Albert Einstein once said Everybody’s a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree It will live it’s whole life believing That it is stupid Ladies and gentlemen of the jury today on trial. We have Modern-day schooling Glad you could come not only does he make fish climb trees, but also makes them climb down and do it [10-mile] run Tell me school. Are you proud of the things you’ve done? Turning millions of people into robots. Do you find that fun? Do you realize how many kids relate to that fish swimming upstream in class never finding their gifts thinking? They are stupid believing. They are useless. Well the time has come no more excuses [I] call school to the stand and accuse him of killing creativity Individuality and being intellectually abusive. He’s an ancient institution that has outlived his usage So your honor this concludes my opening statement, and if I may present the evidence of my case, I will prove it Proceed exhibit a here’s a Modern day [phone] recognize it Here’s a fall from 150 years ago big difference right stay with me Here’s a car from today and here’s a car from 150 years ago big difference right. Well get this, here’s a classroom of today, and here’s a class we use 150 Years ago Now ain’t that a shame and literally more than a century nothing has changed yet. You claim to prepare students for the future?! But what evidence like that? I must ask do you prepare students for the future or the past? I did a background check on you and let the record show that you were made to train people to work in factories Which explains why you put students in straight roles nice and neat tell them sit still raise your hand if you want to speak give ’em a short break to eat and for eight hours a day tell him what to think. Oh! and make them compete to get an [A]. A letter which Determines product quality hits great a of meat. I get it back then times were different. We all have a past I myself am no Gandhi, but today We don’t need to make robots-zombies. The world has progressed and now we need people who think creatively innovatively critically independently with the ability to connect See every scientist will tell you that no two brains are the same and every parent with two or more children will confirm that claim So please explain why you treat students like cookie cutter frames or snapback hats giving them this one-size-Fits-all crap [Judge: Watch your Language] Sorry your honor but if a doctor prescribed the exact same medicine to all of his patients The results will be tragic so many people would get sick yet when it comes to school. This is exactly what happens this Educational malpractice where one teacher stands in front of 20 kids each one having different strains different needs different Gifts different dreams and you teach the same thing the same way. That’s horrific. Ladies and gentlemen the defendant should not be acquitted this may be one of the worst criminal offenses ever To be committed and let’s mention the way you treat your employees Objection overruled. [Judge:I want to hear this]. It’s a shame Mean teachers have the most important job on the planet yet. They’re underpaid No wonder so many students are short change let’s be honest Teachers should earn just as much as doctors because a doctor can do heart surgery and save the life of a kid But a great teacher can reach the heart of that kid and allow him to truly live See teachers are heroes that often get blamed, but they’re not the problem. They work in a system without many options on the wrights curriculums are created by policy [makers] most of which have never taught a day in their life just obsessed with Standardized tests they think bubbling in a multiple-choice question will determine Success that’s Outlandish in fact these tests are too crude to be used and [should] be abandoned But don’t take my word for it. Take Frederick J Kelley the man who invented standardized testing who said, and i quote, And I hoped these tests are too crude to be used and should be abandoned ladies and gentlemen of the jury If we continue down this road the results will be Lethal I don’t have much faith in school, but I do have faith in people And if we can customize health care, cars and Facebook pages, then it is our duty to do the same for education to upgrade and change and do away with school spirit ‘cuz that’s useless unless we’re working to bring the spirit out of each and every student that should be our task no more common core instead Let’s reach the core of every heart in every class sure math is important, but no more than art or dance Let’s give every gift an equal chance I know this sounds like a dream but countries like Finland are doing impressive things they have shorter school days, teachers make a decent wage homework is Non-existent and they focus on collaboration Instead of competition, but here’s the kicker boys and girls their educational system outperforms every other country in the world. Other places like Singapore, succeeding rapidly schools like Montessori programs like Khan academy there is no single solution But let’s get moving because while students may be 20% of our population They are 100% of our future so let’s attend to their dreams. There’s no telling where we can achieve This is a world in which I believe a world where fish are no longer forced to climb trees I rest my case. [Applause] Hey guys, my name is Prince Ea and I want to say thank you so much for watching my video But now I wouldn’t know what you think how can we together? Create a more efficient effective and just better future of learning I want you to visit and share your thoughts and ideas on the topic peace… Paradox was here….

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100 thoughts on “I SUED THE SCHOOL SYSTEM !!!”

  1. Prince Ea says:

    What is the difference between Education and School?

