Is My Online College A Degree Mill Scam? Find Online Degree Reviews


Is My Online College A Degree Mill Scam? Find Online Degree Reviews

Online Scams- How Do You Identify Them? Colleges are great places, right? It probably never occured to you, that there are hundreds of fake colleges on the internet Even a dog can get an MBA today. So, how do you tell if an online college is real, or fake? Step 1- Check For Accreditation Accreditation is the independent review of an education program to ensure that that program is of uniform and high quality College accreditation is important if you want a public record of your learning that will be widely accepted by employers and by other colleges and universities. Step 2- Beware of Fake Accreditation Check to see if your online college is accredited by an agency that’s recognized by the US Department of Education or the Council on Higher Education Accreditation Almost every online degree mill is accredited trouble is, they’re accredited by fake agencies. The degree mills themselves own and operate several fake accrediting agencies. Check the Diploma Mill Police for the names of these fake accreditation agencies. Step 3- Learn How to Spot Fake Accreditation Degree mills love to use big words to hide the fact that they are not accredited or that they’re accredited by fake agencies. Some diploma mill websites may use terms such as Licensed, Approved, and Recognized Degree Mills will also promise you that their degree will be Notarized, Certified, or Verified Be careful! None of these terms are the same as accreditation. Don’t get scammed, Get Educated.

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8 thoughts on “Is My Online College A Degree Mill Scam? Find Online Degree Reviews”

  1. dbout8 says:

    I've heard of college scams and fake degrees before….but not accreditation scams. That's good to know.

  2. Tony Stark says:

    There are jobs out there in which the minimum edu requirement is an associates. Money is one thing, but it's not an entire thing. For example, we all know in NYC a garbage disposal agent starts out in the high 40s and with OT makes over or even close to the 60s but after 3 years in the job you can expect 6-digits whereas a Dr. in Pharmacy or a Counseling Psychologist starts between 40-65 a year.-Don't get me started with the 5 year cap because you can see even with doctorate degrees, its nil!

  3. THEEND123321 says:

    yep like real world experience USARMY 21 years retired, and Retired NYPD 25 years with no college but lots of common sense and hard drive, OR hard work what about you?

  4. Get Educated says:

    Thanks for commenting! It's a very frustrating place to find yourself in especially when you have SO much real-life work experience. There are a lot of life experience degree scams out there but there are some online colleges that let you demonstrate your work experience by testing out of required courses in your chosen degree. Then, you can earn your degree much faster & much cheaper. I sent you a link to the article we have that covers it & lists the schools. Good luck!

  5. sandinyourshoes says:

    The payoff with certain types of "education" is often quite mythical.

  6. Pharo Lorane says:


  7. Moen Thaher says:

    Any information about a university called carfield universitt in the usa ??????? Help please as soon as possible

  8. adiksadiatabs says:

    Devry University of Phoenix, Chamberpot University, Western Senators University, Walmart University

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