Is College Worth It?


Is College Worth It?

Hey—I’ve got a great investment idea for
you: You give me $100,000 and four years of your life, and I give you… hmm… pretty much… nothing. No, I’m not the devil. I’m Mr. College. And I’m here to help you finance this wonderful
opportunity. I have a whole package of government loans
and impressive-sounding scholarships to make it all possible. Of course, you’ll have to pay interest on
the loans, which will double the cost over time…but that’s a problem for “future
you” and need not concern us now. Do we have a deal? Of course, we do! You want to succeed in life, don’t you? How can you do that without a college degree? But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a
good time. Are you a movie fan? We’ve got a degree for that. How about criminal justice? Be like one of the cool people on the TV detective
shows. And, we offer a whole selection of minority
and gender studies programs. Learn why you’re a victim and deserve to
be angry all the time. What are you waiting for? Sign on the dotted line. Classes begin in the fall. Don’t miss orientation—especially if you’re
male. You don’t want to be parading your toxic
masculinity around the campus. Definitely not cool… Sound crazy? I don’t know why it should. Millions of college students make that deal
every year, usually with their parents’ encouragement and financial support. Now, don’t get me wrong—I have nothing
against going to college. I sincerely believe it can be a worthwhile
pursuit under the right circumstances. If you want to be a doctor or an architect,
for example, it’s obviously a necessity. But look through the typical college syllabus
and it’s clear that most of the majors, not to mention classes, are a waste of time—and
money. So why do responsible adults, who only want
the best for their children and are usually cautious with their hard-earned money, squander
it on such a bad investment? Worse, why would they send their son or daughter
to a school to learn to reject the values they—the parents—hold dear? On what planet does that make sense? It doesn’t. It’s an old paradigm, and we need to break
it. Before it breaks us. How do we do that? Here are two solutions that would go a long
way to solving the problem. One: Ask yourself if you really need to go to college. Most of us go to college because it’s simply
expected that we do so. Our parents expect it. Our friends expect it. Plus, it sounds like fun—a rite of passage;
an escape from Mom and Dad and all their rules. But none of that actually has anything to
do with getting an education or earning a living after you leave college. Maybe you’re not the academic type. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. According to a Georgetown University study,
there are 30 million jobs paying over $55,000 a year that don’t require a college degree. Learn a skill like welding or plumbing or
a dozen other trades and you’ll never be looking for a job. The jobs will be looking for you. We’re talking $50 an hour or more. Six figure income after five years and no
debt. Consider the military. You learn essential skills and, again, no
debt. Or go into sales. You don’t need a sociology degree for that. If you are going to college, then have a goal
and a plan to achieve it. Your college journey will cost you and/or
your parents a boatload of money. What are you going to get in return? Choose your courses with a practical mindset. Stay away from the silly stuff. And if you don’t really know why you’re
going to college, consider answer… Two: Delay college for a year or longer. If more graduating high school seniors would
do this—not jump into college immediately after high school, college curriculums would
improve and nonsense like “safe spaces” would disappear. Why? Because students who had spent a year or longer
in the real world wouldn’t put up with it. Get a job—any job—for a year before starting
college. What’s the big rush, anyway? One year isn’t going to make a difference
as to whether or not you succeed in life, but waiting tables or stacking boxes or whatever
you do for a year will almost certainly change your attitude about a lot of things—like
how hard it is to earn a dollar and how easy it is for the government to take that dollar
away. You will also develop a new appreciation for
the privilege of going to college. And you’ll be much more likely to be immune
to the BS. Don’t be a passive investor as a
student or a parent. Your education is too expensive and too important
to be left to Mr. College. He might have your money. Don’t give him your mind. I’m Charlie Kirk, founder and president
of Turning Point USA, for Prager University.

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82 thoughts on “Is College Worth It?”

  1. bill notice says:

    Perfect. At 18 you drilled some kind of timetable. If I was going to do it all over again I would of became an Auto Mechanic. Cash jobs everywhere. By the way I have one of those useless degrees. But no debt at least.

