Introduction to Famcolo | Online English Language School


Introduction to Famcolo | Online English Language School

Hi! Welcome to Famcolo! It seems like an active knowledge of English language has never been more needed, right? If you want to work in most of very successful companies, if you want to progress in your professional career, if you want the world to hear your thoughts, to see your writing and to hear your speaking, and if you want to meet friends all around the world, well English language is the key factor to each and every one of these things. Are you trying to learn English language for years? Do you have problems with grammar? Listening may not be your strongest side and speaking and writing are a big problem for you? Well, your problems have come to an end. Allow me to shortly introduce Famcolo system. Famcolo was created as a result of a long-term work in the field of English language teaching of me as an English language professor and my husband who is a business psychologist and an economist. After we did an extensive research, we discovered key problems all students face while trying to learn English language. They study grammar very hard, they work on their writing and speaking skills, etc., but their results were not so great. They are simply not satisfied with their English language knowledge and they fail to communicate to others because understanding of English language presents a huge problem to them. My husband and I connected educational and contemporary psychological methods and we created Famcolo System which is based on an open 1 on 1 communication – between us (the tutors) on one side and you (the students) on the other side. Based on two completed lessons with you, we will establish your profile, and in accordance with it we will create a special Famcolo System which will be applied in further lessons with you. Communicating with our tutors, your knowledge and understanding of English language will increase, well, in a very short period of time and very soon you will be able to speak in English without any obstacles. We are extremely looking forward to working with you, and of course, we are waiting for you! Welcome! Bye!

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  1. Ana Puh says:

    Hi, I would like to practice my English. How to use it. I get discount?

  2. Shakar Khan says:

    Good English

  3. Famcolo says:

    Choose the best plan for yourself! <3

  4. Igor Strelnikov says:

    So sexy lady. OMG!

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