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John Oliver Is Wrong on Education | We the Internet TV

On his HBO show, Last Week Tonight, John Oliver did a segment on school segregation. Now, to his credit, he identified a real problem. [OLIVER] Even as our society has grown more diverse, nearly 7,000 schools have the same racial makeup as the audience of your average Tyler Perry movie. And that one white guy is Leonard Maltin and he has to be there, it’s his job. ‘Boo: A Medea Halloween – three stars.’ [LOU] He was also willing to call out his core audience. [REPORTER] According the UCLA Civil Rights Project, the South is the least segregated region for black students. And in fact, New York state is now the most segregated system in America, in large part due to New York City. [OLIVER] Oh shit, liberal white New Yorkers! Twist ending: you were racist the whole time! [LOU] Whoa! John Oliver calling out New York liberals? Hey, don’t bite the hand that rage shares your videos, bro. But unfortunately, while he spends a whole show arguing against segregated schools, he fails to acknowledge that school choice can help solve the issue. Now, we don’t know why John Oliver isn’t getting the message on charter schools, so we’ve put this in a format he can understand:
his show. That’s right, we have recreated John Oliver’s format. We didn’t actually do anything, we already had the desk, so, all we need is for you, the viewer at home, to already agree with everything we say. We also need our writers to cram in unrelated side jokes, where you’re talking about something else, and then before you know it, another topic slides in, like airline passengers cutting in the boarding line. (John Oliver voice) Dammit, passenger with Group 3 boarding pass! We’re getting on the same plane! It’ll leave at the same time! This always happens. Is anybody going to call bullshit on this?
(canned laughter) (normal voice) Oh stop it, stop it unbelievably sympathetic studio audience! That was a terrible accent I just did. Right, school segregation. The problem is that even though Brown vs The Board of Education made it illegal to have segregated schools, if you have segregated zip codes – and your zip code determines what school you go to – you still have segregated schools. It’s kind of like how it’s illegal to discriminate against gender, but if you only recruit employees from that weird sword store in the mall, you’ll get a mostly male IT department. (John Oliver voice) Sure, people laughed at the idea of selling Medieval armaments next to Orange Julius, but you know who’s not laughing? Dragons! (normal voice) Right, so, the simplest way to remedy schools segregated by zip code, is to make it so that you don’t have to go to a particular school based on your zip code. Some kind of program where you could choose a school. How about we call it ‘school choice’? Yeah, that’s a snappy name! You may have heard of it because this is the third time I’ve said it so far, and also because 37% of American students have some form of access to it. Which rivals the 38% of American students who knew what dabbing was well before you did. (John Oliver voice) What is dabbing? I still don’t know! Is it a website? Is this accent getting worse? Yes it is… (normal voice) Additionally, 5% of American students are enrolled in charter schools, including a disproportionate number of minorities, reflecting efforts to make them available in under-served cities. Unfortunately, there are only so few available seats in New York City, where John Oliver and most of his audience live, that last year more than 3 students applied for each one of the 22,000 spots. That’s a worse ratio than you’d get from, (John Oliver voice) insert ridiculous situation here. Am I right? (laughter and applause) (normal voice) Oliver uses the time he saves ignoring charter schools to wag his finger at parents who are afraid of integrated schools. And he’s right, parents shouldn’t be afraid of them. However, it’s like he almost expends effort to not acknowledge school choice. When you give people the choice of schools, they love it, while complicated government formulas cause controversy in their communities, and are hard to administer. It’s also important to note that desegregation is not the full story on improving schools. At the same time more than half of school age children are minorities, there are vast areas of the country that are overwhelmingly white, and won’t be able to desegregate short of bussing Michigan to South Dakota. Also, a homogenous ethnic makeup of a classroom isn’t a barrier to it being successful. Look at Thurgood Marshall Academy, a predominantly black school that has had a 100% college acceptance rate. According to Oliver’s rubric, if we’re only judging schools based on their diversity, a school like Thurgood Marshall Academy would be a failure. But to the students there, and their parents, and anyone who knows what success looks like, it’s a success. It’s why a leading expert has noted: “Oliver did not include in this story voices of black parents who want a high-quality school for their children, independent of its racial makeup. There are good majority-black public schools in America. Some are traditional schools, some are magnet or specialty schools, and others are charters.” Looping everything under a segregation banner trivializes the discussion. Falling back on blaming segregation and ignoring other methods of improving schools is a tired formula. And while formulas can be great for comedy, we’d all agree viewers should have the choice to change the channel. So what do you think? Could school choice help end school segregation? And how bad was my John Oliver impression? Let us know in the comments and subscribe to our channel, We The Internet TV, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for new videos every week.

