John and Elizabeth Haendiges on University of La Verne Online Program

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John and Elizabeth Haendiges on University of La Verne Online Program

(ethereal music) – My name is John Haendiges. I graduated from the University
of La Verne with an M.B.A. in business management
and leadership in 2011. – My name is Elizabeth Haendiges. I graduated from La Verne with an M.B.A. in management and leadership in 2012. – Liz was just finishing up with Cal Poly and her bachelor’s degree. And I had already had my
bachelor’s degree and I figured that I couldn’t let her have
more education than I did. So I started looking at M.B.A. programs, and decided on University of La Verne. I thought it was the best
program for what I needed, and enrolled and started. And I was about a year, a year and a half, into classes when Liz had
graduated from Cal Poly and enrolled in La Verne. The thing that was good
about the online program is it was flexible. You know, if I couldn’t be at that time, I could go back at night and work on it. And the program was set
where you had assignments that were basically for the week. – And my husband is much
more proactive than I am. He would be ahead in, usually, each class, so if he had something due the next week, he’d already have it done the week prior. I wasn’t as good about that. I tended to take ’til the last
minute to get things done. – The program is flexible
enough to it works for both types of styles of student. That’s one good thing about the program. Whatever type of student you are, it’s flexible to meet your needs. Well I think the good part
of having a master’s degree is it gives you a little
bit of flexibility as far as what you can
do with your career. I know that I really enjoy
the job that I have right now, and do I see myself there in five years? Absolutely. But if for some reason, I need to change my
career or change my job, I have that master’s degree
behind me, and it’s helpful. – I think I see us both as executives in large corporations in five years. My husband is very motivated
to continue growing within his company. He’s only been there a few years, but I think we both want continued growth within our careers. We want to be able to
provide for our daughter and hopefully retire early
some day and enjoy life.

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