Interview-21 year old FULL TIME college student makes $2600 a month PART TIME!!!


Interview-21 year old FULL TIME college student makes $2600 a month PART TIME!!!

Another episode of “On The Road with
the Loan Signing System” I’m here with Eugene who is a $2,600 a month part-time notary public loan signing agent. When I say that Eugene how does that feel?
Pretty empowering. That’s a good word “empowering” What makes this interview inspiring is
Eugene is 21 years old and a full-time college student and he’s making twenty
six hundred dollars a month. This is absolutely incredible I can’t wait to tell
your story Eugene. Are you ready to inspire some people right now? I can only
hope so. Yeah let’s do it. I’m absolutely ready absolutely ready. Okay speak to
another 21 year old college student right so let’s talk about that a little
bit tell me about your story real quick so you’re a full time college student
where do you go to school? So I’m in Southern California I go to Cal State
Northridge and my journey I think it’s pretty humble I was
honestly looking to get more money because I currently I had a part-time
job I was a notary for two years before I became a notary public loan signing agent but it wasn’t paying as much and I have lost school applications in the fall so my
whole thing was I needed to find a way to make additional income and I
was googling how to make additional income and one of the things that came
up was you were in an interview Mark with Kelvin and I found that interview really
inspiring because even though he had graduated from college he was still
around my age as well so the idea that someone as young and like inexperienced
as me could make even a hundred dollars you know much less
twenty six hundred dollars. It was just flabbergasting I was
surprised and I just had so many obligations you know because even
though I live at home I help my younger brother and I help my family as much as
possible which is why I have that job all throughout college in
the first place and then I’m also a full-time student. I compete on my debate team at my university. There’s plenty of
things that I do but throughout that time I needed to find a way to make that
money and honestly this is like the best way ever for real. Okay first off I’ve heard
so much amazing information so let’s dig into that story a little bit inspire
some people I think what we haven’t even told people yet you’ve only been a notary public loan signing agent for two months. Yeah. So people watching this right now you’re
able to scale this business from $0 to $2,600 in one calendar month and your second month is being a notary public loan signing agent like wrap your head around that how does
that make you feel like you’re able to scale it so quickly? The time and the frequency definitely is surprising. So you have a full-time college schedule.
How many units are you taking? I believe around 15 or 16
Yeah that’s amazing and then you’re on the debate team and you have family obligations
and you’re still able to make $2,600 on the side. The fact that
you’re only 21 years old and you’ve made $2,600 a month in part-time income but
I think I really want to hammer home on is that you’re only 21. So I want to
help another 21 year old, 19 year old or even 85 year old because the point I’m asking to talk through right now is notary public loan signing agents are relative in this business right it’s
just executing the documents. So before we get into talking about the execution of
documents, let’s inspire another 21 year old or even an 85 year old that
they can do this business so my question to you, as a 21 year old part-time notary public loan signing agent, between $2600 a month, do you feel like your age of
being 21 is any hindrance of getting actual business? Absolutely not Mark. In
fact, if I had discovered this when I was 18 I am confident that if I
put the same amount of work that I did for the past eight weeks, I would have
had this business for two three years up until 21. It literally does not matter
how old you are 18 or 95 you know all that matters is
that you are able to do the signings. There appears to be this myth that age
which usually I mean does equate to lack of experience is going to equate to less
signing opportunities. That’s not true like it’s literally not true at all.
I get plenty of signing opportunities that I had to deny because of
school and other obligations but if you really want regardless of your age in
college is awesome because like I know that the broke college student that’s
like a really very real thing trust me I totally get that you know working
paycheck to paycheck I get that alright like this is a great way to climb
out of that hole and if someone had told what to Google search when I was 18 right out of high school I would have started this immediately.
