Increase in Online College Courses

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Increase in Online College Courses

Hi, I’m Tom Antion for the Internet Marketing
Training Center of Virginia. I think you may have noticed there’s an
increase in the online college courses nowadays. You might be wondering, why is that? Well many people have to earn a living while
they are getting their education or their advanced education. Maybe they are interested in making a career
change and they still have to maintain a regular job while they’re doing their studies. Studies can be done in the evenings and weekends
when you’re doing it online typically which makes it very convenient to study. So the Internet Marketing Training Center
of Virginia is starting out as a distance learning facility. This means that you can work in the evenings,
you can work in the daytime, you can work at 4 o’ clock in the morning if you like,
or weekends and make progress in gaining a very marketable skill. You know every business has a website now. Many of them outsource to very expensive companies
to maintain their websites and they end up not having that great of a web presence because
it’s so expensive. The Internet Marketing Training Center of
Virginia is against that. We teach you very low cost, high return techniques
that work in the real world for real businesses. So if you’re thinking about taking an online
college course, actually we’re called a certificate course because we’re much faster. You don’t actually get a degree from us,
you get a certificate but it’s very extensive training that will allow you to very quickly,
in as little as six months, learn a marketable skill. Many of the programming jobs and computer
jobs are being outsourced to overseas and to third world countries that have very cheap
programming. But according to the Department of Labor Statistics,
marketing jobs are not being outsourced. You kind of need the mentality of a marketer
and not a programmer. So our school is perfect for that. So if you’d like to check it out t see if
an online marketing career would be right for you, visit, that’s the
Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia and get a brochure that we have right there
on the home page that will let you see if an Internet marketing career could be right
for you. I’m Tom Antion, the founder and I’ll see
you over there.

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