Is it Worth Getting a College Degree / CPA License / Morning Supplements


Is it Worth Getting a College Degree  / CPA License / Morning Supplements

was the morning shakers found that
should be able yea votes for tripod I think being a big bottle vote is the
preferred tripod YouTube’s when your iPod is application they get some old
man killed drawers cuz we’re happy and closer I think I took them cause I’m way
but I guess it come on man I guess if a way to really get so fucking room very
minister 0123456789 shake too terrifying pills so
his ten calls every morning until 2006 as fuck Karingal to show to the jury were biased rerun
CBS freakin local channels very well you know what was happening says very happy
hour usually pretty dolls high so why someone would say pertaining to me so
well make your YouTube videos saying do you really need to survive hope County
license doesn’t really help you advance your career is a good you know and this
is the reason why you’re too good and so this is the reason why it’s bad and you
don’t needed and it’s crap and you know just a piece
of paper doesn’t matter to do anything how the fuck did you go cuz you don’t
even have one when someone says said license server he should agree that
they’re not shit you know they don’t need we learned that his paper when you
don’t have to have warned iraq it take your advice how would you know if it’s
any good you don’t have one so you know someone
who has a certifiable encounter license and tells me if it’s good or read i dont
care of someone who doesn’t have to tell me if it’s good or bad or help them in
their career whatever I can say or seven years from my sister Carolyn lessons and
try the biggest in our don’t my life do you have someone without to do
without the license tell me dating shit for seven years and get all buddy buddy

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7 thoughts on “Is it Worth Getting a College Degree / CPA License / Morning Supplements”

  1. Isaac Cohen says:

    Dude seriously can you get to the fucking point

  2. Asad Beldo says:


  3. AllproLemonton says:

    how much of a hassle is the continuing education for a CPA that seems like one of the big downsides to the career

  4. ASMR Wally says:

    For some reason, I like how much you act like you don't care lol, how lazily you talk and go about the videos hahaha it's awesome

  5. LT - Style LT says:

    Haha love this dude!

  6. not officer says:

    College degree is waste of time. I am enjoying my life and i never took a single college class in my life.

  7. Valentino Rivera says:

    Hey, man… I’m in the same field as you and I take this supp “alpha brain” and it’s helped big time. Give it a try 😏, also not a paid or any bs . Plus you definitely need the CPA

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