Let’s talk why though. So if there’s someone who is 21 watching this right now or someone who’s
85 why isn’t age relative to the way you get signing appointments? Because the reason
I ask that is I can talk about it all day long but people think I’m trying to sell
a course and all I’m trying to do is help as many people as I can because I
think the notary public loan signing agent industry is unbelievable because it doesn’t matter what age
so in your own words and your experience over the past two months
how come age isn’t an issue on the way you get signings and the way they’re
actually assigned to you? Well very realistically they don’t ask or they
don’t really check even though you may have to put your birthday into
the database. The first thing they look for is not how young is this
person because we don’t want to assign them for it. They look for is the notary
available for this signing? That is literally what they look for. They don’t want to look at your age and sit through every single detail of your previous personal life they just want to know if you are a capable notary public loan signing agent of completing the assignment that they’re about to assign
for you. So literally if you’re in the area or within that radius
they will assign it to you regardless of if you’re 18 or 95. Also when
you talk to loan officers, which I’ve done in this month,
no one asked me for my age right like at all all day they asked me about details about signing you know they may
have thanked me for the signing or giving me constructive criticism but
there was no reference to my age at all. So no. If that is a
very real myth where age equates to no signings it’s a very not real myth. I love hearing it from you and I think you said it what I always say in all these videos on YouTube is they only base giving you the signing on your location
and so granted your age is in there, your birthday so they can do some
reverse matches if they wanted to, but as long as you have the certain criteria
which I teach you in the course you follow your only next criteria which is just for edification for some new notary public loan signing agents who are looking about this business it’s like
having a certification, having proper Errors and Omissions Insurance, having a
Notary Commission, having a background check, all the kind of standard things. As
long as you have those three or four standard items now all they’re
basing it off is location and then that has nothing to do with
age. Whoever is closest to the appointment gets opportunity you said it best and I
always say this and I love hearing it from you is they’re just looking for a notary public
loan signing agent that’s available because they’re in such high pressure of getting these notary public loan signing agents, getting these files assigned to notary public loan signing agents
that it is really the best business in America because you’re getting hired based on
location not on age or being male or female not on ethnicity.
If you can do the job you can get the appointment and I love that you’re saying
that out loud as well. Oh yeah definitely the case Mark. I love it so let’s talk
about the other side of it right because I think there’s a little bit of intimidation. Our youngest student is 19 years old
and there are some people there’s some students who are out there who are 19, 21, 22 who might be like okay I get it Eugene I
can get appointments based on location and not my age but how do the borrower’s
treat me when I’m actually there? Talk about maybe some of the
intimidation you may or may not have, which I don’t know yet, early on about
going into a borrower’s house being 21 years old and not having any
mortgage industry experience, being a college student full-time. Do borrowers
treat you with respect? I don’t wanna answer this
question for you so kind of talk about how that is when you’re actually going
into an appointment. Sure so to whichever college students that are listening I
think that honestly it’s gonna be a lot that’s going on in
your head and you may think that the borrowers are looking down on you
because of your age because you may think that they suddenly know your age
just by looking right at you right that’s usually not the case, I don’t
think I’ve had any signing of the the 30 I did this month or the eight I
did last month where age was mentioned at all. Sure they may give like a little bit of a surprise look because let’s face it
you don’t see a lot of people like us college student to college student
walking in and knowing about mortgage documents but the moment that you sit
down right and you start to go through the settlement statement which you put
at the top because that’s exactly how we’re taught to do all right and
you’re able to point where everything is on the settlement
statement, where the loan amount is, the average rate adjustment is, so on so forth,
and you’re able to explain all these different obscure legal documents which
I mean 21 year olds honestly shouldn’t know so it’s like
really cool that you are able to do this. If you’ve gone through this course right
like they do trust you like right away because the truth is and I think
of this very really they don’t have much borrower’s don’t typically have much
mortgage experience either right and because we are extensions of the escrow
office like most borrowers don’t know that I’m contracted by a signing service
right so they really do see us as extensions of the escrow office. They are
assuming that we know well what we’re talking about you know and that’s the
first thing they put forward regardless of age. Maybe it clicks a little bit in
their head but it’s immediately gone the moment you just start showing them
through the documents. I teach all of you knowledge equals credibility. Age doesn’t
equal credibility, it is knowledge. And you can learn the knowledge. I love you
saying that by the way. The moment you start showing off your knowledge
immediate credibility and all borrowers want to do is to feel comfortable that you know
what you’re doing not relative to age at all and so that was like an amazing answer thank you for being so detailed in that
because it is the truth. Like you said right teaching the course is a very systematic way to control the signing
and a very systematic way to create credibility so even if you’re 40 nobody
cares what your age is they care can you execute the documents? Can you briefly
describe the documents in a manner which I feel comfortable to the borrower? And
the fact that you’re 21 and doing that it’s just another proof that this industry is truly truly amazing and I
love what you said earlier about like I wish I were to learn this at 18.
