Jalebi | Official Trailer | Rhea | Varun | Digangana | Pushpdeep Bhardwaj | 12th Oct


Jalebi | Official Trailer | Rhea | Varun | Digangana | Pushpdeep Bhardwaj | 12th Oct

“You’re the one that
lights up my world.” ‘That love is out of the world…’ “You make my nights and dawn.” ‘Those who are never
supposed to be together.’ The heart of Old Delhi,
which is the mansion of Netaji… …and its heart still
beats…with our breath. If you’re really in love with Delhi
then I will recommend you a book. I will fall in love
with Delhi as well. “We will never part ways…” I am not going to keep in touch,
so don’t come in my dreams. I won’t…my Jalebi. “You and me…” I wanted to marry you. Yeah… Is that ‘Yeah’ as in
yes or was that a question? “You’re the one that
lights up my world.” “You make my nights and dawn.” Senior copywriter and their youngest
partner in their company ever. But you were trying for freelance,
weren’t you? I am bored of working
on my laptop in these ruins. Whether you call it
melodrama or whatever. But if I leave this family
and home then I can never be yours. If you can understand this,
then we can be happy. Otherwise. I wish I could live without you. I will try. My heart kept lying to me. You never loved me. I destroyed myself because of you. “You’re the one that
lights up my world.” “You make my nights and dawn.” “We will never part ways.” Ayesha, this is Dev. Your husband. “You and me…”

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100 thoughts on “Jalebi | Official Trailer | Rhea | Varun | Digangana | Pushpdeep Bhardwaj | 12th Oct”

  1. Shamemar Bi says:

    Is this movie good?

  2. Chotulal Bheel says:

    भाई मेरा मुझे जलेबी मूवी देखना है इसको यूट्यूब पर डालो

  3. choto Lal says:

    भाई मेरे जलेबी मूवी यूट्यूब पर डाल

  4. Autumn says:

    সৌমিত্র চট্টোপাধ্যায়ের পড়া "হঠাৎ দেখা" না থাকলে কী সেটা 'প্রাক্তন' হয়? 🙂

  5. Vivek Kumar says:

    This movie desrve better trailer.

  6. san burki says:

    Can someone tell me the movie ending?

  7. BACK BENCHERS says:

    Typical Indian chutrapan

  8. harman ramgharia says:

    Unse mohabbat kmaal ki hoti hai🥰jinka milna mukadar mein nhi hota😭 this is a truth. Of.. Almost 79,% relationships. .. Jo incomplete reh jnde a. I m also among of those.

  9. love nd twist shine says:

    Owsm movie

  10. Golam Mostafa says:

    Movies link plssss

  11. Milan Paudel says:


  12. Diploma. Study Channel Ak says:

    Nice movie

  13. aswathy jayan says:

    Liberating her from the binds!! Without even asked her opinion. All the decisions were made by him and him only. He just left her and moved on.

  14. Its Dandousha says:


  15. n halifah says:

    Jalebi 2 plsssss 😭😭

  16. Desi Boy says:

    Koi hollywood movies hindi dubbed ka link bhejega mujhe.

  17. sunita yadav says:

    ab to gulabjamun aana chahye

  18. Estrellita• M says:

    Saddest movie 😭 made me cry in the end

  19. Sila Khan says:

    Is movie ka mje link send krdo koi plz.I want to see.plzzzzzzzz

  20. Jani Chef says:

    I really don't understand why they left each other why they divorced from each other? They really loved each other i didn't like the end of the movie it pissed me off though it made me cry yeah

  21. Makhni G says:

    😭😭😭😭😭change fate

  22. Mangesh Ghadge says:

    Mahesh bhatt mr q ni ra

  23. Manaal Shaikh says:

    But ayesha to abhi b dev ki wife thi🤔 divorce kb hua?

  24. Bablu Ansari says:

    Bareliy Ki Barfi
    Pyaar hai

  25. Palak Sharma says:

    The real meaning of love sacrifice in this movie

  26. The Critik says:

    Really a fabulous movie

  27. Dark Shadow says:

    Very nice movie

  28. Akshay Savane says:

    Nice movie👌👍❤️

  29. Mischief Managed says:

    These anti feminists are hurting my brain. All these comments saying that the female lead in the story was was self centred and left him for her career totally missed the point.
    First of all, how was she selfish? his mother was constantly making her feel bad about herself, he didn't want her to have a career.. put emotional pressure on her to have the baby even though she said she didn't want to. And later even after she gave him an extra chance of getting back together, he decided himself that he will leave her for HER career without even talking to her about it and left her questioning herself thinking she married someone who never loved her. And then he goes on living a happy married life where on the other side she constantly suffers for years.
    Secondly, the movie showcases how lovers don't need to be together to love each other. Being happy living apart is way better than living sad together. They're both good at their places at the end and that's what matters.

  30. Dharmendra Jadav says:

    Movie web please download

  31. Manjunath Desai says:

    Super movie great direction,fabalous acting😍😍

  32. The Great Everest says:

    My love whom I am loving one sided from 7 years had asked me this movie link! I sent her and I watched it too!! And I cry everytime I remember its first sentence "Unse mohabbat kamal ki hoti hai, jinka milna mukaddat mai nahi hota"

  33. saikiran mogili says:

    "Their love is out of world who r not destined to meet" these words are more sweeter than jalebi …

  34. Saurav Yadav says:

    Best love story movie i ever watched 😊😊😊😪

  35. salman khan says:

    hehh aj k zamany m piyar waghera kuch nahi hota. or jo kar beth ty henun bicharon ka koe nai hota..

  36. rohan machigar says:

    nice movie😍

  37. Pabitra Panda says:

    Full movie ta plz din

  38. Keshna Maheshi Sathebajee says:

    I hate the movie !!!!

