Khan Academy Live: SAT Reading Class


Khan Academy Live: SAT Reading Class

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100 thoughts on “Khan Academy Live: SAT Reading Class”

  1. Mr. Ninja Warrior says:

    If only they did these online classes before I took the new sat

  2. Fah Fair says:

    i love u guys at khan academy omg

  3. Rishi Ram Subedi says:

    Thanks you guyz

  4. Jahidul Islam says:

    how can i practice for sat in khan academy?

  5. riri dhi says:

    show than cosA+cosB=sinC si ABC is rectangle rectangle

  6. Bob Jones says:

    I would have chosen D for the third question. The answer to Q2 was that hugs are one of many ways to prevent sickness. The excerpt from answer D says that the study fits in with other evidence that "social support" prevents illness. I'd say that hugs are one type of social support which contains many aspects besides hugs.

  7. Mariam Sh. says:

    So was it opening or crack ? Opening right ?

  8. Rachel Suh says:

    This was extremely helpful!!!! Thank you!!

  9. manish pathuri says:

    You guys are amazing…really appreciate all the resources you offer us

  10. Farah Gamal says:

    I do not have a chat box !! it is not there. I have a question in writing section. when do I use or need appositives? when do I put a detail /s between 2 commas??

  11. Mayesha Kabir says:


  12. ishaq shah says:

    Hello there are some passages which give different sence according to persons mentality so there is solution for this situation

  13. Daisy G says:

    I start the SAT's tomorrow 😭 I need all the help for reading I can get

  14. Valecia Leach says:

    OK thanks… that helps a lot…but do you know the pass score out of 1600?

  15. alchen8914 says:

    u guys are the best

  16. Kang Hyunmin says:

    at 25:13 , how would we differentiate the author's commentary and actual facts? both choice A and C looks alike 🙁

  17. Samera Ahmed says:

    I wish I watched this video on sunday

  18. sambhav shrestha says:

    This is such an easy passage; it would be better if you give examples of difficult ones.

  19. Shalini Sah says:

    Sir do i need to learn vocab wordlists compulsarily

  20. Su'n Angela says:

    u got a lot tanner. either that or u have a twin

  21. Oa Y says:

    Thank you ! But How do I speed up my reading? I am not a native speaker.

  22. Jeevan KC says:

    How can I chat one on one in Khan academy?
    I don't have a badge to chat one on one.

  23. Manit Bhusal says:

    You eliminated 1D because it is not scientific study and selected 1B but this option also mentions "introduce scientific study……….."

  24. Harvey Charles says:

    Thank You! This is Amazing

  25. vanchark says:

    Anyone actually use this strategy and get a good score? And is there a possible better strategy?

  26. Jennifer Tan says:

    i dont see
    the badge link

  27. Podd Tacker says:

    10Q! Im taking the SAT in a week! 😀😀

  28. Ann Mrs.Gauss says:

    Are you an Asian????🎅

  29. Ateeq Ur Rehman says:

    If i got a word or pharse in the passage that i did not understand can i google it either it did not take the form of surrounding ideas….

  30. Brando Miranda says:

    Are these lectures/strategies/techniques also useful for the GRE?

  31. Seema Khan says:

    I think the story about hugging is simply stupid. Can't u find smarter stories for reaching our kids? NEXT THING you'll use your position in society to try to get people to have pre marital sex or have multiple partners or whatever!! JUST TEACH the KIDS WILL YA! STOP TRYING TO BRAINWASH THEM with such STUPIDITY as hugging strangers for good health. Please & Thank YOU! Just because something is true doesn;t mean u have the permission to brainwash our kids about the same. HUGGING, KISSING, SEX are NOT TOPICS for a platform like yours to be touching upon. "REMEMBER THAT!"

  32. Samuel Khan says:

    6:00 min. when practice at khanacademy the answer for this one is basically (B), an outlet (:D). Wrong strategy then!