Oh yeah oh my gosh this can change your life so much you know student debt
can be crushing all right it’s not just student debt you
got like food, maybe you’re splitting a room with like three
roommates you know there’s a bunch of expenses, car insurance, gas, a bunch of expenses and like there is no
part-time job that I could personally think of unless like I don’t know you
have a lot of already existing capital that’s gonna get you to pay for most of
these expenses but this is literally it. I wish I started this at eighteen Mark I really do.
I’m so glad you’re here it’s amazing you’ve been
able scale this in two months which takes some notary public loan signing agents years to do and and I always tell you students on these interviews I take no credit fo it I’m just a coach, the players make the plays. And so I’m proud
of you that you’re able to scale this. I can only imagine what your business is going to
be in two years. I know you have other plans going to law school but this can
be a great part-time income while you’re going to law school
and I know law school is not cheap and so you know I have friends who’ve been to law school and oh my gosh well how much are you in debt? So this can be a good
way of keeping those costs down and that debt down and I think it’s a great way
we keep those student loans from being as high as you may have them are but
you know I’ll kind of end with this with the age is
anybody who is older watching this who was wise in those wise years of
60 65 70 75 the same thing applies to that age bracket which is you know
you’re not hired based on age. No one knows that you’re 70 nobody knows
that you’re 21 and all they care about is you executing the job and you’ve been
proving that you can be this and be a full time college student taking 16
units, being on the debate team, having family responsibilities, and making
twenty six hundred bucks a month around your college schedule. That is insane I’m
so happy for you and your family. Thank you I appreciate it. You’re welcome.
So let’s kind of jump into the next part of this. Let’s talk
about that journey. What I think is really inspiring about your journey also
and is the fact that you’re 21 and you now have direct relationships
with loan officers and escrow officers proving that age is nothing in this
industry it’s all about your ability to execute signings and do the job right so
let’s take people through the journey. You’ve been a Loan Signing System student
for a whopping two months now. You have been a notary for two years but just because
you have your Notary Commission doesn’t mean that you know the knowledge of the loan
signing stuff. So well you’ve had your Notary Commission for two years. You’ve
only been in the signing agent industry for two months. You got my course two
months ago so let’s talk about your journey to inspire another 21 year old
on how quick you ramped this or inspire any one of our students because you’ve
ramped this pretty quickly in a part-time business so let’s talk about your journey.
Sure so yeah I was a notary for two years but I didn’t do any
general notary work I didn’t travel anywhere. I worked for like a mailbox
shop a private mailbox shop that also had a notary so they had me get my
Notary Commission so I have never used my license up until you Mark to get
money on the side and actually just recently I actually have put my two
weeks in for that job because I’m confident that I can
keep on scaling this business up and it’s just like I said
empowering and I’m gonna keep on using that work as it is empowering. Here’s
how my journey started. So it was around New Year’s it was a couple of days
before New Year’s so I also power lift that’s
where you lift really heavy weights for your body size
alright so I did a lot of that and ended up tearing my shoulder benching and I
was kind of laying in bed and I realized that I wasn’t gonna be able to do much
so I was researching because I know that like law school applications
were coming up so researching how to make money and that’s when I came
across your course around January 1st and I think it was within a couple of
hours of watching your videos I roll in the course then like trying to power
through as much of the course as possible but then obligations came up
for like two weeks you know where I had school, family, that part-time job at the
time right so I actually didn’t really touch the course for maybe two weeks.
