Keuka College – Learning Leadership : a lesson on the ropes course

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Keuka College – Learning Leadership : a lesson on the ropes course

(Light Music)>>(Voice): 1-2-3 right. 1-2-3 left. 1-2-3 right. 1-2-3 left.>>(Ann Tuttle): Keuka’s hallmark of education is the combination of classroom learning and experiential exercises. And so, this is meant to bring them out of the classroom. And puts them through the paces of becoming a leader. But it also requires them to be a follower. It has them thinking outside of the box. It has them solving complex problems together. It’s bringing people with diverse interests and backgrounds together to have to accomplish a common goal. (Light Music)>>(Student 1): It’s awesome that we were able to come together. I’m definitely going to take away the sense that I can trust the people around me. We can bring that back to what we learn in the classroom. About organizations, about businesses, about being managers and about being employees. So we know how to be leaders and essentially become managers ourselves one day or to be those followers that start out as entry-level employees. (Encouraging Chants)>>(Student 2): At Keuka we base everything on experiential learning so it gave us a chance to actually get out there and use some management skills.>>(Student 3): It was rewarding. And I definitely got more confidence in myself. (Upbeat Music) (Encouraging Chants) (Upbeat Music) (Applause) (Upbeat Music)

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