  33. Adilet Doktyrbek says:

    im really glad that ur channel exists

  34. Arturo Aguilar says:

    What can I do if a kid doesnt have a good level in english?

  35. Hana says:

    Today College board's profile on Instagram uploaded the same question ( what does vent mean and they said in the comments it's outlet aka "B")!!!!!

  36. luis l al says:

    What is the passing score for the reading seaction?

  37. mohimen soliman says:

    I have a question what is the skill i should use for the shift questing (reading and writing)

  38. JasperTheFriendlyGhost says:

    Thank you so much for your help, I ended up getting 1420 on the New Sat. You guys really helped me out with your SAT program and I can't thank you guys at Khan Academy enough!

  39. Nivriti Poudel says:

    Your Sets weren't applicaple for the October 7,2017 SAT.. the SAT was totally different than what we have been practicing on khan academy n college board. Plz do update your video 😡😠

  40. Jay Stounding says:

    What a trash example of sat reading. Takes 6 minutes to answer 1 question, and it's the easiest passage ever. Next!

  41. Samantha C says:

    I know for sure that I will do great on the Reading and Writing section of the SAT, but I am not confident with the math portion of the test. How do I practice for the math portion?

  42. Omar Wael says:

    What if i don't really understand the topic or the main idea of the passage itself?? sometimes its because of its strong vocabulary words and topics that i don't have any clue about?

  43. XeXeeD says:

    my right ear is lonely.

  44. Noah Kim says:

    Dang I wish I knew about this before i took the SAT for DukeTIP (I got a mediocre 1190).

  45. Xiaoping Xu says:

    how do i practice read

  46. narrys_underwearx IG says:

    ik this is not related but hes so attractive

  47. lets get prepared together says:

    Im a junior i need a 430 to get out of intensive reading ill update just want my senior year to feel free

  48. Alfredo Jaramillo Armenta says:

    this guy explains very well

  49. Rishab Maheshwari says:

    Thank you for the help
    I ended up getting a 1580 on the New SAT

  50. zMoses says:

    Eric the question you answered at 6:11 min it is not correct the answer is outlet i just did that text in last minute you can check out

  51. kiran sunrays says:

    Do you hav videos on TEAS6 English?

  52. Manwar Rush says:

    Thank you sir! Very helpful lecture

  53. bezuglich says:

    5:29, 5:43: "hone in on;" whoops! I, ah, guess the, ah, bar is, ah, like, really, ah, low for, ah, SAT tutors. Ah, soon, of course, ah, robots will be, ah, doing this, not, ah, millennials. Just mute the thing, run it at 1.25 speed. It's a reading lesson, anyway. Imagine if the SAT were presented orally – would it sound like this?

  54. Diana Bogveradze says:

    I need this guy's social media accounts

  55. Sunny Fadwani says:

    I can't find the link some one send me in reply

  56. Natasha Sohail says:

    A good sourse for scoring in sat

  57. Abd Elrahman Sayed Soliman Mohamed says:

    I am from egypt and people here are not good enough in English and the big problem is that I can not understand the question and the passages and the choices because of the difficult words and i tried to save SAT file words but the words were very hard and i think that i will not get high score in English SAT reading.

  58. Бехруз Эгамов says:

    Thank you so much for your videos!!! They are very helpful and useful 🙂

  59. Ansari Mathematics says:

    Is there anywhere I can find additional tests other than the 8 on khan academy?


    can't thank you enough

  61. yo agrawal says:

    Sir I want to meet my role model sir sal

  62. Chen Randy says:

    i like your accent lol

  63. mznoobplayz says:

    I take my SAT in February but I'm in 7th grade and this is my first SAT test so I need a lot of help with this

  64. Adrian Tasso says:

    what is the SAT pass mark

  65. Jessica Simms says:

    could someone please send me a link to the page, Its not loading for me.