Maybe like here and there but very little amounts. And then when I finally
had more time in the middle of January I I completed the course and then I signed
up for some signing services. Got my first signing in a couple of days I only
did like seven or eight and I made sure like I really made sure that I had
internalized everything that you taught us on even if the appointment did take
two hours and the first one did take two hours. I was able to get through them
because I handled myself well and you know creating a
relationship with the borrower and with the signing service so no it
didn’t really need to really ramp up until February. Let’s talk about January
it’s great just want to make sure we’re following your story here. So January you bought the course January 1st more or less and February just ended
if you’re watching this in the past on YouTube so February just ended so
he’s two months in the business so the first month of January
you bought the course and the first two weeks it took you two weeks to get through the
course and I think that’s real you know a lot of people feel like they need to
buy the course and they need to go through it in a day.
Life happened and so I think that’s a really cool real journey
you know it’s not like you get the course six hours later you’re done with the course you
make money the next day right it was two weeks it took you to get through the
course I think is really cool as far as you know being real about the journey
you’ve embarked upon and then mid-january or two weeks in
you start doing everything I taught you in the course like who to sign up with
and there’s something you say which I think is very funny, “I’ve only done eight
signings my first month” like you’ve never been a notary public loan signing agent before and in your first month you’ve done eight closings I think that’s amazing. I don’t think
there’s any “only” about it. I think in fact you did eight after
30 days your investment basically has been paid back on being a notary public loan signing agent I mean that’s after month number one like that’s incredible. What other
business in America can you recoup your cost of investment and make you
profitable after 30 days of a business you’ve never been a part of? Yeah I mean
unless you won the lottery I can’t think of another business. And so I want to
make sure you understand how amazing your journey is. I don’t want you
downplay that. The journey’s phenomenal. So month number one you work for signing services. You do everything I told you to do as far as
what’s in the course. You got your business. Let’s talk about your last 30
days which is $2,600 and what I think is also inspiring once again is you
start reaching out to escrow officers and loan officers at the age of 21. So
kind of talk about that. Let’s start with this question. How many
signings had you done in the month of February? I did 30. 30 signings that’s incredible right? Okay so let’s talk about your journey
in the month of February. So mark posted on Facebook I think it
was I don’t remember how long ago but basically he partnered up with
Signature Closers. Signature Closers is actually where I get a majority of my
business from. Love you guys hope you’re watching! I sent them my Loan Signing System certificate which I hadn’t done previously because I did sign up for the middle of January but I wasn’t getting
much from them so I sent my Loan Signing System certificate because I saw their post and they must have bumped me up another tier because I started
getting notification after notification after notification like Mark my
phone was blowing up almost all the time that could be because I live in Los
Angeles but my radius was like 50 60 miles you know so
I definitely went to a lot of really small towns so I don’t think living in a
metropolitan city determines whether you’re going to get signings you
can pretty much get them anywhere. And I was like wow this is like insane everything is blowing up and all I had to do was you
know accept the signing. Now there were times that I couldn’t and I mean other
college students who are watching this you’ll get it. It’s kind of a
little challenging to accept signings in class I’ve done it maybe once or twice
I’m not gonna lie. Now what I do is I’ll be taking
notes and I’ll have my phone to the side when a signing comes up I’ll
subconsciously tap it look at the schedule date to see if it meets my schedule and then click accept so I did create a
system which allows me to still pay attention to class but still definitely within the first couple weeks I was like I can’t like not
focus on school and also do this right but also like sometimes like you’re
taking a test you know or the professors talking about something extremely
intriguing and you’re just not paying attention to your phone and I probably
missed like 40% of my signings and you know it’s just knowing that if I
had like more time available I could have made so much more I could have done
so many more signings created more relationships that’s pretty insane. A