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100 thoughts on “John Oliver Is Wrong on Education | We the Internet TV”

  1. Position28 Position28 says:

    I think quality of education is more important than the color of the students that go there. I think important cultural preservation is accomplished by letting schools race make up reflect there city. I don't know if forced iteration is to blame but when was the last time you saw a soul food restaurant. Cultural diversity is important we should consider it.

  2. Steve Wall says:

    I subscribed and upvoted, not only because this channel seems rational but also because I am Scratching my head thinking how or why you guys would put your economic eggs in a YouTube channel.

  3. childeharold says:

    Do black people ever ask themselves WHY it is that most locations that have a majority black population tend to be so incredibly violent and dysfunctional? It's not the school's fault if wherever you go you turn it into garbage.

  4. Jin Nij says:

    Went to white school even though I am one hours away from their

  5. Lane Goodman says:

    John oliver, should donate that check that he was willing to write to the Trump campaign, to helping people in need.What a seer, can predict outcomes of elections.In olive oil we trust!

  6. Savage Mister says:

    Your John Oliver impression is better than John Oliver's version.

  7. Nart ali says:

    god concervatives have no sense of humor

  8. GoldenTV3 says:

    America, you had a long run. You will live forever in our hearts. But now the collapse is coming, and we must prepare.

  9. nGon- says:

    I don't think Thurgood Marshall Academy was the best example you could have given. I think it would have made more sense to point at a 'normal', public (and yes I know TMA is chartered) school with very high college acceptance rates. TMA only has 3 grades and it's very law-oriented, the only people who would go there are people who already want to get into law (or the parents want it), so of course it's no surprise they gave such a high college-after-graduation rate.

    Diversity/segregation by itself isn't the problem, it's a problem of averages. The average all-black school will get less funding and thus often worse/fewer teachers than the average all-white school. In combination with the fact that black students are less likely to have an academic background (from their family) and are more likely to be in a financially insecure environment, that creates a recipe for disaster. Although in reality, it shouldn't be so much about race as it should be about class

  10. Pancho Baldridge says:

    There is also a thing called a TRANSFER! Fuck Private schools!

  11. Justin Barnes says:

    Half way through the video, all that's been done is mocking John (poorly), and ultimately leading to I'm guessing charter schools? Waiting for those big bad facts…

    Ok, so at 3:33 minute mark he finally says something relevant, and it's crap. He didn't avoid the topic of school choice, he did an entire segment on it. That's just flat out wrong. The chop against government policy seems sneakily libertarian and OF COURSE a youtuber is afraid of regulation of any form. -_-

    No, desegregation is not the full story about improving schools…… so when the story you're trying to debunk is focused on improving schools and not one specific problem, then let's discuss. I mean seriously? The biggest argument about John being wrong is that he didn't talk about something in that specific segment you wanted him to? Really?

    Yeah, that's why John focused on places that have shared ethnicity, not places like Michigan. So far you haven't directly stated anything John said was wrong, you're just adding on your own topics and implying they were deliberately missed so you have a reason to make this video.

