HSU Online Course Gallery – SED 712: Teaching and Learning in Secondary Schools

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SED 712 Teaching and Learning in Secondary
Schools is an outstanding example of effective content delivery in an online
setting. In this online course, content is
delivered through various formats, including: educational videos, Powerpoint presentations, online readings, reading responses posted on group forums, and live, online, face-to-face chat
sessions. At the top of the course website, the
syllabus is clearly displayed and contains comprehensive information
including an overview of the course, clear objectives and learning outcomes, what can be expected from the instructor, what is expected of the students, and specific and clear explanations of
how assignments are graded – including assignment weights, grading
scales and penalties for late, incomplete, or missing assignments. A unit plan is included in the
syllabus that states weekly topics and activities, followed by assignments
and their due dates. This unit plan and the syllabus mirrors
the weekly course content on the course website. SED 712 delivers course
content in a wide variety of formats and has aligned the structure of the online
course website to reflect the structure and content of the syllabus. The result is an online class with the
logical and effective delivery of course content to the student.

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