Improving children’s lives (free online course)

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Improving children’s lives (free online course)

Few people would disagree
that every child deserves a good start to life. But what does that actually mean? A good education? A stable family income? A safe home? A place to play, and time with friends and family? There are no easy answers to the question what constitutes a good childhood. In this course we’ll explore children’s lives around the world. And we ask what lessons might be learned from the countries where children seem to fare best. Some would argue that a fair society is impossible if some children don’t receive a fair start to life And as the newspaper headlines
you have just seen show some countries do much better than others in ensuring that key policy interventions improve children’s lives. Over the four weeks of this course we’ll debate the meaning of a good childhood and we’ll explore the many competing ways in which it can be measured We’ll also look at what children have to say about their own lives We’ll pay particular attention to how inequalities impact on children’s lives focusing on income, health and children’s own subjective understandings of their well-being. For analyis of differences in child well-being across rich countries we will explore the implications of inequalities for child well-being and will ask what governments might do to improve children’s lives. The course draws on the University of York’s world-leading expertise in social policy and our particular strengths in researching child poverty and child well-being Join us, in exploring some of the debates around child well-being and considering what lessons we can learn from around the world.

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