    You're right, homogeneity isn't a barrier for people who look like the majority. And? your point? You mean to tell me you don't understand that a leftist is maybe bringing this up in light of the overall topic of systemic racism, something that's still being argued about at length by, this group you might heard of, everyone? Or maybe you forget a lot of all black schools were made in response to a white focused school system to give those student chances they couldn't get in white schools? Their very existence if proof of this problem…

    Uh, John never says the only thing you should judge a school by should be diversity. Now you're shadow boxing.

    The quote from Gerard Robinson is equally as off topic as your video. And this sounds like your about to use it as a back door as to why segregation is A-OK!

    Discussing segregation is a tired "formula"? So this WAS a back door for why segregation is ok. Figured.

    I have first hand experience with charter schools, and John along with very serious journalists have been calling out charter schools for their failures and funding that disappears into administrator pockets.

    What do I think? I think your channel is nothing more than a hang out for the remnants of the libertarian party. I imagine this video was difficult to make in between your 400th readings of Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. You didn't debunk or disprove a single comment from John, you only claimed him being immensely wrong because he didn't address in a timed segment something he addresses in later segments. Not once anywhere in the video do you take something he actually said or did and disprove it. Not great if you're trying to make him look bad, excellent if you're trying to make yourself look bad.

  12. JD Harless says:

    He talked about charter schools. And somewhat he condemed them. They're no serving students they make money off of.theyre subsidizing payments from govt aid

  13. Enzar17 says:

    Yeah, because John already DID a video on why charter schools are terrible because of their complete lack of regulation. So kindly fuck off with your Betsy DeVoss talking head shit, thank you.

  14. Zeig Bert says:

    John Oliver od''ed on feminist kool-aid long ago. He's nothing but a mouthpiece for sjw rhetoric at this point.

  15. Troll Face says:

    It's not like black parents can just pick a school and they are accepted no not at all schools still have limits on the students they can take. Many of these schools have agreements with the school boards and PTA that they will accept students locally first thus spots in nicer schools fill up quicker we need reform and you're not helping.

  16. Dio says:

    Keep schools segregated. White kids do better when this is the case.

  17. Fusion33 3 says:

    Where is his wrong and how do I get one?

  18. bjhe333 says:

    Because John Oliver SUUCCKKS.

  19. MCMaterac says:

    2:42 – That spelling is a joke! It's as if the author skipped grades 1-12.
    Was it on the website or You guys rewrote this? I see the beginning of the second line has been changed from "13 percent" to "14 percent" –, so there were some changes since then for sure.

  20. Edward Vaughn says:

    Two problems: Charter schools DO NOT improve scholastic performance; regular schools have been dumbed down to accommodate dumb students. Try raising the standards. DUH!!!

  21. SammyTV says:

    so cringy

  22. Andrew W Whittaker says:

    Those school zone borders are drawn up by people who want to keep public schools segregated: the same politicians who propagate racial diversity and multiculturalism, "progressive" Democrats. Politicians have no incentive to work to improve student success rates. Failing schools mean more tax dollars for them to spend in their districts.

  23. Matthew Harris says:

    I can only imagine what kind of far right bubble you have to be encased in to believe that low income families will benefit from tax payer funded private schools for upper middle class white kids.

  24. SociallyTriggered says:

    We shouldn't see diversity as a metric for whether a school is successful or not. Segregation isn't a bad thing. People should have the right to choose.

  25. Andrea Stagni says:

    I'm fine with school choice, but claiming that it would solve school segregation is simply untrue. The issue is that affluent white parents do not want to send their children in school with minorities from the ghetto due to fear of violence, poor academic performance, or just plain racism. No matter their reason, as soon as a school starts having a sizeable percentage of black/brown students, white flight will occur.

  26. Phil Mele says:

    Hard to administer and therefore cost too much money for the quality they yield.

  27. Alex palmer says:

    Extremely fair criticism. I have always been skeptical 🤨 of charter schools. Mostly because the view reported frauds related to a few of them. But it is important for someone like me who held that perspective see the other good consciousness of school choice. Although I still don’t think it helps failing public schools that just loss more and more money. But it’s all very nuanced and it’s important to see it that way.