  2. ArmedForceKitty says:

    I like how it says "John Doe" as the person who is signing. The mystic Roblox Hacker/ Myth that has become the face of destruction hacking in Roblox.

  3. J Morris says:

    I thought a bachelor's degree would massively open the door for new jobs. The reality is it helps a bit but employers today care more about work experience.

  4. Thomas Azelton says:

    Great, now I'm stuck in my first week of college. I don't want to be here. I wanted to wait a year and earn some money from my job, but nope. Parents kinda pushed me into this, and I didn't have the guts to say no.

  5. Roberto Hernandez says:

    Best commercial I've seen so far. And the only one i have watch from start to finish.

  6. LowerTheBoom says:

    I hope YouTube doesn't set this video to "restricted mode" because then we can't show it as easily in schools.

  7. TRUTH ZONE says:

    Excellent video. Please share it.

  8. Orlando Ignacio says:

    I saved money when my daughter was in grade school. When she went to university , I have enough to pay her tuition and books till she graduated. She also worked in summer to help out. My daughter is now making six figures and debt free.

  9. 2OO10x says:

    What's a college? You mean a leftwing indoctrination center?

  10. Rex II ForSure says:

    Not quite on subject, but some advice Gigi to freshmen coming into the new college year. It may look like some people don’t study and party all the time. But realize that most of those people find a time to study when Nobody’s paying attention. So don’t think that they are just having fun, they find a quite place and study hard — they want to appear like they are just partying! Also, don’t ever think one moment committing plagiarism. Plagiarism is not only punishable by an F or expulsion but results hurt possibly criminal penalties’!

  11. Саша Шауклис says:

    "Education for everyone" is Marxism. There is a book which was written by russian red revolutioner where he says that everyone should have complex education to do wide range of jobs. Nowadays, with left propaganda everywhere, we shouldn't be surprised that students become left in colleges.

  12. Ambrose-adventure says:

    In CA and yes it was because thats how ive found you.

  13. Anil G says:

    At 2:00 why? Because parents choose to pay for college but students choose which degree

  14. Robbie Coombes says:

    Hehehe it's free in scotland

  15. tng2112 says:

    It's required

  16. tng2112 says:

    If I would've gone to college I would've chosen a major in hospitality management, medicine or criminal justice

  17. Bloopy says:

    You shoulda talked about the how the military pays for college with the GI bill

  18. ernie beasley says:

    Is that Alex’s dad from yiik a postmodern rpg?

  19. Everson1969 says:

    Even fairly moderate colleges are drinking the liberal SJW bull crap. We are teaching kids to be snowflakes.

  20. Jon Lebel says:

    Imagine if this message made it threw to the new generation… imagine if they STOPPED wasting their (or their parents) money and time… imagine if the colleges had to lay off all those leftist teachers as they were no longer required… what would happen?… would the teachers, with no other "hate" outlet, become "gun carrying" terrorists and walk into malls and shoot people… hmmmm…. makes you wonder….

  21. dks13827 says:

    I was a programmer, no degree. Right now, a person could take 2 years of junior college computer programming and some math and get a tutor to help and advise you……………….. bingo !!!!

  22. Nick Luevano says:

    This was a great video 10 yrs too late for me but I said many if these ideas to my parents who still pushed me to go. Now I own my own lawn care and landscaping business make more than a trade but still had to pay off all that debt!

  23. Modded Kate says:

    I really don't think the people who say college is bad are very trustworthy. "Yes stay uneducated, don't learn anything and just continue watching these videos"

  24. Sigfred Haraldsson says:

    Yeah, we could fix all this by just making colleges tuition free.

  25. Birgilios Marmaroglou says:

    If your child is a prodigy, then you should definitely send them to STEM. Otherwise, a technical skill is much better. The difficulty here is for the parent to be objective.

  26. Tijn Jansen says:

    When I finished Dutch high school I took a year off. Got into college after that and dropped out after 6 months. Gonna join the military soon and make 2000+ euros a month instead of wasting 4 years and end up filling boxes anyway.

