Kids vocabulary – Weather – How’s the weather? – Learn English for kids – English educational video


Kids vocabulary – Weather – How’s the weather? – Learn English for kids – English educational video

Weather cloudy cloudy It’s cloudy. cold cold It’s cold. foggy foggy It’s foggy. hot hot It’s hot. raining raining It’s raining. snowing snowing It’s snowing. stormy stormy It’s stormy. sunny sunny It’s sunny. windy windy It’s windy. How’s the weather? It’s cloudy. It’s cold. It’s foggy. It’s hot. It’s raining. It’s snowing. It’s stormy. It’s sunny. It’s windy.

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    Just one tip. If you are going to describe the weather please use all adjectives. Not a combination of verbs and adjectives. It's easier for us teachers to teach one concept at a time especially for primary grades. Great video and the animations were excellent!

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    Can you make another 3 words,"warm,cool and lightning"please?😮

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    Can you make another 3 words,"warm,cool and rainbow,please?"

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