  28. Rhyno D. Marcus says:

    cant believe your channel isnt bigger your content is great keep it up

  29. badmoon rising says:

    Ya but charter schools aren't good enough for them. We have to pay for transporting these kids all over the place too.

  30. Bobbie Robinson says:

    If President Trump hadn't said anything about school choice every Democrat would be fighting for it.

  31. Frank Beans says:

    John Oliver is an imported leftist commie moron, and thus of course beholden to the Teachers' Union. So, of course he would never even mention free choice in schools vis a vis charter schools. The Unions don't want consumers to have free choice. Unions, like all commies, want everyone to be forced to do what's good for the unions.

  32. Jova Shade says:

    Lol, I like John Oliver, but I can respect the satire and critique of him. Facts should out way humor and opinions. Good video ^^

  33. vincentj says:

    Your video makes sense because it based on facts-
    But I have to admit that I watch John Oliver every week, even though I know half of it is bullshit
    I’m also a Trump supporter, and I don’t like when the news bashes him,
    But for some reason I can watch John Oliver rag on trump because like it or not he’s a funny guy .

  34. Boris Baconstein says:

    I didn't feel nauseous so your impression was not on point. Thank you for that.

  35. Xastur Speaks says:

    Actually the point of view Oliver is pimping is the idea that takes a low view of blacks and like so much you see in the media where 'minority' is used as a term almost exclusively it is code for 'black people' and the single example is almost always a single black female. There is a reason for that as it is that demongraphic and gender they are realistically taking the low view of and thus they think the solution for that demographic is to integrate. The idea works like this: if you want blacks in general and black low-income females in particular to succeed you need to put them around non-blacks, specifically white people. The idea is they need that interaction so they can see all the meta-skills needed to become good students and value learning and education as they falsely assume that white people in general hold such self-actualizing values based on, well, their whiteness or 'white cultural values' and the idea that because those white cultural values include making sure funding is available for mostly white schools, and this goes back to the Civil Rights era (or before that really) was if we can't fund black schools we'll get black kids to go to white schools where we know the powers that be who value their white kids will adequately fund those schools.

    So a two pronged set of reasons exist: one that takes a view that black people need that interaction to model good behavior and a realism (and assumption) what white people value their own white kids and assumes they are racist in doing so but that in fact is not racist but that is what they think and back in the day it might have been simply due to the fact blacks were a small minority that it was not so much whites controlling legislative and other bodies that controlled funding but rather the majority. Put another way, if blacks were the majority and controlled the funding they'd be just as 'racist' since they'd make sure the funding made its way to those black dominated schools.

    Do I agree with these reasons? no. I know they are BS but those are two main reasons for why they wanted integrated schools so bad. They are build on false assumptions and I know first hand how big of an illusion they are. I deal with people who are true believers of ideas like this. That if those schools are integrated then the targeted populations, like blacks, will gain the academic equity they need as the other pillar of their belief system is education is the key to success. If those black people simply learned skilsl and knowledge they would qualify for X job and thus enter the skilled labor market.

    True that, but that is not why many blacks don't succeed and NO it is not due to racism (institutional especially). That is partly why we hear so much about how blacks fail because of racism and why it gets blasted out as all of this is linked to those other ideas as some grand solution.

    All of this is part of what I call the Fictional Reality that the system operates as. No Child Left Behind implies some child is left behind, and that the student in no way is self-responsible for that outcome. They are only victims and only tools for oppression.

    That is all a magical view upon which the whole system is built and it is all complete BS. I know because I work in the system. I deal with the reality, or rather making reality out of the fancy ideas and policies that intellectuals far removed think up and if only others would implement the stars would align. When they don't it is someone's fault, but not their fault and certainly not the student. It is the parent or the teacher and occasionally the school administration, but not the policy makers and not the student.

