Jaila Gladden, A College Student, Who Escaped Kidnapper Recounts Her Ordeal | Megyn Kelly TODAY


Jaila Gladden, A College Student, Who Escaped Kidnapper Recounts Her Ordeal | Megyn Kelly TODAY

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100 thoughts on “Jaila Gladden, A College Student, Who Escaped Kidnapper Recounts Her Ordeal | Megyn Kelly TODAY”

  1. erica louis says:

    im scared now my mom dont allow me to have a phone and i would to school 6 in the morning all the time and im 15 year old

  2. Storm 20092009 says:

    I feel like the interviewer was very much based of the viewers and her reacting the scene was not nessasary and it could of triggered her to have some very harsh feelings for things like anger or major sadness but I don't really know

  3. Tina Bellsky says:

    he saved her name as phat phace . very loving indeed

  4. Crystal Grose says:

    Very smart young lady. So happy she made it out safely.

  5. Savannah Carranza says:

    Awwww I feel so bad that sucks why is it always pretty girls man😔😢😣

  6. Laura Thomas says:

    😨😮😒 Megyn's Interviewing style Sucks!!!!Really she can't be Serious?! May God Bless this beautiful intelligent Queen. Off with that sick POS head!!!

  7. Kimberly Jordan Dabney says:

    No wonder Megyn Kelly no longer has a show. She is a garbage interviewer and a horrible listener.

  8. surferdjnj says:

    Jesus Christ is she NOT the worst interviewer of all time. You can tell she is faking the empathy.

  9. Kingra 90 says:

    Megyn "Dumb" Kelly (MDK).

  10. Kiwi Baby says:

    This beautiful woman I'm so so sorry for her and hope her boyfriend loves her hard for this. God please heal her

  11. Elana Rose Frey says:

    How did the kidnapper not notice she was texting! Maybe I’m missing more details

  12. Albert Benito says:

    25 years?! Smh🤦🏾‍♂️😪

  13. samantha mason says:

    I wldv went right out passenger door nd SCREAM ND RUN Or if cars stops jump out

  14. samantha mason says:

    Thank u Jaila

  15. Sherese Owusu says:

    So sad

  16. SM87013 says:

    Mary that man.

  17. Army_Clique says:

    Someone literally passed when that was happening🙄

  18. Bcdf 1930 says:

    I clicked thinking it was Serena Williams in the thumbnail!

  19. Divine God says:

    Glad she's good but the interviewer is not sympathetic and trash

  20. bambi aj says:

    Finally somebody who’s name is spelled like mine. Jaila😁

  21. Itzz.leahhh says:


  22. Gacha Videos says:

    This girl is smart because one. She tricked the kidnapper two. I would’ve said I was kidnapped 😂 but she shared her location so he can see her at all times instead of saying I’m at a gas station because what if they leave

  23. Justin Osborn says:

    Was this the Kroger’s on Bethel?

  24. Mike Skidmore says:

    So all the comments are that Megyn Kelly is a terrible interviewer .. Maybe that's why she got fired from her $24 million per year contract with a huge severance package..

  25. Richard Johnson says:

    What's with these beards these days?

  26. SGD .68 says:

    Jaila my heart breaks for you 😢 I pray you heal in you heart and soul 🙏

  27. Cherry Rose says:

    I hope she married him!He's hero stuff!

  28. Robyn Boreland says:

    It was a stable interview,the best way,is the only way,.

  29. Rene White says:

    not everyone has an iphone. how does instant location share work on android?

  30. brooklyn skillz says:

    If you look closely I see other people pushing a cart ..even a lady goin in a white crate next to her

  31. FortniteGod_ Alkadi23 says:

    Is that the lady that used to read the questions from the chase the game show

  32. Gracie Duncan says:

    I hate this interviewer she did a horrible job I'm never going to watch Megan Kelly so insensitive and inconsiderate smh ;(

  33. Randall Finley says:

    I live in carrollton!

  34. Randall Finley says:

    I go to that Kroger all the time oh wow

  35. Electabur says:

    👀I have samsung.


  36. Zahra Land-Ragland says:

    Why the interviewer look like she trying not to laugh or smile??? She needs to work on her skills bro

  37. M Rey says:

    I look at this interviewer and I instantly disliked her…later realized that i had watched another interview she did which was as insensitive as this. I'm sure there are many out there who are better suited to this job than she is.

  38. ACofficial says:

    7:53 wtf

  39. PancakesPusheen ! says:

    something about this interviewer rubs me the wrong way.

  40. The1YouLove2Hate says:

    If you're black, Jaila's body language said it all how she feel bout Megyn Kelly😂

  41. Payton Shields says:

    That interviewer was terrible and disrespectful. The way she said r*pe was so abrasive. And what sucks is that Jaila was being so polite by answering "yes ma'am" and "no ma'am" when the interviewer was just being super unsympathetic. Boo to you interviewer lady 👎

  42. lovely._. bees says:

    I saw this story in crime watch

  43. Momoko Ishida says:

    I wish the interviewer would stop saying “late at night”, that would of happened at any time. Also she was at a public place at a well light car park outside a shop not a dark parking lot. Not that, that makes any difference…. so glad she’s able to carry on and love that they have each other.

  44. Natasha Parker says:

    I can see in her face that she is still hurting a lot from this but is still brave enough to speak out. 🙏🏾 Thank you for sharing your story ❤️❤️❤️

  45. Melody Osgood says:


  46. Elisa Gacha says:

    And this is why I hold my parents tight and will always live with them or at least close!

