Jimmy O. Yang Says There’s No Stand-up Comedy In China


Jimmy O. Yang Says There’s No Stand-up Comedy In China

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100 thoughts on “Jimmy O. Yang Says There’s No Stand-up Comedy In China”

  1. Thunderchole says:

    Colbert sucks as himself he was only good as that character from Comedy Central

  2. ryan vo says:

    Yang2020! …. oh wait…

  3. Sean Jade says:

    Steven wasn’t really giving him shots to shine.

  4. Jimmy Liang says:

    Not true!! HK has stand-up comedy..

  5. 成龙 says:

    Are you sure , how much did they pay you for fake news to defame other countries ?

  6. Sudiptaa says:

    I want to live

  7. Tsang says:

    black people do that white people do that but theres only chinese people in china lmaoooooooooo

  8. Oasis says:

    there is stand up comedy in china, if you don't mind be executed as political criminal

  9. Meiying says:

    I usually love watching colbert (at least his own segments), but man this was painful~ jimmy killed with line after line but colbert gave like one word answers and moved on (not to mention the abrupt ending), yikes. Probs to jimmy for keeping up the energy throughout, loved it!!

  10. Shimeih says:

    Erlich Bachmann. This is you from the future. You're old and sad.


  11. NbaLive4ever says:

    I came from Hong Kong too! But was turning 9 when I came to America. This is the first time I've seen Jimmy outside of Silicon Valley. His American accent is pretty good haha

  12. uuu says:

    It's not like joining a cult when people you don't know the people who are in the cult died for you to be able to say such stupid things even as a comedian. Ill still defend your right to say it though, Also defend my own right to think it's completely ridiculous and not funny at all the only thing funny on that stage is the host and not in the haha funny way in the I smell something funny way

  13. Ancestral Rocha says:

    I also studied Economics at University to find out I didnt like it lol

  14. iTubeMedia says:

    He is an ignorant HKer, there are many very successful standup comedy shows in China. But usually we have two bros stand up in a show.

  15. Carlos.i says:

    What's with the 90's teen lipstick. How do they do that?

  16. Rebecca Benway says:

    He looks like he's 10

  17. Robert Chavez says:

    He looks like Dave Kim from " The Goldberg's " … I actually had 2 look it up 2 see if he is the actor that plays him but its crazy that he actually looks nothing like the actor that plays Dave Kim but yet looks like Dave Kim 😕 it's a Tripp 😄…. I just discovered him on YouTube and he his hilarious .

  18. Shuvo Speaking says:

    I'm Asian and I can relate to the last part. All parents care about is for us to become successful the way THEY want to. 😅

  19. Mari Arenas says:

    I absolutely loved this episode. But I have to be honest Republicans,,, I say this about ALL of Stephen’s skits.. Colbert 2020!!!! 😂😂☺️

  20. Keysang Yonthan says:


  21. shadowsockss says:


  22. JD Kett says:

    Still can't believe this guys 32. Doesn't look a day over 18.

  23. James Zhao says:

    There’s no stand up comedy in China? Let’s be honest,that’s bullsh*t

  24. Elyrian Elder says:

    He was in British controlled Hong Kong until he was 13 and could not speak English? is he taking the piss or what.

  25. Zingg says:

    相声 is close enough. Also check out a Canadian comedian called 大山

  26. Eazyy says:

    Shoutout the YouTube algorithm for throwing me all videos with with Yang in the title.

  27. Kenji says:

    I love Jimmy's blazer, idea for Andrew Yang's next debate outfit 😛

  28. P Jia says:

    Jimmy is funny…as an Amercian. It is easy to figure out if there is Stand-up Comedy in China. Just search in Chinese “脱口秀” Here is a random clip

  29. myaayavi - says:

    This guy seems nice

  30. Sahn Ha Lee says:

    Uhhhhh Anyone else notice they misspelled Yang as Wang on the description.

  31. Et_Tu_Sahu says:

    Jimmy could be Jai from India, Jayesh from Sri Lanka or Javed from Pakistan and yet the parents approach and attitude would be the same.