  39. rashmi mehta says:

    Movie Is Named Jalebi Because Of All The Ups And Downs In Their Life Like A Jalebi

  40. Online Apply Info says:

    please any one give me full movei link

  41. Mynk Slnki says:

    Unse mohhabaat kamal ki hoti he jinaka milna mukddar me hi naj hota. 😊🙂🙂💔👌

  42. Dolittle Gamer says:

    The movie is really nice… but the ending was supposed to be good… I don't like the ending….

  43. Hadil Khero says:

    Wie heißt der Film auf deutsch?

  44. mayank ray says:

    Lovely ♥ movie

  45. Harendra Singh says:

    Woah ! Good songs. Maybe can be watched.

  46. Mohd Fz khan says:

    #best song

  47. Pritam Modak says:

    Sale chor………

  48. Farha Naaz says:

    Plz Sanam teri kasAm movie link send kariye koi.

  49. Aamir Khan says:

    Bhai mujhe ye jalebi filam mil nhi rhi

  50. Aamir Khan says:

    You tube per kis name se h jalebi filam

  51. Ballari Shahinsha says:

    Pls upload this video

  52. Gaurang Khalasi says:

    I love this movie but it's irritating ending

  53. Aireen Atifa says:

    Best movie

  54. Shubham yadav says:

    Bahut betreen story h

  55. Kaththi Kaththi says:

    Is this movie dubbed in Tamil ?

  56. Gopika GS says:

    plzz upload full film

  57. Gurdeep Singh says:

    Awesome movie

  58. Radhika Chatterjee says:

    It's really important to marry for the right reasons. Can't stress that enough!

  59. Baishali Das says:

    I don't like this girl at all😑

  60. Krishna Rawat says:

    Dil Toh sabke pass hota hai lekin ye uska hota hai jo mukaddar me nahi hota ❤️♥️❤️♥️

  61. shweta kakkar says:

    unse mohabt kmal ki hoti hai jo dhokebaj hote hai

  62. mina Kristal says:

    This is true when a woman decide go far away it's difficult to comeback be the same person.
    She felt tired .
    He didn't pay atention
    When he broken her heart
    She decide be alone.
    The boy should be more understanding with her.
    She try to speak with him but he never heard her.

  63. RAGINI RAJPOOT says:

    Nice story difftent ending

  64. Prarthana Shrestha says:

    I loveee this guy's voiceee Oh my god!!

  65. Dileep kumar choursiya says:

    Dileep Kumar chaurasiya

  66. Deepak kachhawa says:

    Yeh bollywood wale bsdk only love per movies banate hai chutiye

  67. Ananya Mishra says:

    My All time favorite movie.
    I have seen this movie more than 10 times.

  68. Sadanand Kumar says:

    सच मे यार उनसे मोहब्बत कमाल की होती है , जिनका मिलना मुकदर में ही नही होता है

  69. Joydeb Sutradhar says:

    প্রাক্তন এর মত একটা চমৎকার মুভিকে ধর্ষন করে ছেড়ে দিছে। আমি এইজন্য সবসময়ই বলিউডের রিমেককে ভয় পাই। ফালতু এরা

  70. Divya Devanshi says:

    Jalebi 2 pls with happy ending …..who agree like 😃

  71. kshitiz shende says:

    Dream of every boy 0:49

  72. Suseela Ramesh says:


  73. Rubyna Raii says:

    Yeh movie kaisey dhekhy😓😓😓
    Upload vii nahi hey..
    Plzz koi toh mere msg ka reply karoo idea doooo

  74. Rohit Raj says:

    Ky trallior hai bhai

  75. Rajs SAHU says:

    I really like this movie

  76. Manoj Gaikwad says:

    1 year of jalebi ..😑💯👍

  77. neet Nk says:

    Hollywood 70 saal se dunia khatam kerne pe movie bana raha
    Or bollywood 70 saal se love story pe
    Na dunia khatam hui na pyar mila😂😂

  78. Sutej Pokle says:

    Varun Mitra & Sara Ali Khan ❤

  79. Sutej Pokle says:

    Arjun Kanungo & Rhea Chakraborty ❤

  80. Xtream ways says:

    New trend nangi tangoun wali larki film main layloo atleast mushtanday toh zaroor daykhnay aain gain.

  81. anshuman singh bhadoria says:

    I am crying. We need more films like this

  82. Ravindra Adhav says:

    We all waiting for 2nd part.

  83. Neelima John says:

    Please upload this movie

  84. Renu soni says:

    Full movie link please

  85. AKBAR ALI says:

    Nice movie

  86. Munda Punjabi says:

    Khtarnaak movie,osm one

  87. Raj Raj says:

    Move name pizz

  88. shakur mulla says:

    Bhakves hi

  89. Rinku Hussain says:

    Link aap logo ke liye ek like to banta hai bro & sis..

  90. Saisiddanth Siddanth says:


  91. Aslam Ali says:

    May estore

  92. Paras Chaddha says:

    Unse Mohabbat Bade kamaal ki hoti hai jinka milna mukkadar Mein hi nhi hota 😭😭😭. This was the best and a very wonderful Love Story ❤️

  93. MOE IRFAN says:

    this was good movie!

  94. Sugandh pratap singh says:

    Didnt deserve a Wiki page.

  95. Muskan Hannure says:

    My fav movie

  96. Shailendra Paliwal says:

    Heroine looks like Valentina nappy😁😁😁

  97. Arhaan King says:

    Nice couple❤💙

  98. D. Kumar says:

    Kya movie hai👌👌👌👌👌
    Jitni tareef karun Kam

  99. Pallab Saha says:

    This movie is basically an insult to the original

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