Lancaster Bible College – Graduate Degree Programs – Doug Kegarise

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Lancaster Bible College – Graduate Degree Programs – Doug Kegarise

My undergraduate degree is in international
business, and a minor in French. I had plans of being in big business-that was my desire.
I spent two years after college in business, pursuing the American Dream. When I was first
looking for grad school, I wasn’t interested in just getting a degree, I was interested
in learning and growing and being equipped to do what God has called me to do, and I
started looking at Lancaster Bible College. My initial impression was that Lancaster Bible
College was just this small bible college in the middle of Lancaster, and it might be
convenient to go there because it’s close to where I live, but it’s still a little
bible college that doesn’t have a whole lot to offer. As I actually started talking
to people about the program that I was interested in and the different programs that were offered,
I was surprised at the scope of what was offered, and I was also surprised at the quality. That
has continued to amaze me, every course I take and every professor that I interact with,
I’m just like this the most amazing experience, ever! Who knew that right here in the middle
of Lancaster County that we have this class act of an educational institution.

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