great thing about my journey though is I reached out to Signature Closer
scheduling team a lot like I try to have as much personal conversations with
them as possible and that seemed to work out pretty well for me. It was just about
like talking to people. I try to talk to as many people as possible
loan officers, escrow officers, signing services. It really was just talking to
people. First off like I probably sound like a broken record and every single
one of these interviews but all you students that I’m interviewing are
successful for a reason because you implement everything you’re learning
everything I teach you that you do and I can’t take credit for that because
some students take the course and they’re just not implementing as much as
let’s say you are but the fact that you’re calling them up and the fact
you’re creating relationships the fact that you’re chasing the relationship and
not the money those are all Loan Signing System values and for notary public loan signing agents who are not Loan Signing System students I hope you listen to Eugene. He
just dropped some fire he dropped Loan Signing System nuggets that if you know what
to listen for these interviews are absolutely amazing giving stuff
away that’s in the course but I do these interviews to inspire
people and I hope even if they don’t become students I hope they get inspired by you
and your age and the fact that you’re actually implementing every single thing
you’re learning and what I want to kind of hammer home the point of is you know
even though you’re young you still get the value of creating relationships and
that’s what I really teach on how to create those and how to really mature
those relationships and the fact that you’re doing it is all you and so
once again you’re so young but you are mature beyond your years when it
comes to a business sense and just want to say I’m so proud of you and I can’t wait
to watch your growth and while you’re going through law school and you
know having a $5,000 a month business while going to law school and you know
this is going to be amazing to watch the growth of your business but I wanna say
I’m proud of you again because you know you’re actually following what you’re
learning and it seems easy. I always tell students like “ahh that’s in
the course” but the fact that you’re doing it I’m so proud as a teacher
and a mentor and just want make sure that you understand how honestly that’s
a really good personality trait to have and I’m really excited about watching your
career unfold in this industry. But like I said going back to your
journey you know you start reaching out to loan officers and escrow officers
kind of what part? And the reason I want to ask is because we have students who come
in our system for a year and a half, two years, who still are, I don’t wanna use
the word scared, maybe intimidated to kind of take that leap of faith and
reaching out. You’ve done that after like six weeks to being a notary public loan signing agent
that’s awesome so talk about reaching out to loan officers and escrow officers and the intimidation or lack of intimidation and
getting these direct connections. So I’ll tell you this and
maybe I can’t tell if the younger crowd will feel this a lot more but I’m not
used to dealing with too many business professionals you know up until now so
when I started talking to these loan officers and escrow officers over the phone
I kind of assumed that they were these like TBS corporate people right that
had corporate personalities and like weren’t human and if the escrow officers
that I spoke to you are watching this right now I do think that you’re human I
really I really do alright I guess the intimidating part
was like because I am very young I thought that because these escrow
officers like years of experience, not business experience, but life experience on me that they may not take me seriously or
they weren’t like not people but like their personality was like different it
was more like organized it was always in that business sense but one thing that I
noticed is that escrow officers and loan officers the people that you can make relationships with in
this business are very human you know I think the first escrow officer that I
spoke to you for like a good 20 minutes we talked about different college majors
and how she majored in business right and like how that led her to like
escrow and closing and so on so forth and like we talked about the
Superbowl and like her family right like these are very real people you know and
you don’t have to be 21 or 95 to like interact with them they’re really
genuine people you know. First of all, whether you’re 45 or 21,
people get intimidated just because like you said they almost
feel like they almost put these escrow officers or loan officers on a
different plateau and they’re just like us and what I want to make sure that
another 21 year olds hearing and you are wise beyond your years by the way. There’s three things I want to say. So the
first thing I want to say is I teach being authentic I teach being real.
