Inside America’s Most Violent Wrestling Deathmatch


Inside America’s Most Violent Wrestling Deathmatch

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72 thoughts on “Inside America’s Most Violent Wrestling Deathmatch”

  1. dspf68 says:

    off the chart tolerance for pain!

  2. Jay Gonzalez says:

    Everybody know czw??
    Lol i had never heard of it lmaoo

  3. BIGWORM 510 says:

    So will this be on the WWE Network?

  4. WHITE & BLUE says:

    wtf is this for real

  5. jarrod ridenour says:

  6. legionario italiano says:

    damn poor DJ he did a great job
    so unrespectfull people

  7. BloodMoney 999 says:

    Most better thet wwe

  8. thesovietpossum 1 says:

    Anyone want some carne masada fries

  9. Steve Derderian says:

    17:37–19:00 The standard fake crowd cheering sound effects are driving me crazy

  10. p z says:

    20:00 autistic screeching

  11. Brian Anderle says:

    Jigsaw would have a field day with this

  12. Suvradeep Dutta says:

    Pliz visit India

  13. Dan fret says:

    "I feel like this is my CZW trainee virtual reality program" maaaan shut the fuck up

  14. The Wizard says:

    The never land ranch of red necks

  15. son of man says:


  16. XALUCDIZEL says:

    Holy sh°t

  17. Matthew Begley says:

    They are not pro wrestlers this isn't pro wrestling. This is a bunch of morons who are professional wrestling rejects trying to kill each other for no money

  18. John Doe says:

    Sounds about white

  19. Wicky Aaron says:

    27:00 when they Pulled what ever the hell that was from his head and he didn't cry I felt like a pussy coz I be crying as soon as I hit my little toe😭

  20. David Hues says:

    29:23 Good to see Action Bronson showing support 😂

  21. David Clowry says:

    If your uncle is in the ring at any point like this comment

  22. Shannon Williams says:

    I’ve been to a live CZW show and as insane as it was, it was flippin’ awesome!!! just sayin 👍🏼

  23. Colby H says:

    It's a good thing they got a person who knows a decent amount of stuff about wrestling instead of people who have no clue about it

  24. BucaManTV says:

    I love Vice usually, especially VICELAND but the way that this was done shit 75% ruined CZW.. at least we have GCW now

  25. BackWoods Outlaw says:

    Fuck you mine as well just kill the guy if your gonna do this shit lmao this ain’t wrestling this is just murder

  26. Jerry says:

    I’d be so hyped to go see this and then after the show I’d be so hyped to go see a therapist

  27. The Bear says:

    This isn't wrestling

  28. Hydra509 says:

    This is one of the dumbest things I've seen.

  29. vikas s says:

    Uncultured country boots

  30. undercover anonym says:

    Tod is a german word and means just death

  31. Matt Redesimis says:

    When isis sends videos of them we should send them this

  32. Keith Callaway says:

    That’s a dirty business

  33. Knuckles the Fuckles says:

    What the fuck am I watching 😂😂😂 but like actually what are these people on

  34. muddy hotdog says:

    33:39. That grill tho!

  35. KadenLaneVlogs says:

    Fighting Starts At 19:45

    Thank Me By Subbing To My Channel thx❤️

  36. Jay WiPL says:

    wants to find out about hardcore wrestling
    6:48 screams during wristlock

  37. MrTomatenhasser says:

    who the fuck brings their kids out there .. wtf

  38. m m says:

    WAUW love this !!!!!

  39. GAVIN BRAND says:

    Okay I gladly accept being called a Lil biatch.

  40. Marquan Brand-moorehead says:

    I love BRUTAL wrestling,

  41. Marquan Brand-moorehead says:

    That's the ring wrestler I'm be, a violent Ring wrestling,

  42. Jeannine D says:

    Van Dam has left the chat

  43. Pasquale Gelardi says:


  44. Ákos Németh says:

    The avarage IQ of the audience must be less than 40..

  45. Little Bro says:

    I wonder how many people went after this video :,)

  46. KillerReborn34 says:

    DJ sounds like a liar who makes up stories to try to sound cool. If he really threw the dude out of a three story window, he would be dead.

  47. KillerReborn34 says:

    This tubby ass dude thinks he's so badass

  48. Dongle sprongle says:

    This is so fucking white.

  49. Latravian Heaggins says:

    Dumb asses

  50. X O says:

    Pffft this is clearly fake

  51. Galaxy Llama says:


  52. Kari Greyd says:

    Wow, just why? I really hate Violence

  53. Andy Broberg says:

    Embarrassed to be white

  54. Andy Broberg says:

    This shit is really intense though

  55. Cheyenne Hoerr says:


  56. Nancy Pelosi says:

    I would love to have my nephew cum up his wife's ass. I know she does anal.

  57. Seth Wood85 says:

    loved the metal music

  58. Tommy Santoso says:

    the son from the hell

  59. Alien Octopus says:

    Poor dj😂

  60. Honey Babou says:


  61. Neditz Xavier says:

    God was gave us health with a perfect body parts, but us never appreciate it.

  62. ShitHappens510 says:


  63. cranberry411 says:

    Tito ortiz is a pussy compared to the women and men who do this type of wrestling. This is a whole new ball game.

  64. stoneymaloney says:

    this is america

  65. Clinton Leonard says:

    Ever had that friend that you felt nervous around like he might just hurt you at any time? God this video gives me weird anxiety.

  66. Yarsef Ram-help. says:

    Hyde's wife is something else.

  67. skip win says:

    @ 32:25 inbreeding gone horribly wrong!

  68. skip win says:

    @ 33:41 What the fuck???

  69. JohnConnor333 says:

    Somehow I’ve seen this before…

  70. JohnConnor333 says:

    ECW was just the right amount of hardcore. This stuff here is just trash.

  71. Dj Black says:

    This is rasslin

  72. michael murillo says:

    "Gotta pay my bills" gets paid 200 dollars. Hospital bill 1000. Sure czw is definitely paying your bills for you.

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