Introduction to Online Learning at The Chang School


Introduction to Online Learning at The Chang School

Hi there! And welcome to this brief orientation
video, introducing you to some of the features and benefits of having enrolled
online with The Chang School. We’re excited that you’ve chosen to
pursue further education with us, and if I may say so myself,
you won’t be disappointed! Every course begins with your instructor. From their friendly introduction you’ll get
to know about who they are, their academic and real work experience, contact
information, and what you can expect in terms of how often they’ll be online, or
what turnaround will look like on questions, emails, or assignment feedback. All of this information is
available in the Instructor Bio or the Announcements sections
of your course shell. It’s good to check the Announcements
section frequently, as your instructor will also use this space
to notify you about any changes, updates, or new course information as soon as
possible, so you’re never out of the loop. Just because you’re taking a course
online doesn’t mean that you’re cut off from the experience of being
in an academic community. The Discussion Board is the place where you
can meet and collaborate with other students on group projects, discuss coursework,
or talk about current events that relate to what you’re learning – you can share recipes,
you can talk about speedboats – whatever! Every course also begins with a course outline. Because course content is not made
available until the course start date, this means that the course outline
is the only place you’re going to find spoilers for what’s coming up. The course outline where you’re
going to find information on assignment guidelines,
due dates, course readings. This makes it easy for you
to schedule course work around other courses, jobs,
or just life in general. You know ahead of time what types of
assignments you’re going to be graded on, what’s expected of you in
terms of class participation – great things to know before
handing something in! Chang School staff are here to help
you get the most out of your learning and professional development experience. We have student success support
services to help you with writing, math, research and library skills, or
English as a second language needs. We have accessibility supports in case you
need accommodations during your learning. Academic and career advisors can help you
in planning the next moves for your job or education, and we can provide tips on
improving resumes, or helping you transition into new work or graduate education programs. If you have any specific questions
about the learning management system, or about accessing course materials,
don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or 416-979-5315. That’s us! So again, welcome. The Chang School is a pretty exciting place
to be, and we’re sure you’ll fit right in. See you around!

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