  32. Blue Brad says:

    China is a deadass place .

  33. jadoresephora roi says:

    Jesus, Rain's baby brother….lost baby brother…LMFAO!!!!

  34. MrKeysjimmy says:

    That was good should of been longer 👆🏾👆🏾

  35. Luke R says:

    Erlich Bachman is a fat and a poor

  36. Nicholas Craig says:

    CBS cut hard when Jimmy Yang flashed that coat liner American flag. I guess they don't want their audience to mistake their network as being "pro America".

  37. Jeff Blevins says:

    What!!??? an Asian communist loves America and its "capitalistic" opportunities!! my gosh, what would Sal Alinsky say!! so disappointed in my communist puppet Colbert

  38. Alexander Canella says:

    Reads the title….huge suprise!

  39. dc0de says:

    I've just knew that he can speak english fluently

  40. eyecoin says:

    Jeez. Stephen butchers the pronunciation of his name, and the wrote the description of the video spelled it wrong. Jimmy can make a whole bit just out of that.

  41. Linqi Jia says:

    Um, actually we do have stand-up comedy in China which is called Xiang Sheng.

  42. WingChunBoyz says:

    Jimmy is from Hong Kong, he has that Bruce Lee’ish charisma energy to him, but his parents are from China. So he’s like a hybrid. To me, he’s just an American like me. We love America and stand up for everything American, but we embrace our heritage.

  43. loot6 says:

    This explains a lot! When I learnt Chinese I couldn't understand why the word for stand up comedy was 脱口秀 which is the phonetic version in Chinese of 'talk show'. So in China I guess Chris Rock = David Letterman…??

  44. 杨树行 says:


  45. hari ramesh says:

    Dammit jin yang

  46. Michael S. says:

    He came here around same time I did and his English is better than mine 😂. Pledge of allegiance to the flag felt weird in school, I looked at it growing up as a thanks for being awesome, America 😂

  47. Ingrid Ochoa says:

    ughhh…. why is Stephen being so weirdddd?!! hahahaaha! I feel like he couldn't understand his sense of humor and tried to make Jimmy look not funny when he's hilarious.

  48. David Cen says:

    滾啦 我哋香港人才是正統的華人

  49. 房玮宸 says:

    In China we have the Xiangsheng相声 stand up comedy for a loooong time. No racism, no sexual content, but hilarious! Unfortunately can't find any 相声 in english 🙁

  50. S. T. says:

    China has no Stand-up comedy?? hello? 相声?

  51. The Only Pepperoni says:


  52. SUPER MiZ says:

    Oof The Render Quality xD is Shit

  53. Edward Kenway says:

    There are no standup comedy in China
    There are no gays in Ireland
    There are no lifes on the moon
    (You're welcome to continue this down here)

  54. Casey Kramer says:

    someone please find where I can buy that suit!

  55. Elaha says:

    Why is Colbert so awkward here ???

  56. pubg videos says:

    He did the Chinese English ( chinglish ) accent very well

  57. Zale Trifunovic says:

    Stephen you old stupid fart. Brain dead simpleton you are not even funny just really stupid.😂

  58. Tianming Liu says:

    we have standup comedy now.

  59. antisan says:

    Actually stand up/improv comedy has been around for at least hundreds if not thousands of years in China. My chinese friend said this is one of the biggest problems with West's attitude on China today. They are obsessed with the place but assume that they understand China by way of western media without any need to study or be genuinely interested. Fucked up.