I don’t teach you to fake it till you make it. That’s not a
Loan Signing System mantra. The fact that you’re opening up and you’re telling
is these escrow officers I’m in college that actually everyone wants to help somebody else and so the fact that she, the escrow officers that you speaker of, was jumping into her own college
education and they see themselves in you and like oh my gosh I was 21 once I was
in college once and people just you’ll find the people that want to help
you if you’re just honest and upfront and authentic and that’s what I teach
you guys it’s just be real no matter what your life experiences or lack
thereof if you’re honest with somebody most people have always been in your
shoes or can relate to some certain degree right. I tell our students
who have children just tell them you have children. You can’t do
all the signings. I wanna bet a dollar of donuts they probably have children too.
So the point is you did something that’s wise beyond
your ears and that’s just bringing up topics that people can relate to so I
want to congratulate you on that and number two I want to make sure that you
know I’m pointing out or you’re pointing out that even though you’re 21
just be real and be confident in your skill set. If they know
you can execute a signing you’re gonna get those direct relationships so I just
want to say what a great little conversation we had right there because
that conversation creates someone who’s 45. They’re just people period you
know they’re just humans and they just wanna have interaction. If you chase the
relationship the money always follows and that’s what you’re doing. You’re
talking about the Super Bowl. You’re talking about your college and you’re
chasing the relationship and I just want to say so proud of you1 I get so juiced
up on these interviews and I hear you guys’ stories like it makes me so happy. Okay so you’re reaching out to escrow officers. You’re reaching out to loan officers and not to
be a dead horse but let’s talk about some loan officers you’ve reached out to
like is age any determining factor? Kind of communicate through
that part of it to inspire someone else who’s a college student or 65.
Yeah so actually well while you were explaining that I thought of
something like kind of a really solid piece of advice that I like to give
when it comes to age. I don’t think that these loan officers and it goes
directly to answer your question I don’t know these loan officers are used to any notary public loan signing agent reaching out to them yet alone like a young notary public loan signing agent
reaching out to them. They probably see college students you know
because you hear all the the stories in the media about Millennials
and the stereotypes behind that you know also like college students because their
lack of experience they may be more afraid to take that leap right so it’s
extremely unlikely that a loan officer is going to have a typical conversation
with the college student so just like the fact that you’re reaching out alone at
our age is just super cool. I promise you like it’s noted. Most of the time,
in fact I’ve never been asked for my age, but if they can tell based on the sound
of my voice because I think I do sound young you know like they’ve never noted
that as a bad thing right and I would put money on the fact that they find it
more admirable that being so young and experienced pushing ourselves to kind of
make that relationship and jump forward even though it’s like really scary
because like you know we may not have that experience all right but I mean I’m
sure they were in that position at one point – like you said they had to jump
forward and make that experience right so it’s kind of like a it’s like a
nostalgia you know I mean on if they hope this inspires regardless what age
you are that you know you should go out and get the direct business you’re two
months into this business you’re like 60th day just passed I think
yesterday like yeah it ain’t if you can do it you can you you think anyone could
do this business 100% yeah yeah it’s for me it’s not like you don’t have to be
like Einstein in to do it you know it’s like just really hard work listening
paying attention you always talk about not reinventing the wheel that’s
literally it so yeah I mean that’s let’s get to the next question I think I mean
it first off I know people are hearing the knowledge that you are dropping you
know I try not I mean whether people take the loan signing sister or not you
gave some loans learning system nuggets away so I hope people really getting
value out of this and the fact that like you know my favorite nugget is that you
know people are just people and that’s just a really truth so let’s go into the
third question I was asked you student says what’s one piece of advice you
would give a new signing agent I say new because you’re still new or and he’s the
binding agent they’ll help grow their business okay so don’t take me as like
the poster child the lone sending system when I say this but one of the well one
of the big things that I found helpful in taking your course is getting access
to the Facebook community right so the biggest piece of advice like the
