I Spent 2 Hours Doing Surveys Online


I Spent 2 Hours Doing Surveys Online

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100 thoughts on “I Spent 2 Hours Doing Surveys Online”

  1. Ryan Scribner says:

    If this video made you laugh, please share it with a friend!

  2. Aydilla3kenny says:


    Facebook ad/trading scammers: iF yOu WaNt A mILliOn DoLlaRs, waTcH thIS ViDeO

  3. Campbell Viles says:

    Might as well this be the greatest program ever? I made $1361 in my first day with this terrific web-site here FunOnlineWork .Com (remove space)

  4. Nate Wilde - Stock Market Finance Education says:

    You're better off doing something like mystery shopping. I get free oil changes that way.

  5. Julio Chavez says:

    I did a survey from Hanover Reseach and I got a $5 gift card for amazon

  6. Antonio TheAfakasiWarrior says:

    What if you just keep making a new account over and over because I'm sure you get 5$ just to make an account….would be alot of work

  7. ShadowGoat says:

    You sound exactly like the YouTuber Tim Hansen

  8. Ariel Lee says:

    Shoulda tried quickthoughts I made 15 in a day with 3 hours

  9. redphoenix0910 says:

    Wow! The time doesn't equal the money you receive for that time. What they don't tell you is that after doing a certain amount of surverys for the same company you'll get disqualified a lot for sending the same information over and over again.

    On Qmee, I made around $3 in an hour doing surveys and I had to come back later because I kept getting disqualified for sending repetitive info (they asked me repetitive questions). All these people claiming that you can make like $100 a day doing surveys…how the fuck are they doing it? Are they lying? If it is true, then be honest about the process. You probably have to join like 50 companies and work like 16 hrs a day doing surveys or some shit like that.

  10. Travis Gulley says:

    Don't waste too much of your time doing surveys on inbox dollars it's not worth it

  11. Humphrey Jones says:

    Thanks for biting the bullet Ryan

  12. Yaaahoo says:

    Ngl £5 is alot

  13. OKAY says:

    Horrible! Lmao

  14. lemon187 says:

    Amazon Mechanical Turk is better. You can easily make $5-10 an hour. Source – I did it through university

  15. Anish Bhethanabotla says:

    I spent 1 year doing youtube and made this much do it please

  16. DemiTrusdale3 says:

    Surveys are either scams, or have a high barrier for entry.

  17. Micah Buzan says:

    It's a good gig for teenagers when you think about the other stuff they are likely to do online.

  18. PaidFromSurveys says:

    Great effort with the video:-) It is definitely not a way to get rich but by choosing the right sites it is a real way to earn a bit extra – and there are better sites than the site you tested. One advice that can actually be a problem you mention is that on some sites you get paid automatically to the email you register with so in those cases it is a really bad idea to use a fake email. Just a small advice if other consider following that advice:-)

  19. Jfjf Jrjfif says:

    Meh if u were to do this again i would recommend qmee seems good so far : p its also like 0.01 penny minimum cashout to paypal

  20. John Iii says:

    You’re cute

  21. Archer FPV says:

    I used inbox dollars a few years ago. Hated it, didn’t make much at all. If I remember right after a month of using it I didn’t even make $100. But I haven’t tried it lately to see if anything has changed since then.

  22. Sergio Alcantara says: is such a scam. Filled with viruses, and when you’re supposed to be done they just send you to another survey, and you don’t get nothing. The government should take these kind’ve websites out or make them illegal. They make SO much money, and the people making them the money get a minuscule amount to what the websites actually making. Smh.

  23. Jackson Chen says:

    Makes only 1 cent
    Uses over 100$ for everything
    Your money: LOSS
    Me: laughs in stonks

  24. Treeko454 says:

    I got an ad saying I'll get money for a survey on this video lol

  25. Deezy Milano says:

    Try on go surveys I like that better then any 1 so far

  26. VooDoo says:

    You are making € 😈

  27. Chakat Nightsparkle says:

    Well in one hour you got Min Wage Money in A few States. actually slightly over. Some states still do $5.50 Min wages. Its what i was getting in New York about 15 years ago.

  28. adushman1984 says:

    Change all your credit card numbers quick

  29. Yeabsetota Birru says:

    This video was released on my birthday

  30. Nate HasNoLstnam says:

    I spent 2 hours doing surveys online … and then found an envelope of money

  31. Andy Masiello says:

    Are you the kid from even stevens?