  60. Joko Mandiri says:

    Show me your stand up comedy in china, i dare you mainlanders

  61. Tu Lan says:

    There are some now

  62. Anna Olsen says:

    it seems like he’s not getting Jimmy at all

  63. gothic tinkerbell says:

    Jimmy so fine 😘😍☺️

  64. Ruth Wang says:

    There are actually a ton of Chinese stand-up comedy online tv shows emerging in recent years in mainland…

  65. Richard Jin says:

    Love this Jimmy

  66. Sara Jackson says:

    That is because CHINA does not have FREE SPEECH. so yea. REMEMBER: Obama sold the internet, and allowing china to make it more censored and
    now its spreading its Authoritarian rules across all the globe forcing
    American companies do "Censor" and take on Authoritarian policies to do
    business with China. From what I can see Obama really is to blame for
    china rising in power with the tech sectors. Obama never believed in
    Americans. this is what happens when companies grow plutocratic and
    sell our freedoms for a dollar. FREEDOM IS NOT FOR SALE!!!! COMPANIES
    DIED for our country's freedoms…PEOPLE — AMERICAN SOLDIERS DIED SO WE
    CAN BE FREE!!! Stand tall against companies selling our freedoms to
    Authoritarian countries!!!

  67. Kristian says:

    Stephen Colbert is really good at letting the guest talk, but he sometimes lacks that pingpong between him and his guests. Here he failed to grab a lot of the jokes from Yang which is a letdown, unfortunately.

  68. Tony Nguyen says:


  69. SKC says:

    i can’t get used to hearing him talk this way

  70. xoxLani says:

    Jimmy was flawless, Stephen just didn’t get it; He made it awkward

  71. Frost Rusher says:

    Im a Chinese and I dislike being Chinese. I have always wanted to be American since I was like 6. MURICAA

  72. Frillazeus Herla says:

    6:48 Stephen's reaction to a typical Asian parent's logic and bluntness is just priceless 😆

  73. Rhys Li says:

    such a forking dork…

  74. AleJandro Arenas says:

    Am I the only one who picked up on Stephen's Deadpool reference with the "dónde esta la biblioteca"?

  75. john gonzales says:


  76. Munira Nuermaimaiti says:

    There’s a form of stand up comedy in China called Xiang Sheng, 相声, look it up bro

  77. 1Pangaea Republic says:

    4:10 it’s true it’s really weird to do the pledge of allegiance.

  78. XxHunterXVizardxX says:

    I found this guy odd…at first but now i see its not him lol stephen is making me feel odd because of how hes acting lol.

    The guy is going somewhere good $$$

  79. whatisdrugs says:

    How do these American talk shows get these jobs and last? fallon and this guy wouldn't last long if there was a uk equivalent

  80. The Random Guy and Co says:

    Isn't Yang pronounced Young?

  81. sboby says:

    I think he's a Chinese spy.

  82. nal lalisa says:

    jimmy really lifted the atmosphere, wtf is wrong with colbert

  83. Best of CSGO says:

    Notice that watch on his hand… Rolex GMT master 2

  84. Vivek says:

    CCP forever

  85. Cedar Joven says:

    DAMN, the subs is slower than words coming out of their mouth,and I didn't figure out why typing in capitals! DAMN IT!

  86. Darealpokgai .MacauGamer says:

    if he grew up in HK, then there should be Stand up. The most famous stand up comedian in HK name is Dayo Wong.

  87. SanJuan • says:

    "jimmy O yang is a spy"

  88. Snehangshu Barman says:

    Suck it Jin-Yang.

  89. Shinethelight says:

    Holy shit this dude is over 30, looks like he's 21.

  90. Sam lau says:


  91. chf gbp says:

    Nice little Asian stereotype in the flesh.

  92. Ryan Ho says:

    In HongKong, we have Dave Wong… a super famous stand up comedy artist..

  93. Matt_In_Win says:

    根都记不住的人: ) sad

  94. aNii - _ - says:

    He's amazing

  95. g w says:

    There is actually stand up comedy in Hong Kong.

  96. Junayd A.A says:

    Aaron Chen is better

  97. xPROF4NEx says:

    How the fuck did Colbert get this gig? Man…this a horrible interview and it’s all on him

  98. francine87 says:


  99. Createx says:

    OMG i just check up his age
    He s freaking 32, Waaaaat

  100. GyanPrakash says:

    Never seen him talk so fast !

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