    The best part is the system is viewed as dysfunctional but what if I told you it is not. It works exactly how it is designed and there are many ways I know that. I won't go into them but just know that if and when someone tries to move against the system and generate authentic outcomes if the system does not want those outcomes the problem will always be the individual, never the system itself. Now, the video mentions a core group where successes do happen. It has to. The system requires that a segment, regardless of race, is successful, and for them (we'll call them insiders) the system is designed to work, and operates in the complete opposite manner it does for the others who are (we'll call them outsiders).

    For example, the same behavior will render a different outcome for an insider than an outsider. All of this is for conditioning your attitude as that is the key. Controlling that is the paramount. So when we talk about school choice it really is a red herring to then think about race or gender when neither of these are the true dimensions. Instead it is about insiders and outsiders, and those insiders can be black, white and all the other flavors of the rainbow and so to can the outsiders. They can be any race. That is why you go to the poorest ghetto and find white people. There is a related bit about if you want to end racism the very systems use of racial categories must end. You can have categories just not the fictional ones that are used. I have explained this elsewhere so I'll just leave it at that, but that is one of those things that if implemented would seriously change the system. Think of racist attitudes as conditioned responses and part of that is telling people, especially people of color, that there is constant racism even when there is not hence why you hear so much focus on proving and cementing this belief.

    What if I told you there is no such thing as white people or black people. There is no hispanic race, nor 'native american' race, let alone a Mexican or Jewish race. There can be races but those are not them. These terms are broad fictions and they are layered onto actual real diversity, but saying Diversity is Our Strength and then referring to those fictional categories is merely a platitude and 'fake diversity' that ignores very real diversity. I could go on and on and on in detail about this and show how and why this fakery is part of the reason, if there is racism, it exists, but it is all a red herring. The illusion is the continuation of value for these terms and the fact institutions and statisticians use them. Real hope and real change require you ending those.

    Until that changes and those categories are ended, but then they were designed on purpose to achieve certain ends (globalist ends) and, well, we come full circle down that rabbit hole as to the real purpose of why the system was designed the way it was. Consider this your food for thought.

  36. Pablo Ibarra says:

    when has John Oliver been right?

  37. Silly Green Fairy says:

    You sound super jealous of John Oliver. You wish you were as cool as him.
    Maybe try to pretend you aren't genuinely angry, that's the way he does it.

  38. rex mundi says:

    I stopped watching John Oliver when he took it upon himself in an interview to confront Dustin Hoffman over sexual abuse allegations. What exactly does he think he is anyway? By what authority did he act?

  39. jeremy spencer says:

    I just wonder what happens when 10,000 students “choose” to go to a school that is good but can only reasonable accommodate 2,000 students, without turning into a school that nobody wants to go to? Also, parent involvement seems to make a huge difference in schools and student involvement so How does this factor into the “let everybody choose” methodology? Seems like it would create a bigger mess than we already have … maybe I’m overlooking something

  40. Daniel Cote says:

    It seems like this is more about bashing John Oliver and his successful satire format than it is about making good counter arguments. Doesn’t help your cause and makes you seem bitter. Just sayin. People get why he adds strange and silly examples. The audience isn’t dumb. I mean, he is a comedian.

  41. Haywood Jablomee says:

    I went to public high school in Los Angeles and they pretty much already tried the whole “school choice” thing. It was called busing in which they bussed in inner-city kids to high schools that would have otherwise been predominantly white… it didn’t work out so well. In fact it was such a miserable failure of an experiment thar the backwards city of LA put a stop to it. Segregation based on zip code is a good thing.

  42. Half Star Films says:

    How to fix most problems at any school focused on education? Kick out all the disruptive people. Send them to a school for bad people were they focus on how to behave in school or send them home and let them start working.

  43. Sam Vander says:

    Thank you so much you spank both sides with facts forget feelings what's really going on is what we need to hear.

  44. bruce pate says:

    Why does everybody automatically think
    that diversity is a good thing. Show me the proof. Your being played and your pride won't let you see it.

