Jack Black Performs His Legendary Sax-A-Boom with The Roots


Jack Black Performs His Legendary Sax-A-Boom with The Roots

-Jack, we talked —
I’ve seen you in concert. -Yeah.
-I’ve seen you perform. Please go see
Tenacious D in concert. -Thank you.
-It’s unbelievable. And you do a — you do a thing with a thing called
the Sax-A-Boom. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-It’s a toy, or — What was it? -Well, it’s like a saxophone,
but it’s a Sax-A-Boom. It’s a — It’s a different
kind of instrument. A lot of people confuse them.
-People confuse them? -Well, you know,
’cause they look similar. But a Sax-A-Boom is
its own kind of instrument that takes years to master. But, yeah,
thank you for remembering about my Sax-A-Boom days. -Well, I was just wondering,
if we happen to have one here… -What?
-…could you maybe just show us what it’s like to —
-You don’t have a Sax– Oh, my God! [ Cheers and applause ] -This is a Sax-A-Boom.
-Are you kidding me? -This is a real — This is a — You know how hard it was
to find a Sax-A-Boom? Could you show us
the — the magic? Could you give us
a little taste? -Here it is.
Rare as a Stradivarius. Yes, I will give you a taste. [ Laughter ] Are you ready?
-Yeah. Wow. [ Laughter ] [ Sax-A-Boom plays ] One, two, three, four. One, two, three, mother [bleep]. [ Sax-A-Boom plays ] One, two, three, four! [ Sax-A-Boom plays ] ♪♪ ♪♪ [ The Roots join ] ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ -That is how you do it
right there, everybody! That is Jack Black! Go see “The House with a Clock
in Its Walls,” opening tomorrow. More with Jack Black when
we come back, everybody. ♪♪

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100 thoughts on “Jack Black Performs His Legendary Sax-A-Boom with The Roots”

  1. 隻豬 says:


  2. Бульба YT says:

    What music?

  3. Emil Gabriel says:

    1 2 3 mudafuka hahahahhahaha

  4. The area Of truth says:


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  6. Jane Alexa says:

    1:10 meme part

  7. Francisco says:

    Megalovania intensifying

  8. GAMERIUS 78 says:


  9. w1spo says:

    Toy contando ticket ticket como jimmy fallon ndeeah

  10. Bronx OFICIAL says:

    1 2 3 4 MADAFAKA

  11. Charlie Films says:


  12. Tanner Koob says:

    Jablinski games in a nutshell

  13. Original Andi says:

    When you fucked up as hell and the teacher asking „what is 3+1?“

  14. Dylan tupapi says:

    Like si te salio en recomendados jaja

  15. Maria Perez says:

    1:12 though that was funny

  16. Jake Nguyen says:

    Black Jack Black playing black jack while beating Jack Black in black jack

  17. EDUARDO GR says:


  18. Mar Jaulo says:

    sex a boom waaat

  19. Caleb H says:

    Jack- counts measures of rest
    1,2,3,4 1,2,3 motherfu*ker!

  20. Max Guntan III says:

    loool jack black is still sooo cool after all these years. i still watch nacho libre every now and then. classic.

  21. Galaxy Galka says:

    Вечерний ургант начало

  22. Mrt _04 says:

    In 2019
    0% interview xd

  23. JJ Jason CC says:

    Who came here because of Tik tok

  24. Jakey Snakey says:

    Jack Black in DA HOUSE!!!!!

  25. dimpledwonder says:

    Ok, 69th time watching this.

  26. Komisches Pikachu das zu viel Geld hat says:

    Legendary . . .

  27. COOLKID GAMES says:

    How Dose jack do that

  28. payton kirchstein says:

    Gotta love jack black

  29. Batmancoolmanbro 22 says:

    1:11 thank me later

  30. Сергей Худяков says:

    Увидел как ургант украл шоу у запада

  31. Iris Parker says:

    1:43 your moms playlist on Spotify be like:

  32. Richy Barba says:

    Jack Black has mastered the Sax-A-Boom to a point that it sounds even without blowing

  33. Kaiyou says:

    What kind of music would I categorize this?

  34. Nikk k says:

    Jack is just a boy in a man's body

  35. Terminator Drift says:

    1 2 3 4.1 2 3 mother fucker!!!

  36. KOHS' LAND TV says:


  37. Raudel Rangel says:

    Jack Black: My precious!!!