  32. TheseAreMy Crocs says:

    Since I turned 13 I been searching how to make money but because I was twelve i couldnt

  33. Water Walker says:

    😂 “go big or go home”

    wins 8¢

  34. Bongos says:

    Imo the best survey sites are pinecone Surveys, each survey is 3 dollars, and you get 1-2 of them a week on average cash out is available after each completed survey but it takes a while to credit.

    The next one Imo is Forthright Surveys, they route you through a series of surveys to see if you match for any and the amount is 1-3 dollars per survey. Cash out is instant and goes to Paypal

    Vindale Surveys is another decent one and there are different sections. The first section are platforms that can be done repeatedly, and pay out 1.25 or .75 per survey. The other surveys are all in a list and give different dollar and time amounts. It's up to you to see which one you want to do. Cash out is 50 dollars so it's a good one to chip away at.

    The last one that is pretty ok is Survey Junkie, the amounts tend to be a bit less, you want to do the ones that are a dollar or the equivalent proportion for a decent time frame to finish, and the cash out is 10 dollars

  35. Wanda Lee says: the free gift cards from Walmart and Target.

  36. harld kardika says:

    i would rather pay 10$ to have 2 hours of free time instead of doing this

  37. Daren Wilson says:

    Ugh, I think I would barf if I had to look at that gaudy sales crap all day, or even for just one hour! Thanks for taking one for the team, venturing where we were curious about but didn't want to get suckered into. My only question is: did you ever fill in a survey that seemed like a real survey, or was it all guady advertising and free samples and such?

  38. DA3MENDOUS RPJ says:

    Did you try redeeming the amount? That's where the trouble starts.

  39. G_Gamer 87 says:

    Wouldn’t everyone be rich by just sitting down with there laptop🤨

  40. Princess of Keys says:

    I was starting to think that I should be creating totally different email just for things like this….I should make one and switch over to it, but Im sure its already out there anyways. Also that alias idea is great too lol Imma do that for the ones that ask

  41. Princess of Keys says:

    Why do they have those offers on there that require you to try and register for a gift card but have to do a silver deal or whatever…

  42. ToneyGames says:

    Survey Junkie is my favorite I always make money from this site

  43. Tristys Finance says:

    Before I even watch , I wanna assure myself you made 30 cents

  44. haytnas says:

    I earn $40,000 a year from online surveys. That is on top of a $60,000 salary from my day job.

  45. Zetetic Zen says:

    "You won: scratch-2-win progress" LOL

  46. Sheri JK says:

    I used to do these while doing laundry. I loved Opinion Outpost and ones like that but they are kinda lame now. I tried Life Points but they surveys are way too long. I do amazon turk now.

  47. Pedro Menacho says:

    The best site/app I have used is qmee. It is just surveys and you can cash out what ever amount you win. It is alot better than inbox dollar.

  48. Karen Morris says:

    I have spent three days and only made $10.

  49. Norm Render says:

    Online surveys would work for me if a person didn't have to sign up and use my credit card to buy so many products. You spend 20 min doing a survey and then you have to sign up to purchase multiple products. I've never seen anyone mention this before. If you would please tell us how to get around buying products. Thanks

  50. Mygreen 24 says:

    Scam Alert ✌️

  51. J Rocker says:

    LMFAO!!! Thanks Ryan for saving us all from high blood pressure! I think you can make more Mturking it! Something that I've been experimenting with is Paid To Promote (PTP) sites like

    Give that a try. Thanks again

  52. Kommander Kool says:

    I know a guy who panhandled for 6 hours and made 38 bucks in Phoenix……all kidding aside, I would do something more productive.

  53. She She Online says:

    the surveys are trash. all of them, and a complete waste of time

  54. Invest And Up says:

    Hi Ryan you can earn a small amount of money by doing surveys but that was several years ago. But it they change their affiliates programs and surveys becomes more difficult and it would take several attempts to finish the survey before you actually make money . Btw the way the money you will earn must reach a threshold of 100 usd before you can cash out. Thanks for the video.

  55. Bitxa says:

    I made $30 from inboxdollars!

  56. Roman B says:

    you should have tried Qmee i have made about $250 that goes right into my paypal in about a year

  57. Debt Free - Be The Bank says:

    Yeah…dont do that…

  58. Lum says:

    You make less then minimum wage doing this. Just get a real job or wait until you're old enough

  59. Draaake Soulja says says:

    But did they send you the money?

  60. WAXBARASHO says:

    Hi Ryan scribner

  61. That Kerbonaut says:

    I would personally do this if I was desperate for a few bucks, and I would be doing it on a throwaway computer, with a throwaway email, inside of a virtual machine.

  62. BelowAverageLuke says:

    Could you do a video on Swagbucks ??

