Jonathan Leonardi, Online Educational Leadership MA Program at Montclair State University

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Jonathan Leonardi, Online Educational Leadership MA Program at Montclair State University

– My name is Jonathan Leonardi. I’m enrolled in the online Masters for Educational Leadership. I’m the Dean of Students at a high school in Newark, New Jersey, and
I’ll be graduating in December. My feelings on online learning were mixed. I felt like I didn’t know
if I was gonna be able to be as tech savvy as I would need to be to navigate the various
platforms that they had. But I found the Canvas to
be very easy to navigate for someone like me who’s
been teaching a little bit. It was nice to not have that
anxiety working through it. This is my second opportunity
with a masters degree. The first time I did it, it was
the traditional, not online. I was worried about time management. Was I gonna have time to do it? I have a pair of newborn
twin sons, which occupy a lot of time, so I was
concerned that I would not be able to manage the time. But I’ve been able to do that,
so I’m thankful for that. There are a few things that led me to join Montclair State, specifically,
proximity to my home, proximity to work, were both
on the radar as far as that. The other things that
brought me here were just the accessibility of the program. With the Education Leadership
masters specifically, there were three different
routes you could take which kind of offered
flexibility in what I wanted. The online Masters in
Educational Leadership provided me the opportunity
to work whenever I wanted throughout the week. It could be a Monday,
it could be a Thursday. It allowed me to facilitate
what I needed to do while worrying about my family or work or anything else that I had
to do throughout the week. I think the online program
in educational leadership exceeded my expectations. The courses were rigorous, the professors were super helpful. It far exceeded my expectations. It’s provided me an
opportunity to work toward what I want to do. I want to be a principal. I think that in that role you get to make some of these larger level,
overarching decisions and it’s something I desire to do. My advice in returning to
school at any point is to do it. If I have two one-year old twins and a job and just about everything
you could have on your plate, and be successful, I think anyone can. The most positive experience that I’ve had with the online program
is its accessibility. The Canvas program is easy to navigate, the professors are super
accessible via email or via the platform. It’s just been a wonderful experience.

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