  2. Epic Gonzlez says:

    That’s true

  3. Dragonkookie says:

    so damn agreeable lol

  4. Lucas Sumrall says:

    Its funny because doctors and fire men and police officers and all these other people are making so much money yet the person who taught them is making less than them. That person would not make nearly as much if it was not for that one person who taught them.

  5. DarkSans says:

    you and I share the same thoughts. But school didn't do that, well, maybe it did but I still have the same opinion as you.

  6. vile link says:

    I cried

  7. I still play Minecraft on my xbox 360 says:


  8. Nooo111 says:

    Bad grades I have.
    Blame the American educational system I will.

  9. K5n5 Bloxian says:

    This man needs to be the president because he spittin more fax than villager 69.

  10. IceKing says:

    This is why we need to be like Finland

  11. Frizzフレディ says:

    Nothing change, nothing happened, for the past 3 years. I'm speechless

  12. L mark says:

    thank you, finally someone with a real brain.

  13. Asid Flux says:

    1.5× speed and this boi rappin

  14. Bubbles bird says:

    Suomi mainittu

  15. Kami Easton says:

    Sad thing is, they're preparing us for a world soon to be phased out completely by robotics…

  16. XVyper_Shock X says:

    Why the memes at tho

  17. FoxZa LegionRadiers says:

    Albert didn't say that!!

  18. fick sack says:

    What people don't realize is that the school system albeit its flaws, is not completely aimed to teach us but to challenge us in being as persevering as it gets. How persevering can you be when it comes to hopeless situtations? How HARD WORKING, DISCIPLINED, and how far are you willing to sacrifice to keep up with your lack of intellect. I'm not the smartest person around but I graduated because I was DISIPLINED ENOUGH and was willing to sacrifice my time to get that degree because I had to work twice as hard as others because I wasn't as intellectually gifted. Now I realize how much of a genius the creator of this school system is, because although you can teach anyone about a topic/lesson anytime and anywhere on this earth, the hardest thing to ever be imparted onto the younger generation is A Strong Will and PERSEVERANCE. Later on in life you'd realize that these two values will get you through your toughest times, not that physics or chemistry lesson, and you'd realize that these were the values that schools were teaching you all along. Ever since the beginning, they were teaching us a really important lesson and that is:


    That is why I disagree with this video.

    You can whine all you want about the "shitty school system", but I personally believe that this system doesn't aim to make anyone smart, but to toughen and steel people up for the reality they are about to face once they grow up.

  19. Gacha Cøokie Cat says:

    And this is exactly why I hate the fact people only associate me with the smart kids because I’m good at math and can write a good 1000 word story in a few days.
    I can do much more than that, I used to do dance, I’m decent at art and I don’t even listen in class.
    I refuse to do homework because it makes less time for me to enjoy my hobbies and improve on my strengths.
    Sorry for the long comment 😅

  20. afff lohg says:

    if you dont run for president i’ll CRY

  21. Oiva Anto says:

    People watching this in finland are like hell yeah

  22. Manju Manoj says:

    Scripting is real boi

  23. DRARRY POTTAH says:

    What's more important is : Skippin' school to figure out a way to plant more trees because schools use so much so much paper to make examination papers

  24. AngelGhost says:

    This man is hated by the government
    Figure out now by clicking this link!

  25. RadioJHAlex sk1n says:

    My friend Michael is out of high school and he works at buffalo wild wings


    THIS WAS IN MY recommendation

  27. Fiesta FIFA says:

    This guy is amazing he should be the owner of earth we would do so much we would have went to a diffrent solar system and kill world hunger if we had more people like him

  28. JôĐěŁì says:

    Damn suomi mainittu 😀

  29. Best friends And me says:

    When I was 4,I was scared my whole life for one reason,I didn’t want to be the one being blamed for something I didn’t do.When a teacher tells you “why did you not do your homework” or “handwriting must be nice” why depend on a piece of paper?Then I start to ask myself “am I good enough for someone?” or “am I going to make mom happy?”

    Then day comes,I turn 8 and I start to ask myself more and more “do you have faith anymore” or “has it has to be I pick you as my favourite to show others they ain’t good for the teachers.”

    Till now I still have the same thoughts and they will never go away.These things are just human sins that we can’t change the brain is so weird what ever comes in will come out.But school is just for kids to feel useless not to feel smart.It is for teachers to pick favourites,yell,smile things that I can’t change in life is just my mind that’s over reacting.