  45. K ris says:

    I graduated in 2002, and school choice was a fairly constant topic during election cycles. What happened every time was teacher’s union members were always opposed to it. The more they railed about it, the more it became clear their position had nothing to do with helping students; but rather that school choice would completely change the system in which schools were funded by eliminating school boards with unilateral power to increase taxes and replacing them with a state controlled system. Giving students and their families the power to choose where their child is educated empowers a meritocracy where the highest scoring students can seek out higher quality schools, and vice versa, leaving poor performing schools and teachers under scrutiny-which teacher’s unions oppose.

  46. Shane Thomas says:

    Unfortunately most charter schools are terrible, I’ve worked with a teacher support group where most of the teachers worked in charter schools and the level of incompetence in those schools was astounding.

  47. Winston Smith says:

    Thurgood marshall was a scam and the principal or whatever faked the students applications. 100% acceptance rate is impossible. O ya and they beat their students.

  48. Joshua Brown says:

    You just won the love of one libertarian bro.

  49. Raw Financial News says:

    If a state is predominantly white, leave it alone; there is no need to force black people to move to VT. They like living among their own kind, so do white people. It's not segregation if white people are the majority, it's only segregation if black people who live within a reasonable distance of the school are not allowed to go to a school because they are black. There are white people who don't get admitted to a university because they don't fit a minority quota, so a person of (race) gets in even if their grades are not as good as the white person.

  50. billy watkins says:

    Trust me. Your John Oliver impression was at it's worse, far better than the best joke he's ever told.

  51. billy watkins says:

    Trust me. Your John Oliver impression was at it's worse, far better than the best joke he's ever told.

  52. Nicolas Morales says:

    Actually, school choice created this problem in the first place.

  53. Zachary DeSpain says:

    Shut impersoonation, you didn't even mention that's it's the current year.

  54. Sean L says:

    Give people a choice on most anything and they love it.

  55. Randall Shelton says:

    It sounds spot on to me I'll say the same for him as I say about that cuck that over for John Stewart if he really has that much of a problem with the way Americans run the greatest country in the world ya know America go back to your country of origin oh that's right it sucks that's why you brought your ass here to begin with

  56. Mathias Dark1 says:

    Arent "All black schools" segregated schools…🤔

  57. thomas Rose says:

    You idiot a lot of his running dialogue is meant for laughs and he twisted a little are you stupid or you just don't have a sense of humor let me delete your crappy site now listen to Trump talk if you want to hear Real Lies and stupidity that is a problem John Oliver is an Entertainer more than a analyst following our society you stupid goatee mustache a****

  58. Dutch Master says:

    Yeah maybe you should of just stuck to the facts and the facts alone. Your attempt at comedy is funnier than the actual comedy.

  59. Samuel Bluett says:

    You really don't know enough about schools, and shitting on John Oliver for having a better show than you is sad to watch. Charter schools are a horseshit industry. Just talk about how we should fund our schools, because a well funded school works segregated or not. John Oliver does have a certain progressive opinion and perspective on politics, but that is the ONLY good perspective. If you aren't progressive you are literally stupid. Just because you say stupid conservative nonsense as a counter point doesn't make you better it makes you worse.

  60. Samuel Bluett says:

    We the internet? More like we the company capatilizing on political tension. You people don't care about what's right or wrong. You are selling jokes to both sides further perpetuating the problem. You need to tell conservatives that they are ruining the world, or else they will keep ruining the world.

  61. Thoun Beast says:


  62. Casey says:

    It’s almost like WTI spends no time talking about the tremendous flaws in charter schools. This is something John Oliver spent a whole episode on. The irony 😂

  63. The Kross says:

    That british guy that looks like Lou Perez is hilarious!

  64. Home Projects TV says:

    Yeah well… John Oliver is wrong about almost everything. sooooooooo

  65. Cole Halford says:

    I love ❤️ your John Oliver impersonation

  66. johnboylong40 says:

    Yes! This has been a tactic all along. HBO’s Bill Marh, all of the late night shows all hide behind “comedy” shows to push political agenda. We don’t even pay for cable anymore. Media and entertainment are all corrupted

  67. FiatDuster says:

    Well, Lou can never REALLY do a convincing John Oliver impression because Lou doesn't have a smarmy, wimpy face that you want to punch repeatedly.

