Introduction to Online & Hybrid Courses at UTSA

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Introduction to Online & Hybrid Courses at UTSA

Hi Robert. How are you? I am good. How are you? I am Ok. Thanks. I am glad this semester is over. I had several issues with an online course
I was taking this semester. Really!!! I took two online courses this semester.
I did way better than I thought I would. Thats because there is a cool course online called ‘Student Introduction to Hybrid/Online’ In taking it shows you all the steps and resources you can use to be better in this kind of classes. After you log into Blackboard, click on ‘Open
Courses’ folder link in Course Catalog box on your left bottom corner. All open courses at UTSA will display. We are looking for ‘Student Introduction to Hybrid/Online
course’ underneath the Course Name. Hover over the Course ID TRN-DL-STU-01, click
the drop-down arrow and click Enroll. You will see the course in your myCourses
tab under No Term Assigned category. After you open it, the first page of the course is Welcome page. It has course objectives and course map, and a Legend with graphics on it. At the top of each section you will see a
progress bar letting you know how much you finished. Let me show you the parts of the course. There are three parts with sections in each
part. First Part is Online Readiness which I consider
to be the most important part in the course. This part includes information on definitions
and overview of Hybrid and Online course, how to identify different Internet format courses at UTSA, and it discusses what are the characteristics and skills that will help you succeed in
hybrid/online course. It also provides tips on what you should do before the course starts, during the first week of the course and during the semester in general. Next it presents the Technical Requirements section. Hardware and software requirements are listed for PC and Mac system. It lists plug-ins that have to be installed
before beginning your course. And there is also a link to check if your browser is compatible to take an online course is provided. I suggest you to perform browser check once a week at least and definitely before before taking any quiz or exam. That way you make sure everything is up to par. The next section is on Plagiarism & Academic Dishonesty. You would think that it might be easier cheat in online course, but there are many plagiarism tools that professors can use that makes it very difficult to cheat. Second part of the course is Course Management system – which is Blackboard. This part has five sections. First, Course Navigation Tools covers course
Menu, Navigation bar, types of course content, Global Navigation and My Blackboard. Second section is Assessment Tools which covers assignments and Tests. The third section is about Communication Tools. The most commonly used communication tools are Announcements, Course messages and Email. The fourth section is on Collaboration Tools. A common tool used for collaboration is Discussion, but few instructors will use tools like Blogs, Journals, wikis and Blackboard Collaborate too. The next section is about Gradebook. This section will teach you how to check your grades. The last and third part is Support Services. We have several support services on UTSA campus which we can all use. I wish I took this course before I took an
online course. This seems to have so many helpful resources. It really does. And you always come back in future and review the information and help you with current courses. Cool. I am going let my friends know about this course. Thank you for showing me the awesome
course. See you later. Oh You are welcome. Bye.

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