Introducing Campus São Paulo: A Google space for entrepreneurs


Introducing Campus São Paulo: A Google space for entrepreneurs

We have the power to change,
Brazilians have the power to change. We are one of the most creative people you can find out there. It’s really easy to meet a Brazilian and start
talking and then you’re best friends. We like to solve problems, and Brazil still
has lots of problems to be solved. Sao Paulo is a big city, crazy city.
Endless, alive, all the time. It’s a city that never stops. There is this awakening that is happening.
Everybody is starting to think about, like, maybe I don’t need to wait here for this problem
to be solved by politicians, maybe I can do something. Everywhere you see more and more young people consider the entrepreneurial career
instead of a having a traditional job. It couldn’t be a better time. Campus in a way represents the opportunity
to make that happen; it’s the birthplace, and the place where we
are gonna nurture entrepreneurs, their startups and the community.
Entrepreneurs they have a wild spirit, it’s contagious. When you connect in person, when you meet,
there is this beautiful element which is trust. It’s a great way to connect ourselves with
many places all over the world, and in the end we are all part of the same startup community. Entrepreneurs can change the attitudes of
the society; this is a key time to Brazil and this is in
our hands. There is a very bright future for us. Welcome to Campus. Come start something.

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    Please whats the name of the application to video editing…please give to me about it…..

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