  38. 라면건더기 says:

    Oh man!

  39. nekopii says:

    I'm kinda glad he's not too mainstream. Keeps him super genuine and down to earth in my opinion.

  40. alessio vitale says:

    1:08 meme

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  42. Quelqu'un says:

    It's POGO TIME.

  43. Cristan Prodan says:

    The new undertale song sounds nice

  44. 노래하는수달 says:

    One two three FOUR!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  45. NyetBanTrey says:

    Bro I still come back to watch this it’s so amazing

  46. Endurance gaming says:

    Minecraft series with jimmy Fallon?

  47. Mr Unknown says:

    Imagine po just swearing

  48. Overkiller DARED says:

    Am confused was he really playing ? 😮
    Looked prerecorded to me ; especially when he looked at the instrument when black was taking it out before he really does ?

  49. Big Chief says:

    No one:

  50. Victoria Held says:

    I love him so much he's so damn hilarious

  51. Michael Walters Elevators, Roblox, and More says:

    1:11 1,2,3 MOTHERF**ER

  52. Gio Georgia says:

    jack you are best 🙂 Georgia love you

  53. Digital ADG says:

    I low key now want a sax a boom

  54. Dragonknight Warlock says:

    Can I get the soundtrack

  55. Vault Bean99 says:

    Can I get this song feat. The Roots on Spotify? Please?

  56. Joseph Stalin says:

    The moment when you want to see jack black so badly but you have to click on a video uploaded by a show full of political bias

  57. Wanchu Noklang says:

    Only Jack Black. Only Jack Black

  58. 유빈 says:

    ㅅㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 완 투 쓰리 마둬 뻑거 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  59. Jonas Thorne says:

    i am on my school account XD

  60. Flor Colmán says:


  61. Flor Colmán says:

    # *

  62. vitalie ceban says:

    Супер мужык

  63. fida fida says:

    Is a legend

  64. Mr Unknown says:

    I actually thought he was blowing into the sax-a-boom

  65. Michael Hardin says:

    All I think of is PO

  66. 宮城タイキ says:


  67. Isaacthemexican says:

    my drummer made it better

  68. Kael Griffis says:

    How does one become a drummer for a late night show?

  69. G Spice says:

    I can't get likes for no reason…😥

  70. We Are Sparta says:

    1:23 when he finds your G spot

  71. โชติตระการ อิกูจิ says:

    WoW!… Another Saxual content video

  72. Wowja JAWOW says:

    Jack Black? Don't you mean jablinskigamess

  73. жма 1488 says:

    Охуенно! !! Eee good

  74. Jerry Mathurin says:

    I could totally go see Jack Black/ Tenacious D with Roots live. And smoke weed

  75. Sunny Ahuja says:

    Admit it, he never played it. He just pretended.

  76. Just_Wait 390 says:

    The video sums up JB

  77. Isabela Diaz says:


  78. juan deporte says:

    3-1 madrid

  79. Smithy says:

    Rare as a Stradivarius 😂

  80. Frijoles says:

    The real son of god.

  81. Gurgle says:

    Jack Black is the only man alive that doesn't need context. I can see him anywhere doing anything.

  82. RocketPlayz 58 says:

    My teacher sounds like him

  83. juggernaught79 says:

    I can’t get enough of this! Lol!!!

  84. blessi paget says:

    Saxa boom wtf

  85. Edward Wijaya says:

    Jack black got bigger

  86. Edward Wijaya says:

    1 2 3 4 123 mother fu**er hahahahahaha 1:07

  87. TheSnup23 says:

    Ёбаный ургант спиздил идею

  88. jelcrakk promega says:


  89. T -Series says:

    Everyone gangsta until he pulls out his Sax-A-Boom

  90. Lupo Goetz says:

    This video Will be a cult of these years…

  91. Sam Guy says:

    The roots are so legit, best improvisers I can think of

  92. I’m Autistic says:

    He looks like my band teacher and sounds like him

  93. Nikolaos Oris says:

    We listened to it at school

  94. Along Gaming says:

    Indonesia mana? Siapa yang kesini gara gara ig? 🙋‍♂️

  95. jb 2387 says:

    I was just expecting him to start then play megolavania

  96. Cain kk says:

    1:07 l love this moment looooooolooooooooooool. 'MothXxfXxxa' looooooooool

  97. Lucas Viola says:

    Love you, you fat legend

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