  30. RobbenW says:

    School is a place to study, not for competition

  31. kermit says:

    If Prince Ea would run for president i would vote for him

  32. Marc Cumberland2016 says:


  33. Michael Mathew says:

    My mum force me to study to get A but I never understood what the school taught me we have heart most question and answer this sucks in India.

  34. Juho Koljonen says:

    Finland noticed🇫🇮

  35. xxhalogamer22xx says:

    Did anyone else learn more from YouTube videos and video games than entire school years?

  36. Zhero YT says:

    Her in my country you almost don't need to know somethinh to pass school if your notebook looks good there's your grade the test doesn't change nothing in your grades

  37. akaBlitzzz says:

    this needs 10x more attention

  38. _BAconBitez_ -_- says:

    The school only teaches on kid that will be acutally successful and the others are treated like crap

  39. Jerden Carvalho says:

    me:noobs suck so much hahahaha

    Prince Ea:OH RLY?

  40. Caroline Peter says:

    GOD Jesus .!!!you should have been in India

  41. Rangervargas 2.0 says:

    I’m 100% sure that if school only taught us stuff we will actually use in the future then we would have stopped global warming, overpopulation, futuristic tech, and possibly the cure for cancer and many other diseases

  42. Archway 9 says:

    I fundamentally disagree with everything about this

  43. _ Ace says:

    School is usful to grade 5

  44. 0zEd_Assasin says:

    this wont change anything thats the problem

  45. Covaz says:

    Good job, im with you!

  46. Shell Mcbath says:

    His voice is so amusing to listen to

  47. EK06 Beats says:

    This video had been out for 3 years but why did people started paying attention to it last year?

  48. I want Copyright says:

    Oh that’s why I think i am useless stupid.

  49. Harry Langridge says:

    Yes yes yes yes yes you are the man prince!!!

  50. Giorgos Nicolaou says:

    It's 4:30 AM why am i here?

  51. Peyton Runkel says:


  52. SidK says:

    My whole life I’ve only had one teacher who cared about students learning rather than getting a good grade. When someone failed, she wouldn’t be disappointed. And when someone got a 100, she just smiled. She never cared that the person aced the quiz, she just wanted us to learn

  53. New Alex79 says:

    Schools in UK are grate I think they are very chill de do have hw and we do spend 6h in school but it is all good Idm

  54. naitsirk 1 says:

    Good job! I really think what you're doing right here is really good, because it shows how the world needs to change

  55. Aditya Iyer says:

    I'm not sure about schooling in America, and while I do agree some subjects are utterly useless, subjects like maths and physics are vital to push young people to go into STEM jobs, as they improve things like Economic Growth, which helps everyone. In England we have a subject called PSHE, where we discuss how to do taxes and other stuff that we feel is important for later life. The truth really is maths is not a boring subject, but is made boring by the various amount of old teachers that do not help us progress, but we can't do anything about this due to the low demand for teachers, so be happy that you at least have some teachers who have more than 1 brain cell.

  56. Random Channel V2.5 says:

    3:04 I like how you didn’t blamed the teachers and blamed the curriculum they’re forced under.

    Every time they receive the curriculum, silently in the teacher’s head, a statement is being played on repeat;
    “I serve the Soviet curriculum.”

  57. Lawn Mower Productions says:

    I'm not a person that's into rap, but dang that was fire.

  58. iamapug30 says:

    He’s using speech hacks!1!1!11!1

  59. Panda Man says:

    education allows kids to be themselves. Education gives every student an equal opportunity. Education doesn’t judge based on the way a person’s brain works and instead allows them to develop in their own way.

  60. Evan Gao says:

    I need this man as my lawyer

  61. Noah Morrow says:

    It's 2019, nearly 2020, and we are still forced to learn in a factory environment, yet companies like SpaceX, Google, and Apple are making the most money. Those are the companies that innovate and advance! Yet we are still being taught like factory workers from WWII. It's insane!

  62. Turtle Master 24 says:


  63. Thunder says:

    The dislikes are salty principles

  64. Urakov11 says:

    I think I’m stupid I’m in 6th grade

  65. EpicDestroyer89 says:

    There’s a big difference between someone who is smart and someone who has good grades

  66. RamenDash! says:

    Now all people worry about at school is just to get an A.