  47. Janine Daniell says:

    She should have put up the fight for her life at the first instance….at the shop……

  48. Tiffany Curtis says:

    She so polite. That's so awful!!😳🤮❤

  49. Patricia Kelly says:

    Amazing young woman. Well done. X

  50. Rebekkah Bostwick says:

    She never said how she ecscaped

  51. Jerzie Owens says:

    No one gonna talk about her name in his phone.

  52. Ben Dover says:

    deep breath lol

  53. Taunja Brockway says:

    Meagan wearing jogging pants. lol

  54. lily rose says:

    you can tell how much she cringes by talking to Megyn

  55. petite nygeorgiapeach says:

    Why would she say ALLEGED kidnapper.. The dude was found guilty. The poor girl even rolled her eyes. How you gonna do that your guest.SMH. this lady sucks

  56. Jaala Legrone says:

    Ayeee! My name is Jaala too. Pronounced the samee

  57. iconicLaughs says:

    Horrible interviewer ! Not trying to be mean tho.

  58. Sean Ong says:

    this interviewer she just asking stupid questions..

  59. Goshen Travel Consultant says:

    What kind of interviewer is this? How did she even get hired?

  60. Goshen Travel Consultant says:

    Meghan is acting like a certified moron

  61. Goshen Travel Consultant says:

    Meghan was more concerned about the features of the Iphone

  62. Maxwell 24 says:

    That's Horrible She Never Deserved That I Hope She Had Recovered 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  63. Sophia Mândoiu says:

    …but what do you wanna do with groceries at 11 pm?! Cant you just do it the next day?! Like, wtf ?! Its common sense. I mean I'm sorry for what happened to her, but like, girl no

  64. Hemoata Reedy,Keelan says:


  65. Annie Dancona says:

    Megyn Kelly needs to stop saying r*pe so abruptly. Truly unprofessional and inappropriate

  66. ccljvns says:

    I’ve been using my iPhone for my whole life and I did not even know about that ‘send/share location’ thing. Thanks to this brave beautiful girl. I’m so dumb.

  67. Adam Williams says:

    “Did you have any groceries when you came out of the store”
    Nah I went to the grocery store to stare at bananas

  68. Leonel Thomas says:

    She better married him

  69. Daphnee Paul says:


  70. Mabawa Vocal says:

    I like the intro,she explains while on the very spot it helps alot for others to be alert too

  71. simply sarah-frances says:

    Why would they ask to do an interview only 3 months after it happened?

  72. poncho pofcul says:

    megyn is so abrasive and rude about the questions and the words she uses. terrible.

  73. Tyree Clark says:

    this lady kept saying words triggering u could see she was annoyed by it and the story should have been left it- alone nobody wants that reoccurring image in her head being scared… all that woman wanted was ratings

  74. St. Jerome says:

    So glad her show ended. She needs to take some empathy/sensitivity classes I mean Jesus.🤦🏾‍♀️

  75. Alexis Mayers says:

    The comments stop me from wstching this video.

  76. Jaila Derrick says:

    this is so heartbreaking

  77. Trill _Chillbro says:

    She really annoyed .

  78. emma the swagger says:

    I’m sad bc I think Tamir and Jaila broke up 🙁

  79. Mo Bamba says:

    this white lady so repetitive and annoying bruh💀

  80. LetItRain2019 says:

    Starting at 2:34 (during the surveillance camera) you see someone walking by just as he comes up to her with a knife. Right then, the person appears to run. Am I the only one run noticed that? That, or they started walking real fast out of the blue. I think someone saw and didn’t report it. Wow.

  81. Manhakibria❤💜💙 says:

    Oh no im serious my mom and my aunt go outside alone

  82. cal robbo says:

    Why is she making her go through it again

  83. Jagroop Dhillon says:

    Why is R Kelly the first thing I thought about watching this??? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  84. TIGER LILLY says:

    that poor girl is a hero of her own self. I hope she is well.

  85. Paris&Lauren says:

    You she needs to marry him. He had a bad feeling reasoning he didn’t sleep I’m so happy she has him and he was there to get her the help she needed .

  86. Awesome songs A S says:

    did anyone see two people just casually watching her get threatened with a knife

  87. Tianna Spence says:

    This bi**ch said “did you have spidey-sense” 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄

  88. Lisa Cliffe says:

    You are so brave and incredibly smart and beautiful. I hope that you can fully heal from this and your boyfriend is so supportive. Hugs to you young lady and I am so happy you survived such a horrific ordeal.

  89. Witch Izm says:

    Megan Kelly is awful

  90. peachiiediting says:

    she looks like Serena Williams ❤️

  91. Julia says:

    She is going through something so heavy yet trying to save other people and went on this show and this strange woman interviews her in a way that made me cringe. Because it’s so inappropriate How did Megyn kelly get on tv and do what she does acting like that..smh

  92. itohan imafidon says:

    WHY do people go shopping Late in the night

  93. ChelseaNigga says:

    11:21 she didn’t even let him finish what he was saying she needs to get fired

  94. A says:

    I remember one time when I was 15 years old I was walking home with my 13 year old brother and his group of friends. And they were all walking way ahead of me and I was alone behind them and then a car pulls up next to me as I’m walking and then there was 2 guys they were no older than 25 and they were yelling at me to get in the car so I just started running and screaming at my brother and they drove off quickly.

  95. Phyll Clover says:


  96. Wanda Majette says:

    The insensitivity of the interviewer is insane.

  97. Bible Studies says:

    No location eye comes up on my phone! Instructions please.

  98. Hestia Demeter says:

    Disgusted interviewer! Absolutely hate this woman. She talks so matter of fact without an ounce of emotion.

  99. Dick Green says:

    This is why the 2nd amendment works for women.guns over knives every time.

  100. Im her says:

    Her parents didnt tell her always beware of your surroundings!! He didnt have a gun! Girl you should've open the passenger door and ran!!!!

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