  68. Aaron says:

    John Oliver and Devin Nunes are the multiple personalities of one deranged man who is wrong about everything. Totally reverse Clark-Kenting us. Glasses on: John Oliver. Glasses off: Devin Nunes.

    Fuck that guy.

    P.S. – Jared Kushner is really Rachel Maddow. Fuck that guy too.

  69. DJBC says:

    This guy can't even afford a decent laugh track.

  70. Jasper Harris says:

    Hey genius john already did an episode on charter schools

  71. SilentmageLvX says:

    School 👏 choice 👏 is👏 not 👏 the 👏 answer 👏

  72. Mark C says:

    Interesting piece with many good points. Charter schools help break a monopoly (granted, it's a public monopoly, not private), so there's a lot of benefit to having them. I thought the authors of the video did a great job counter-pointing John Oliver.

    If I were to criticize this video, I'd point out as other folks already have, that in the larger context of education, most of the issues with 'for-profit' schools weren't addressed either. School choice has the potential to make gains there as well, but the devil's in the details. Btw, not all charter schools are for-profit, but even if they're not for profit, they often outsource enough services to have the same abuses as a for-profit would.

    The US educational model is IMHO, an antiquated relic of the assembly line/industrial age, and needs to be completely modernized, but that's going to take time and a lot of effort….as they say, change is hard and has to overcome vested interests.

    Making good citizens that are able to think critically, socially well-adjusted, and productive (assuming that's the goal) can be hard to measure, and people won't agree on the best process for a variety of reasons. Makes this issue even harder to gain consensus on changes, but like health-care, nearly everyone recognizes it's in bad shape….

  73. casbarrod10 says:

    Thank you for this you are right on

  74. casbarrod10 says:

    Wti staff you guys rock

  75. casbarrod10 says:

    Please WTI staff speared out wti to Facebook tweeter tweeitch and other before YouTube AKA decides your channel violets there terms of services please back up all your vids so they don't bite you cause they get soo triggerd

  76. casbarrod10 says:

    You guys have the right to do what you do I support your right

  77. Dale Spiehs says:

    This is actually quite good. Well, tbh, I am such a fan of late night personalities getting schooled that I had to watch twice.

  78. RupertFoulmouth says:

    I support the concept of school choice but as with must issues the devil is in the details. Very few private schools are affordable even when you allow the parent to spend the money that would have gone to their child's public schools. This would mean low income parents would be less able to take advantage of the program and it would largely just have tax dollars subsidizing the upper middle income and higher parents sending their kids to private schools. You could avoid this by allowing parents to just pick the public school for their kids to attend regardless of zip code. This would likely have some schools over burdened so some method for selecting who gets in and who does not would be needed. Now, you have the issues we see with affirmative action selection process in state universities. Additionally, the crap schools everyone left, (except for the kids who's parents don't give a crap) unable to support the baseline cost of running the school as not all costs will scale based on student population. This bad situation just got worse. The dark secret is there is already a process in existence today to allow for a fair degree of school choice. It is called moving. Throughout my child's K-12 education, his mother and I made sure we lived in an area which had good schools. I realize moving is not always super easy but it is possible and it exists today without the need for government action.

  79. ALRIGHTY THEN says:

    I had school choice when my kids started 15 years ago. I moved out of the suburb I grew up in, to one that hadn’t turned into a violent hell hole because they channeled inner city residents to it with grants. Sure would hate for my expensive choice to get negated when parents in that new shit hole decide to send their violent and disruptive kids to my kids new school.