  66. Piyush Bhatia says:

    I just can’t do it i’m stressed out, i can never get right answers in a reading passage 🙁

  67. Ismael Hernandez says:

    Mrs. Sheppe🍎

  68. BlueElephant Thailand says:

    Bill G , Gods in all universe ,please bless you, thanks so much for your project , hiden project , like Khan academy, Million thanks for the man given from heaven like you and Khan also, appreciated much to see this kind of SOCIAL BENEFIT

  69. Ismael Hernandez says:

    Do your Khan Academy MRs. MCQUILLAN😂😂😂😂😎🤣

  70. Devesh Bharti says:

    How we do this in 10 minutes

  71. S1LENT S0UL says:

    Thank you so much I got 0 out of 1600 on Sat keep it up

    Jk: I'm still practicing.

  72. Umar Malik says:

    I realy like the talk I got 1580 in new SATs

  73. TheSaiyenKing 2.0 says:

    you are the best

  74. Zia Ahmed says:

    anyone for 2019 august sat

  75. shaun says:

    Here is a tip for the reading SAT. Since you are in a strict time schedule, I would advice to first read the intro of the passage, then the first few questions of the passage. That way, you know what you are looking for when you begin to read the passage. Many students tend to read the passage first, but when they approach the questions, they always come back to the passage, wasting time. Just a good tip.

  76. Aalwin Thomas says:

    Hi so i need to know something. Is there Negative points for wrong answers? like if we get an answer wrong will they put negative points or will reduce the point will there be no point for that? I got a 960 at first SAT but am writing it in 1 month . Please help

  77. Charles Chen says:

    Thanks for your help! I got 1600 got accepted to all universities!

  78. Wroclaw Duck says:

    Thank you ❤️

  79. Abigale says:

    I don’t understand why I don’t understand the English section like I can’t concentrate and I’ve been practicing but nothing seems like it’s working.

  80. Bakhtiyar Tabyldiyev says:

    This was awesome! Thanks a lot. Really hope it helps on the actual SAT though

  81. The Dragon Boy says:

    Thank you so much im really terrible at reading portion and you helped me through, hope i improve more over time

  82. rucha r says:

    How much do I need score on psat to get 1500 on my sat?
    Someone suggest me where to study for psat?

  83. krishtal tiwari says:

    anyone for 2019 october sat?

  84. M. S says:

    I am really bad at the math section so I am hoping to perfect my English section to improve my score

  85. Michael Kim says:

    hey guys, we all are going to do great today! your hard work is going to pay off and you'll be happy you worked so hard! 🙂 august 24 SAT gang

  86. Kentucky FriedChicken says:

    when are they ever this easy

  87. wahid hasan nibraj says:

    how a SAT candidate from a non-English speaking country,can enrich his vocabulary for reading and writing section?is it necessary to memorize bunch of vocabulary books?

  88. Ishika Sharma says:

    Can someone please help me out with sat enquires
    I don't know a think like how to apply for colleges ,i have registred for sat

    Please help

  89. Shaban Hassan says:

    Why should sm1 dislike this video

  90. Muscaan Ghimire says:

    please make a video how too do SAT essay

  91. FlyGotGame says:

    The first one was Actually Outlet😭 I had clicked opening and it was wrong

  92. Leo W says:

    PSAT tomorrow!

  93. 子栀 says:

    Anyone here for the nov 2 SAT?

  94. david bruh says:

    Bro I can’t check my answer

  95. Bridget O'Donnell says:

    who’s here for the 2019 november sat tmr?!

  96. alex duran says:

    I distract myself everytime I read so how can I put more attention to my reading?

  97. Sokhib Mirzaahkmedov says:

    thank you so much for necessary tips and advises . GOOD LUCK

  98. Smart Future nurse says:

    Which one is less harder to take? the SAT or NLN pre-nursing examination? For someone trying to get in nursing school.

  99. Mayank Bhama says:

    anyone for 7 December test.

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