  63. Maximus Brandon says:

    "The otter was in fact nursed back to health" killed me hahaha

  64. IS Donut says:

    You chose the wrong website you should get an app

  65. Vas El says:

    Looks like a BIG waste of time.👎👎👎

  66. christopher O'neill says:

    Hahaha. Lot of courage to spend more than an hour for 75 cents 😉🤣😂

  67. Jenner Scott says:

    Thanks to Chris i got my first legit money online..You can contact him at +1(469) 415-5670.

  68. In Korea says:

    5 dollars that you can't ever get unless you make a minimum of 20 or 40 dollars. And making that much takes weeks

  69. Sylvester Kheswa says:

    Haha been there

  70. raccoon says:

    Inbox and almost all of them you cant cash out till you hit 30$ btw the surveys drop off you never get to cash out.

  71. Mahi Chodhury says:

    i use a website called lifepoints that actually works

  72. Divine Gaming says:

    I could’ve told you this would be the result

  73. Gamer A. says:

    Swagbucks is by far the best survey website

  74. IzakBHere says:

    do gamekit

  75. jonah4u says:

    so surveys is actually sucks

  76. Khám phá cuộc sống says:

    Good video, my friend!

  77. Zachary Zapata says:

    You should have spent that two hours researching a better survey website

  78. Auxiliary Infantry says:

    The only surveys I took that got me rewards are the ones on Microsoft Rewards for points which I exchanged for money added to my Microsoft account for downloadable games.

  79. A00II says:

    He actually made a couple k’s for passing 10m

  80. Anita IceCream says:

    Hire a bunch of Chinese kids and set up a room like Bitcoin farm but instead call it Chinese surveys farm then you will make money

  81. KayakDIY says:

    So relieved the otters are ok! 😂

  82. James Anderson says:


  83. TiGeR says:

    I don't think you guys fully understand how online surveys work, if you get the right sites, and do them in a right way, you'll be easily making $10/hour.

  84. Reefuss J Beefuss says:

    this is the best one out there, i make 20 a day every day @t

  85. ME DoesGaming says:

    Personally when I was around 13-15 I used a site called swagbucks. While I was too young to do any of the surveys (included stuff about household income, vehicles, job occupations), they had a lot of other ways to make money which are much faster than inbox dollars and (to what I can remember) much less sketchy. I hope you do a video on it.

  86. Astuteous Maximus says:

    They're' data mining sites. How they make their money is by selling your information to third parties. It would literally be more profitable (not to mention less harmful) to go into town and pick up pennies from the ground.

  87. BD Gaming says:

    Survey monkey rewards is a good way to earn some money in the last year I’ve cashed out $102.00

  88. Kenji says:

    I use Surveys on the Go. I will say that you can get money. I've cashed out like 15 times. ($10+ each). The process however is very tedious and it usually takes about a month to get $10.

  89. Alexthe stupidnigger says:

    First time seeing you, you look weird bro.

  90. Sonic Cookie says:

    Yougov, Mturk, and (last time I checked) ClickWorker are all legit and decent. Not a replacement for a job but if you don't have other options, or some free time, they are good supplements.

  91. Liakouras Momentz says:

    haha wanted to try that as well.. just of curiosity.. but it is waste of time how it seems 👍

  92. g Ran says:

    I played around with the website for about a month in my Free time in order to get past 30$ to cash out. Endedd up woth 51$ mainly downloading their app offers and gerting to a certain level.

  93. Jessica Lewis says:

    Swagbucks is a little better, but not by much. If you sign up for the services you can make more, like spend $1 get $10. They are legit but it takes at least 30 days to clear. Basically it's only worth it if you're penny pinching and going to buy something you wanted anyway. The surveys are not worth the time it takes to fill them out. I did make enough from swagbucks in a 4 year period to buy a used Wii u from amazon though 😂😂😂

  94. ABELXSANTANA says:

    bro i felt disgusted when u said you couldn't withdraw the cash it felt like they fucked you's over.

  95. Hugo says:

    13:30 Thank me later

  96. PTK Gaming Network says:

    It's like a microcosm of the rat race that is life. The system is so convoluted, compartmentalized, and over complicated. It works for the investors but mostly just wastes the consumers time for no real benefit.

  97. Mohammed Abdul-Halim says:

    I've lost numerous times yet now I make 615 buks daily thanks to this magnificent web-site here PaidToB eHom e .c om

  98. Minty says:

    You know you could always like…….

    Get a job…….

  99. Make Money Online - Ridda says:

    You just didn't use a good site where you can earn good money!

  100. akash srivastava says:

    Hmmmm… Such an awesome content 👍
    Is this site work in India???
    Kindly revert…

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