  80. Eagle 367 says:

    The content was good but you seemed a bit salty for some reason. I'm not even gonna talk about the accent

  81. Benjamin Jordan says:

    The only time you're sentences sounded identical to John were the short silences between words

  82. escapee says:

    Your comedy is much better than these mainstream schmucks

  83. TheyCalledMeT says:

    and today it is 1 in 10 applications … a literal lottery is giving the places away …

  84. Doug Sholly says:

    I don't think school choice will really impact anything. The problem is that even with a choice, there is no transportation provided for that choice, which will severely limit who gets to take advantage of that choice. But, the rest of your message is spot on, and given that you can have a quality school regardless of racial makeup kinda makes school choice moot anyway.

    The real issue comes down to money. More times than not, a poor school is a school that is mostly black, and most of the time your black communities are your poorer communities. States that divide funds for schools based on your location will never be able to improve because the tax base is also poor.

    In my opinion, you have to fix this in two ways. First, you revise your funding for schools to remove the disparity. This will allow children in poorer communities to get better educations, and provide opportunities for their community to not be poor anymore. The second is to find ways to motivate people in poorer communities to not be poor anymore. The second is far more complicated, but until you can eliminate the complacency in these poor neighborhoods, nothing will ever change… no matter how many handouts you throw at them.

  85. Azseth says:

    John Oliver impression: 3/10.
    Ork from 40k: 8/10.

  86. kevin moseley says:

    Thank you.

  87. Shirley Geer says:

    Accent bad, information good

  88. Nathan Shearer says:

    Good video. Your accent wasn't nearly as bad as his dribble.

  89. shinybald36 says:

    Been my experience that life is more segregated where there are less minorities, go figure🤪

  90. Joshua Patrick says:

    That’s undoubtedly exactly what Oliver sounded like before he got his British teeth fixed

  91. Sam Baggins says:

    How about universities with black only graduations. Black only dorms. Gotta love liberal universities doing it to themselves and actually brainwash students into thinking this is good.

  92. Brendan B says:

    Just give everyone a set amount of $$ for schooling. Let them pick public (where the cost exactly = $$) or private (cost can vary, but extra costs the student). This would (I guarantee) increase overall U.S. education. The people in government don't want this tho, they want to keep left wing ideologies running rampant in high school. What better way to get elected than brain wash the kids?

  93. Chris Pierce says:

    I’m from Michigan…. so I don’t understand your joke about busing them to a Dakota… Michigan has open enrollment throughout the state. As long as you can get your kid to school on time, you can enroll them in any school you want. So… yeah…

  94. Ronald Blanton says:

    Fairly poor research since Oliver discussed charter schools the year before.

  95. Conot says:

    Of course the segregation is happening in places like New York Chicago and Los Angelos. It’s normal to believe everyone else thinks like you. So when leftists say America is racist or all whites are racist they are trying to normalize their actual racism. Leftists build walls around their neighbors to keep out minorities while conservatives create companies whiling to hire anyone that works hard

  96. MagikarpMaster says:

    Am i missing something? John did an entire piece on Charter Schools and their flaws a year before this was posted . . . so did you not do your research or are you choosing to ignore information much like you claim he is? for proof.

  97. Revolution Now says:

    Is this accent getting worse…yes it is. LOL

  98. Mark Richardson says:

    Never heard of John Oliver, but you were funny.

  99. Arvind Talukdar says:

    I think you did a good job in showing why schools are segregated, because of segregated neighborhoods.

    However there are issues with school choice as well:

    1. Certain schools are going to be higher demand than others. More likely schools near richer communities will be higher in demand.
    2. The money towards schools should be progressive. A school shouldn’t have a budget problem regardless of who attends.
    3. Depending on parental circumstances, it makes a lot of sense for the school to be near the home of the student. Parents can drop off the student easily or the bus comes by. A farther school is a problem for lower income parents.

    Bottom line: every solution is going to cost money in one way or another. School choice assumes that ppl have the same obstacles towards making the choice. There will be some improvement, however investing in ppl is what is lacking. So John Oliver’s point for wanting de segregated schools is really saying that resources should not be selfishly kept away from each other.

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