    No one I know really values their education, all they care about is to get an A, and done. Nothing learned just so they can pass. Yet, they pass, what for? No one learns anything. They just want to pass school, not their education. It really is sad…

  67. Mr. StealYoGirl says:

    GPA isn’t a display of intelligence, it is a display of obedience

  68. _MAAAX_ says:

    Abusive parents
    Extreme bullying

    "I don’t care your grade got bad, you could’ve tried better"

  69. Roblox Gaming girl says:

    a doctor can save the life of a kid , a teacher saved my life she she stoped me from ending it all then and there

  70. Villager #93 says:

    My depression would be cured instantly if he ran as president

  71. Raven Ma says:

    I swear this was a one hour movie…I SWEAR THAT IS WHAT THIS AMAZING VIDEO IS

  72. ToxicAssaultGD says:

    Just talking about those bubble tests gives me a migraine…

  73. Pastel Spider says:

    can you please be our president

  74. BoT bOi LiVeS oN tO wIn A GaMe says:

    Ok so a single letter can determine my future???

  75. Jaxyaxey says:

    I’m not even kidding, PLEASE run for president! You’d be amazing!!!

  76. Snow Sloth says:

    This is amazing

  77. Bespin Gaming says:

    This is why they made Montessori

  78. I Am Nessie says:

    i am fish.
    school is tree

  79. Aleke L says:

    I seriously love your videos ❤️! lol you should come to my school and file a complaint

  80. FBN_Miller - says:

    Can u sue my school

  81. Legendary David3 says:

    Dude please do a one with school lunches when I’m eating taco Tuesday the meat just looks like poop and and we don’t even get taco shells we just get those salsa chips it’s horrible I mean some are ok but most are not

  82. Hayyan Ahmad says:

    Schools are nothing about education and learning, they are there just because getting fee making money disableing kids getting an A* and a degree

  83. Hayyan Ahmad says:

    bro if you run for president, even newborn babies would vote for yoy

  84. alexiscracked says:

    My school is gunna start to fine us because we’re late the school system is so bad tbh

  85. Anya S. says:

    We watched this in school cause I have this one awesome teacher who teaches us real stuff we need for our future and makes sure we are learning, not just trying to get good grades. They are also non binary and are open to us about sexism, racism, and homophobia. And they know that school systems are messed up and teach us about that, and tries to change it. I have honestly learned so much important stuff that I would have never known.

  86. diego says:

    Love him or hate him, he’s speaking straight facts

  87. Carlos Montes says:

    He shouldnt be a president but a rapper

  88. Jhoniel Anderson says:

    this video was an assignment……………………….THE IRONY!!!!!

  89. Blu C says:

    Look 3 years later still the same we have to compete to get A’s and B’s

  90. Alex Payne says:

    Bruh youve got it easy look at our UK schools…

  91. Eli I think I 8 won Gray says:

    Run for president!

  92. Steven Morales says:

    I hope our president would see this.

  93. Usud Fusid says:

    My man thx for sueing school

  94. Usud Fusid says:

    This guy isnt a prince hes a king

  95. Selwyn Baguitan says:


  96. my user name is this says:

    Doctors don't save u ONLY GOD DOSE think of it this way

    You were on a motorcycle and then crashed a tree branch went into ur leg do u really gonna trust someone u dont know do surgery on ur body the only thing a doctor dose is stop the bleeding and take the tree branch out maybe u cant walk anymore but God will help u, u just pray and God will make u walk again but God dose things on his time and for reason like mother nature there is no mother nature there is God,God is the one that controls the weather God is the one that decides that u will die or not but you just got to trust him

    VISIT Cecil Pearson channel that channel Is gonna make u regret everything like if u judge someone on how the look or how the smell or how the do stuff GOD WILL JUDGE U BACK JUST LIKE U JUSTED THAT PERSON.

  97. The Beast 1000 says:

    You sued the school system or the hell system

  98. BurlySauce03684 says:

    Finnaly im not the only one who thinks this i keep telling my mom about how we dont actually learn anything we would if school was more fun but i cant concentrate in a 80 degree classroom for 6+ hours. But my mom always just thinks i dont like school and nothing that im saying is true. I love to draw im good at it for an 11 year old my teacher last hated that i liked to draw she would yell at me for drawing she would yell at me for not doing extra work that i never had to do she would yell at me for giving the wrong answer she would yell at me for asking to open a window. I dont know if any of you can relate but if so than you know what i mean

  99. Mortsdeer. 05 says:

    I think that we should have a maximum of an hour of homework a day

  100. Suprobolis says:

    I woke up this morning, and really hoped my school burned down.

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