timeline for it is don’t be afraid to ask for help
late that is just so revolutionary through about my first month um
there’s a woman in the course her name is Michelle Richardson hi Michelle I
know you’re watching us she helped me throughout like every single signing all
of those eight signings I did my first month she helped me through most of them
it still hosts me know you know even though I have more experience reaching
out like changed everything and there were different people in the Facebook
community that I did reach out to no one is like so great or so above that they
are too good to like you know not get help you know I think that one of the
greatest things is just like understanding that independence isn’t
this like radical desire to be free it’s just the ability to choose when to be
dependent or not be dependent and like you do need help in life like it’s just
it’s just how it is and I think that because I got a lot of help I I
created these mentorship relationships more relationship building right I was
able to scale the business a lot quicker you know because I felt more confident
in what I was doing now that I had an affirmed by someone who had a lot more
experience on life or business than me you know like so really if you are if
you’re struggling if you have questions talk to someone about it especially in
this community because it will change everything for you there’s so many
goodies and you were wise beyond your years man you’re so well-spoken me shoot
your pre-law so I mean but you know yours why beyond your years which I love
you know there’s a few things I want to say and you don’t meant to be huge loan
signing system commercials they’re meant to be a commercial for the industry not
the course per se but I think you brought up a very good point is you know
we have a community of signing age of thousands of network together and you
know I know a lot of LSS students watch this and so what I think you’re trying
so I want to speak to an LSS student as well as someone who’s not an LSS student
so if you’re an LSS student what I want to say is you there’s a lot of people in
the signing age in our loan so nice it’s a Facebook group that don’t ask
questions who don’t reach out on a one-on-one basis because they’re
intimidated they’re afraid they’re gonna what quote unquote dumb or they’re
they’re afraid to – because they think that someone’s not going to help them
and our group specifically realizes that a rising tide lifts all shift our
community understands that there is business literally for everyone our duty
is more than going to happy to help another fellow signing agent and so when
I’m trying to speak to an LSS student right now is please reach out to people
they’re there to help you they’re there to have because you know Unger’s the
honest truth is I’ve been I was a rookie signing agent sixteen years ago so I
forget what it’s like to be a brand-new signing agent but the cool part about
you know the community is there’s a lot of people in the exact same shoes you or
her just in the same shoes of you so being not being afraid to ask for help
is a really big key so if your bones because this’ll student you’re brand new
don’t be afraid to help out – another one of our members because everyone’s
just like you and if you’re and I think you’re good piece of ice is for people
who or even not LSS students I’d say some people are afraid to take my course
because they if they’re you know they don’t wanna take my course because it
makes it look like they don’t know what they’re doing or you know they’re afraid
to ask for help but I love the idea that you know you understand truly that you
know don’t need to reinvent the wheel there’s
been a rookie signing agent like you why don’t you ask him how they got through
it and then you’re doing my course could you realize that I could help me build a
business so I think the idea that a lot of people are afraid to ask for help and
they don’t because a lot of things holds them back ultimately prevents them from
scaling a business and I love how you’re helping giving Michelle Michelle let me
give you some props as well awesome awesome awesome that’s a long signing
since the way um you know Michelle you credit Michelle of giving you helping
you scale so quickly and that’s all I want for all you guys you know and I
tell you guys I don’t think I’m the only person in the world that can build
signing agent business at this point of the community I just put you guys in a
group together and everyone else can help each other and now you have what
you have so I think that’s really honest and raw that you know asking for help
you weren’t intimidated by that and trying to encourage other people to do
that I think is really cool thanks really appreciate it
okay so let’s kind of go into the last thing of the interview which I really at
I asked is you know because your whole whopping 60 days of signing agent so you
know there’s a lot of people out there who are looking to be in signing agent
and they’re nervous they’re like okay they have this one thing stuck in their
head so I asked this of everyone maybe help that person what might have the