  27. window789456123 says:

    I kept changing my careers for the last 4 years and now this is my first semester trying to earn a electronic technician certificate. No debt but way too much times wasted. I went to labor statistics and found out my field has 2% growth rate… Do I have to change my career again? Also my community college offers way too few STEM classes that's why I'm stuck in this path. Is it worth to go to a state university?

  28. Krizizke says:

    Median weekly earnings, 2018:
    Bachelors Degree: $1,198
    High School Diploma: $553

    Unemployment Rate 2018:
    Bachelors Degree: 2.2%
    High School Diploma: 5.6%

  29. Jay says:

    Wait, you don't need to go to College to pick up a trade?

  30. Project Masculinity says:

    Get into debt to be indoctrinated into Cultural Marxism and then criticise others who didn’t as stupid…

  31. Pixel Martyr says:

    There is a growing negative stigma about higher ed. And, without a doubt. There are many large institutions out there that teach crap. The first sign of a crap institution is scantron sheets. A test, separate from your answers that is filled out with an erasable medium. This very much leaves the door open for academia to be selective as to who excels and who doesn't away from prying eyes. The outcomes can be manipulated in a myriad of ways if you use your imagination. Higher ed is supposed to be about education. In public schools its about nothing but politics. Fall on the wrong side of the political spectrum and you will have more debt and maybe even never graduate. Even K-12 is not immune from this corruption. Its how the Union run organizations decide your fate as you enter adult life.

  32. David Brooke says:

    Good video but you forgot the real kicker. Life time of indentured servitude.

  33. OOC Media says:

    Get a business or engineering degree, everything else is total bs

  34. illbbback says:

    20 years to late but needs to be said. Again and again. Loudly.

  35. el says:

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  36. Ray M says:

    Its a good investment if you go to the military first, get the GI Bill, and get PAID to go to college. Then you can use the skills you picked up in the military and add it to you new education. But I guess it is easier to cry for free college.

  37. brownman304 says:

    I want to attend Prager University

  38. Joe Smith says:

    I never went to college and I thank God that I didn't I went to the University of life where success or failure with the only grades that mattered

  39. Jeff Kibbey says:

    I feel like Kirk got bullied in College and high school

  40. Ben Song says:

    The only college worth attending is Prager University.

  41. CJOK DC says:

    Didn’t pass any of my exams in high school I don’t care went straight into a 3 year apprenticeship in joinery and carpentry at 16, fully qualified by 20 and I now own my own business at 26

  42. Mila & Sophia 2 says:

    ok, but only robloxians will get the name ‘John Doe’

  43. Comet the Night Fury says:

    Well cool I was planning on taking a gap year anyway lol

  44. Milan Vosáhlo says:

    As a science student in Europe, from my point of view I'd disagree with this vid. Here , universities are "free" and in many cases very useful not only for future employment, but also for general life (not talking about "soft" sciences). Not going to university (if you are mentally capable of doing so) is not the smart thing to do. And by making more money in STEM fields, we pay more taxes meaning the next generations have the same or better opportunities than us. (Also, I wouldn't mind if we paid sth for education directly, because universities that are worth it are generating lots of money on research and practical projects connected with companies in ther respective fields. Those universities already give students some benefits like paying for public transport or lunches, so they could also pay for education of their students. And those that are not worth it (like gender studies mentioned in the vid) are not my concern.

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  48. Frogs David says:

    People don't get it because normies think collage is the same as it was in 1950

    And it's a tradition in the west but it's being corrupted and we need to defund the behemoth that is collage

  49. youssef attar says:

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  52. FnDeadman says:

    so many people complain about debt forgiveness when it comes to student loans. The money was paid to the colleges and most of the time the colleges were the ones that filed the loans on the students behalf. WAS ALL EVIL. They gladly paid the richest people Trillions so their banks wouldn't fail and say the little people must pay for being duped.

