you a pretty good 270ms with the C7E and a downright amazing 180ms with the PDW. Hip Fire spreads are also very, very good
for both guns with the C7 taking an advantage while stationary and prone and the PDW winning
out while on the move. This emphasises the playstyles that have already
been hinted at by the ADS times. The PDW is probably one of the best guns in
Rainbow Six for fighting on the move and quickly acquiring any targets you come across. The C7 will benefit more from a measured approach involving meticulous droning and pre-aiming every push. And last but not least in our little recap: recoil! In the charts at the bottom of your screen
now, from left to right for both guns, you have: Recoil patterns with no attachments Recoil patterns with minimised vertical recoil
(i.e. the muzzle brake and vertical grip attached) And on the C7E side only, also a variation
with the compensator instead of the muzzle brake All in all, the recoil of the PDW is more consistent and not as strong vertically, so
this round definitely goes to the SMG once again. Now if we tally up the scores so far to decide
which gun is better based solely target acquisition, controllability and ammo availability:
I would call it a draw in terms of the ammo because one has more bullets but the other
much better reload times; A draw in terms of hip fire, because they
are very similar in most cases; A win for the PDW in terms of Aim Down Sight time; And another minor win for the PDW in terms of recoil. The interim conclusion is that, without considering
the takedown power of each gun, the nimble PDW definitely has the age over the more
cumbersome rifle… has the age?! I don’t even know what I’m saying here…
has the “edge” of course. But of course that begs the question: How
do the new damage stats affect the PDW’s ability to take out opponents? Which gun now comes out on top in this category? We’ve seen the raw damage stats per shot,
the fire rates and the resulting Damage Per Second stats and they would suggest that the
C7E is far more powerful in the all-important short range gunfights but that the PDW still
wins out at stupidly long ranges of 34m plus… Let’s see if this initial indication is
confirmed by the new Shots to Down/Kill and Time to Down/Kill stats. If you still remember the original PDW9 stats
from my video 7 odd months ago, then first of all holy cow; what diet are you
on to have a memory like that?! I definitely need to start eating more of
whatever you’re on… but secondly you will notice that at short range the change to the
PDW’s damage stats have reduced the shots to down/kill for level 2 armour opponents
by 1, making the PDW just as good as the C7E now. Against most level 1 and 3 armour shot placement
and Rook armour combinations though, the 4 extra points of damage will not make a difference
(at least as long as the enemy is still at full health). And so overall, the C7E is still the more
effective gun at taking down opponents at close ranges up to 25m although the gap between
the two guns has narrowed considerably. This is also reflected by the Time to Down/Kill
stats where the one extra bullet that the PDW needs in just over half of all cases will
mean 75ms extra to deal with the opponent. At longer range, after both weapons have had
their damage bottom out, the significant nerf of the PDW9’s damage (from 35 down to 26)
means that the gap between the two weapons has narrowed significantly. Nevertheless, the damage of the C7 is even
lower here which then means that the PDW will still need on average one less shot to down/kill
which then results in an average time saving of 75ms for the corresponding time to down/kill. So that confirms our initial conclusion that
the C7E is still the more powerful gun up close (although the advantage is not quite
as consistent anymore) and the PDW9 is still a whole lot better at very long range BUT! Now that the PDW has a proper damage drop-off
curve we have to consider the much earlier drop of range of the SMGs, compared to the rifles. You see last time that didn’t matter because
the PDW’s damage just went from 34 to 35 at some point but now that the damage starts
falling away from 18m and onward, that means that there is an intermediate distance at
which this SMG will be much weaker than the C7 because the rifle’s damage does not even
start to fall off until 25m, at which point the PDW’s has already pretty much bottomed out! Let me show you what I mean. At the very top you see the damage for each gun at all ranges, for chest shots with no Rook armour. Then below in blue are the shots to down/kill for the C7E and below that the same in orange for the PDW9. The last three rows show the difference between
the two guns in terms of shots to take out an opponent and as you can clearly see the
close range and long range stats tell a bit of a biased story because it makes the PDW
actually look like the stronger gun on average. But it’s the middle distance that tells
the true story and as you can see, the PDW will consistently need 1 or even
2 extra shots at those ranges. Once you add in Rook plates, leg strikes or
both at the same time, that disadvantage is going to become even more noticeable with
the PDW needing 1, 2 or even up to 3 shots more at certain distances. This means that the true conclusion actually favours the C7E much more than we may have initially expected. Yes at ranges below 18m the rifle is only
a bit stronger than the SMG and at distances of 35m or more the PDW will actually
frequently need one less hit. But if you’re fighting at medium range,
the clear advantage goes to the C7E. The question is: how likely are you to encounter
opponents at any of these distances? The fact is that most interior spaces
in Siege are not that large. Rooms will be a few meters across and even
hallways are not usually that long. Most combat will definitely take place at
the range below 18m and if you do go above that, then the chances of it ever going to
35m or more are very slim indeed. Since nobody has time to constantly be measuring
the distances to their opponents, I would say that the simple fact is that with the
new PDW stats, you always want to keep things relatively close ranged because if you try
to go for long ranged fights, you are most likely to end up in that middle distance that
you don’t want to be at, rather than the ultra-long range where you will
start to see an advantage again. So despite the PDW9 becoming more powerful
at short range with Operation Ember Rise and still remaining a great option at very long
range, the new damage drop-off will be a definite nerf at certain ranges. In conclusion, I would still say that the
C7E is the more flexible and more reliable gun for most players but as long as you keep
your gunfights below the magic 18m mark, the PDW is still an excellent choice and its target
acquisition and controllability perks are pretty much unrivalled amongst all of the
attacker weapons. Jackal still has two of the best guns in the
game and the fact is that you won’t go far wrong by picking either of the two; just as
long as you stay away from that god awful ITA12L… Such a pointless option to include on an operator
who already has a secondary shotgun. And that’s it! If you the info and tips I have presented
today could be useful to you, do feel free to give the video a thumbs up; if I wasted
your time then that’s what the thumbs down is there for. As always, thank you so much for watching,
I hope you enjoyed the video and I will see you in the next episode!

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