Joining the Military at 30 with a College Degree 2018


Joining the Military at 30 with a College Degree 2018

– Are you thinking about joining the army and have a college degree? In this video, I’m gonna
discuss two career options you have as a college graduate. Stay tuned. (exciting music) Before we get started, if
you’re watching this video, and you have a college degree, and you’re ready to go into the army, down in the comments put
officer if you’re going as an officer and put enlisted
if you’re going enlisted. I would really like to know what it is you guys are gonna do. Alright, let’s get to it. The first path is the enlisted route. So when you enlist in the army, and I’m looking on my trusty phone because I can’t remember all this stuff, when you enlist in the army
already having a degree, you will automatically come in as an E-4 and that’s a specialist, okay? So that makes your starting base pay like around $2200 a month. Not too shabby. The benefit of going enlisted over officer is you have more control over your career. You get to pick your job you
will be doing in the army, and a degree will potentially
help you promote faster because you start out already as an E-4 and the next rank is E-5. So you start out as an
E-4 and in two years, you can be up for, two to three years, you can be up for your E-5, when the rest of your
peers that start from E-1, they have to make up all that ground to even catch you to get to you. So a lot of times, it puts
you ahead of your peers if you have a degree and come enlisted. To me, I’ve been able to choose kinda where I wanted to go and kinda what I wanted to do, and that’s definitely been a benefit ’cause I definitely
wouldn’t wanna be stuck doing something that I don’t wanna do ’cause being in the army is hard enough, but being in the army
and also doing something you don’t wanna or you don’t
like doing, that’s even worse. So I like that fact. The downside is lower pay. I don’t have to tell you that. While other circumstances could yield you more than $2,200 a month, like if you have kids
or if you’re married, your base pay will be a little bit more. And plus you’ll get things like BAH, which we’ll discuss
probably in a later video or later on in this video,
and BAS which is for food. So that helps your income go up, but if you’re a single soldier,
it’s just, the pay is low. I’m just gonna be honest. It’s actually, a lot of times it’s below the national average for a person with a degree. So that’s the downside and
to me, that’s a big downside. You’ve been to college, you worked hard to obtain that degree,
why not get paid for it? But again, sometimes
money ain’t everything. It’s about whatever your goals are for going into the military. So, I know for me, if I
had a four year degree, I would’ve went in as
Officer because money. I would’ve wanted to be compensated for my accomplishment of
getting my college degree. So that’s just me. Just something to keep in mind. The second path is Officer. Okay, going this route, you’ll
still go to basic training just like everybody else, but the difference is you’ll
be paid as an E-5, okay? So you’re starting pay will be $2,394. That’s your starting pay ’cause you’ll be a E-5
while you’re in training. Once basic training is over and everybody goes off to AIT, you’ll go on to OCS. So wherever you go to basic training at, you will end up at Fort Benning, Georgia ’cause that’s where OCS is and you’ll go through
basic training again, officer style, basically,
so your AIT is OCS. Once you complete OCS, you
will obtain a rank of O-1 which is second lieutenant, butter bar, and your base salary jumps from $2,394 all the way to, you ready for it, $3,189. That’s a pretty sizeable bump, guys. The money is definitely totally different on the Officer side than it is on the enlisted
side, a lot different. The benefit for going this route
is obviously the pay, okay? There’s essentially 1,000
plus dollar difference in your base pay and as a Officer, you don’t live in the barracks, so you automatically get BAH, BAS so that’s gonna even bump it up even more. So you’ll start out, probably around, it depends on where you go ’cause you can get anywhere
from $1,000 to $2,500 in BAH based on your location depending
on where you’re stationed. So your pay is gonna bump up a lot. It’s a big difference in
bank and as a side note, it’s not a side note, but
it’s actually a bonus, if you have enlisted
time and say like for me. So say I did my first
contract and I was like, okay, I’m wanna go Officer
and there’s some programs you can go to called Green
and Gold, blah, blah, blah. Think I might be getting ahead of myself. But if you go the OCS and
you have enlisted time, once you complete OCS,
you’ll start as an O1-E, which means you’re a
officer with enlisted time and you get paid more money. I think it’s like $300
or $400 more a month for having enlisted time. It may be more than that,
I didn’t really look it up. The downside is you have less
control over your career. See, the way the Officers work, when you’re in OCS, they give you a list, actually they let you make a dream list of like three to five branches. So as an officer, you’re
more on the executive level. So you’re like over companies or over, it’s like, it’s a different,
I’m tryin’ to think. You’re on a track to be the CEO, basically when you’re a Officer. When you’re enlisted, you’ll just always be manager, you’ll supervise. You will never be CEO, but you’ll manage small elements. And then as you become a officer, you manage bigger elements and you manage the managers basically. So they have different branches. So me at the 25 Victor, we are
in the Signal Corps branch. Public affairs the Public Affairs branch. So you have the armor which is any of the armor AMOS’, they have a branch. You have the finance branch, You have the infantry branch. Whatever you have, so
many different branches. So, you’ll be assigned to a branch. So, you’ll have to learn the entirety of every MOS in that branch. Not be an expert as far as shooting or, as far as doing the job, but, you’ll have to
know all the admin stuff that goes along with
being in all those MOS’ that fit under that particular branch. So, that’s the downside to me ’cause you don’t get to choose. At the end of the day,
they’re gonna place you at the needs of the army. Where they need the officers at, that’s where you’re gonna go. I know a girl who I just worked with, She just went to OCS, and she got armor. So, she’s in the armor branch, she’s in armor school right now. So, she’s gonna be an armor officer. So, I think down the line, once you’ve been in it
a while, you can change, but I don’t know how that all works. Like I was saying before, the bonus was if you’re currently enlisted
and you meet the requirements, you can apply for the
Green To Gold program. The Green to Gold is
an active duty option, it’s a two year program that provides eligible active duty enlisted soldiers, and opportunity to complete a BA degree, or a two year graduate
degree, like a Masters. Or, even, I don’t know if it says Doctors, I don’t know if a doctor is part of that, but why would you wanna do that if you can get a doctor at home? But, whatever. And you can earn a commission
as an army officer. So, there’s another program if you are currently enlisted now,
or you start out enlisted, and later you wanna become an officer, The Green to Go program is
out there if you qualify. So, again guys let’s recap really quick. You got the enlisted route, the pros are you have more control over your career, the cons are the pay, the pay is terrible, period. Unless you can get all the
way up there to the top, and it still doesn’t
compare to the top level of officers at your same
level as an enlisted. Officer side, the pros are
the pay, the pay is great. You’re getting compensated
for being a college graduate, The cons is you don’t have as
much control over your career, in the beginning, but I
think as time goes along, you can probably choose what you wanna do. So, if I had to choose it
would definitely be officer. And again guys, down in
the comments let me know if you’re gonna choose officer, or if you’re gonna choose enlisted. Let me know, if you have a degree and gonna go in the army, let me know which one you’re gonna choose, down in the comments. If this is your first time on my channel, first of all, welcome. Subscribe, like, and make sure you hit the bell notification icon so you can be notified whenever I post new content. And if there’s somebody
you think can benefit from this video, please
share it with them. Again, my name is Ricky Bowden, and thanks for watching. (exciting music)

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