  53. Ant La flame says:

    Have discovered the genuine programmer..I basically gotten $15000 from this genius [email protected],com .he's actually the best

  54. Red Bandit says:

    I'm in New York and my dad is dead set on me going to college how do I tell him that I'm genuinely not interested in college or at the very least need to take my time to consider my options we are having a bit of a issue right now.

  55. Nexus Gaming says:

    My Introduction to Sociology class brought up Karl Marx… Ew.

  56. Joel Joseph says:

    The bourgeoisie.

  57. William 1221 says:

    I have been looking to go to college to pursue something that I think I would love but am unsure if I would be able to get employed in it

  58. William 1221 says:

    also most trades here in my state you go to community college for, I have been thinking of 3 things to go for either community college for Diesel Technician or to college/university for either civil engineering or forestry to manage forest land in the end money is not important to me as much as doing something I'll enjoy

  59. Red Knight 2014 says:

    Use more in-company training!

  60. Red Knight 2014 says:

    Well said!

  61. Kianman says:

    Conservatives don’t want you to go to college so you'll stay dumber and continue to vote conservative

  62. Blakes Liberator says:

    It's not the planet they live on. It's the time. It's hard-wired to 1984.

  63. Octoflex says:

    Yes trades are much better but they do require education not always college but sometimes it's best to only do things you can pay for upfront

  64. Raúl DJVP says:

    Charlie why you talking about college, you dropped out

  65. Blaineworld says:

    I don't support going to college for no reason, but you also lie to people, sooo…

  66. Handington says:

    This is all too true, thank you

  67. Scott Alter says:

    Absolute nonsense!!

  68. Michael Lucero says:

    You've convinced me Mr. College

  69. Remi says:

    I love to come on this channel and cringe

  70. Demon Rats says:

    i just wanna ask 1 question to prageru: how does the employer screen through and select the right candidates for the right post (high-skilled jobs) if no further academic achievements provided and verified? Unless, candidates are going after low-skilled jobs.

  71. MissZoey007 says:

    College in America is way too expansive that is the problem and professors with shitty ideologies!!!!!!! And not the major or subject you choose to study.

    I have a Uni degree in Human Sciences and Law and i got great job opportunities.
    But i didn’t go to University just to get a degree. I went there because i love to learn. In University you really grow as a person and mature a lot and that is most important!

    But i agree with “Why the rush”???!!!
    I did an apprenticeship before i went to Uni and that was really smart and i would highly recommend it

  72. Cristian A says:

    Honestly, the only thing I didn't like about college is that I knew from the beginning that I wanted to be a financial analyst(my current job), but I still had to take 2 history, 2 English, speech, 3 health!!!, phycologist, sociologist, 2 science and 3 random classes from a BS selective list (robotics software, music, & climate change 🙄)… That's about 3 semesters of waisting my money and time in classes I did not have an interest in… if I wanted to learn any of them later on in my life, then I would have, but they forced me to learn something that until this day has not helped me at all in my current job and life; and because I did not have an interest in them, i can barely even remember what I was taught lol… I wish I had been given the opportunity to learn a 3rd language instead of "English Shakespeare" for example 😕

  73. Tom Brutis says:

    550 socialist college professors down voted this🤭😁

  74. Abril C says:

    When you see this video and smile because you know that you have a 4.0 gpa and a bank account that has grown with compound interest

  75. m jefferson says:

    complete waste

  76. John Synnott says:

    Thank God I got a free degree in Ireland… more money for potatoes!!

  77. Gamer Historian says:

    I would rather enlist into the military…

  78. Red Blaze says:

    Hey Americans! Why don't you take your education here in Europe? It'll be cheaper, and save you some money.

  79. Thystaff Thywill says:

    Soon companies won't care about college degrees with all the idiots they're producing.

  80. Al says:

    ROFL 🤣 the intro making me laugh omg.

  81. Merlin Lerinzerner says:

    What’s the name of the song in the opening skit? Recognize it but can’t name it for the life of me

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