“It’s given me the ability to dream again”

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“It’s given me the ability to dream again”

I grew up being outside a lot and going camping with my dad and going hiking. I always loved nature. I loved just getting lost it in. It was something that as I grew older, seeing the destruction of what’s happening on our planet made me really sad to know that other children of the future may not have the same opportunities that I did. My name is Claire Ostermeier and I’m a student at Arizona State University (ASU) and a Starbucks partner. I had unfortunately hit some roadblocks during my journey in finishing school. Most of it was the recession. I was just stuck. I was in between jobs. I was researching things and I kind of thought about Starbucks, just because I’d heard about the College Achievement Program, and that was something I really wanted to do. I wanted to finish my bachelor’s. I’m studying sustainability. In reading the description about what the degree was all about, I knew that that was why everything had happened. I was meant to do this because I hope that after my time is over on this planet that I have made it better for all the future generations. The money that people are spending on our amazing coffee is going to so much more than someone’s pocketbook. It’s more than just a cup of coffee. When I started working with Starbucks and going back to school with ASU, I could see a future again. I know that life’s going to be ok.

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