Introduction to Programming with Java | UC3Mx on edX | About Video


Introduction to Programming with Java | UC3Mx on edX | About Video

Digital technologies continue to augment human capabilities. However, there are many challenges, and if we are not able to master them, they will master us. But don’t worry. We can still defy these challenges. The 3Rs (Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic) have been the basis of our education for many years. But today we know that this is not enough. We need to add one more R, the one of pRogramming, like the R in algoRithms. We have organized this course in three five-week modules: the first, to learn the basics of the Java programming language; the second, on how to write good programs, efficient and correct ones; and the third one, to deal with data structures. We want you to learn to think computationally. We want to teach you with a low entry barrier. Smoothly. Gently. With lots of activities: visual and interactive ones that will be fun. It doesn’t matter if you know more or less, whether you are studying or working, whether you love math or humanities, whether you are right or left-handed, whether you are a visual or a verbal learner. We will help you to learn both the Java programming language and how to program well. Programs are not only present in the apps and devices that you use… They are in your life, in the decisions you take, in how to be more efficient, in how to better understand the world. My name is Carlos Delgado Kloos and I am the coordinator of the MOOC “Introduction to Programming with Java” of UC3M in Madrid, Spain. Do you want to join us?

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12 thoughts on “Introduction to Programming with Java | UC3Mx on edX | About Video”

  1. kuwait85 says:

    Looks very interesting.

  2. Alexander Kuptsov says:

    When does it start?

  3. Tei Kee Wong says:

    Yes like to join the course

  4. Robert Strunk says:

    Looking forward to this course!

  5. Ivan Mitic says:

    Thank you for program

  6. Cristian Trabajko says:

    I study JAVA online through and online learning platform and I find it hard without interaction or teacher. Maybe this will help me to understand it better, I signed up !

  7. Guy BAHATI RUNIGI says:

    those cours car be teaching in franche ?

  8. Eduard Ragimov says:

    Really good course. I completed both (+advanced)

  9. Md Sifat says:

    Yeah i am from Bangladesh.Now in this semester java course is running.

  10. Sabeena Ali says:

    I want to join the course how can I?

  11. Asad ur Rahman says:

    Sir I want full course of app making plz

  12. Jibran Mallick says:

    I know nothing about programming language. So how I should start???

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