Leadership lived: Eric Loera

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Leadership lived: Eric Loera

My name is Eric Loera. I’m a sophomore majoring in political science,
minoring in communication at UIS. “President – present.” I’m involved in Student Government Association
as the secretary. I’m also involved in Alternative Spring Break
as the secretary. I’m a mentor for the CAP Honors Program on
campus. I’m also a member of the Student Advocacy
Coalition. I’ve been a representative on the Campus Senate
and I’ve also done work with the Leadership for Life Program as the public health chair. I’m outside with Leadership for Life volunteers
tying golden ribbons around trees to honor our veterans in this country. I’ve been passionate about volunteering and
it’s just something that I’ve tried to invest myself in, especially at UIS. There’s so many ways to get involved in the
community and Leadership for Life has provided so many ways to do that. It’s important to honor our veterans because
they made significant contributions that give us the freedoms to basically follow anything
we want to do in life and here in the United States it’s important that we continue to
recognize our veterans because without them we wouldn’t have this country. Last spring, Alternative Spring Break took
volunteers to Houston, Texas for hurricane relief. This was the first service project that I’ve
been on and that was such an impactful experience. It was very fulfilling to be hope to the families
down there that have lost so much and to be able to be there in their time of need was
fantastic and now… next year we’re planning a trip to Puerto Rico, where they still need
help, and we will be again providing that hurricane relief and helping out people in
Puerto Rico. I’m from Streamwood, Illinois, which is a
suburb outside of Chicago, and the reason I went to UIS is because it’s such a small
campus, so I wanted to be a big fish in a small pond. It provided me an excellent financial aid
package and I just wanted to be closer to the capitol, where I figured I’d have a lot
more political opportunities and possibly some internships. Once I graduate from UIS, my plan is to find
a position in local government or maybe even the township where I’ll be able to provide
services to the youth and families of low income and find ways to develop their communities. I’m really glad I came to UIS because it’s
become my home and a place where I’ve made so many great friends and it’s just a place
where I continue to flourish. UIS has made me continue to grow a passion
for leadership and it’s taught me that it’s an ongoing learning experience. Through the many activities that I’ve done,
through all of the people who I’ve met – through volunteering and also these leadership roles
– it’s taught me that leadership is so impactful and it’s a quality that everyone should possess.

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