same thought issue so what is something you are nervous about when you started
sixty days ago now today looking back on your journey you’re just like I don’t
know why I was nervous about that at all okay so okay actually actually know
exactly what I want to say here because it was something very it was something
very real I personally I would really afraid for my first signing that I
wasn’t able to explain all the documents I know that there was a segment in your
course where you talked about how new documents are going to appear but most
of them if not all of them are self explanatory as long as you just read
through it you know well through my first couple of signet’s it was
definitely very intimidating to like take the time and to read through the
document and then explain at bat but now new documents come up all the time and
all I do is I just say hey this is actually a new document let me really
quickly read it take like three minutes to read it oh okay this is all this is
saying all right because once you’ve established that credibility with them
when it comes to all the main documents the Dina trust a PCOR settlement
statement right like you’re still human you know you get the new documents come
oh so just like talk to them tell like it’s a new document so like that I
think that’s definitely a thing that intimidated me the most but I overcame
it by just being real yeah I love it I ended it so good by just being real that
is the loan signing system way man authenticity and I love how you just own
it right you just own your young as you own your inexperience and when people
you know you when you’re honest with people they are amazingly receptive and
so you know if you’re a 45 year old LSS student for the very first time and this
is your first signing like you can go into it saying this is my first on you
but I’m gonna do my best to get through this I’m in train I can do it and once
someone knows that they become so much more empathic maybe it’s appropriate or
right and understanding and you you be surprised or shocked at how welcoming
people are if you’re just kind of like look I’m here it seems piece of paper
before so give me a couple minutes I’m gonna go through and now I’m gonna tell
you what it says and I think that some people to be is a thing and another
point I want to drive home for all signing agents is the fact that look
we’re gonna get new documents we’re in the financial industry and they’re all
self explanatory slow down no one’s judging you that this appointment takes
an hour and 15 minutes no once you take an hour and a half and and the fact that
you just kind of embrace that early on is really really cool so anything else
you want to add at that point no I mean I think the real thing to hammer home
and to a specific audience it’s more people that are exactly like me college
students like like this is like a true saving grace like if you just take the
time it may have taken me two weeks you know may take you a day you know I may
take you a monthly we take the time like to learn how to do this this could be
like completely life-changing for you and the kind of debt you could pay back
the kind of the kind of a way you can handle all your college expenses
honestly but and the discipline that you get from learning the course and how you
can apply that school like it’s just it’s just all-around such a great
experience and like I really truly do wish that I discovered this nose I do
thank you for saying that you know because you know I think a lot of people
else I think I only teach signing agent tactics but I teach mine
and understanding how to run a business you know because like you said I only
the good signing agents for business owners first signing agents second so to
run business you can if you go on any business in America not just being a
signing agent and you’re gonna being set up for such a great career when you’re
eventually we have a balloon you have your own law firm you’re running your
own business right so you’re running your business now in college so one day
when you have your law firm you’re gonna learn the exact same principles you’re
applying now and to your law firm career man so I’m super happy I’m gonna end
with this man is there any last words of inspiration you want to leave anybody
right now let’s go thank you for taking time out of your day to day just for the
record this this interview was scheduled for about a half hour later but Eugene
text me like look I have a meeting with the loan officer I’m trying to get
business from can we push your meeting back just to show you this is on a
Sunday afternoon that Eugene’s did with us but just to give you an insight into
what a successful signing agent does it’s Sunday afternoon he’s 21 years old
two months in the business and he’s out on the Sunday trying to create a
relationship with a loan officer and that’s how you get direct business
through building relationships so Eugene man it’s been a pleasure going through
this with you thank you so much for inspiring everybody regardless of age
until next time and I’ll see you later bye you so much money

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