Leadership lived: Matthew Traxler

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Leadership lived: Matthew Traxler

My name is Matthew Traxler. I’m a senior and I’m a business administration
major with a focus in finance and double minors in accountancy and marketing. I’m involved with Alternative Spring Break
as a member. I’m in Phi Kappa Tau fraternity as the recruitment
chair. I’m the entertainment chair for Dance Marathon
and I’m also the president of the UIS Disc Golf team. For Alternative Spring Break, I went to Fajardo,
Puerto Rico and we did a lot of different volunteer service work throughout Puerto Rico,
not just in Fajardo. We focused a lot on conservation. We learned when we got there that a lot of
efforts when natural disasters happen are focused on houses and rebuilding structures,
which is important, but we found out that a lot of efforts aren’t focused at all on
the conservation and so we focused a lot on that as well as cleaning up shorelines, trails,
bike paths and we also worked with the Boys and Girls of Puerto Rico and we helped rebuild
a Montessori school. The real impact was the second day, the last
day we worked on the school when we were leaving. As we pulled away, the principal turned around
and walked away and you could see her wiping tears away for her eyes and in that moment
it was real. Someone somewhere needs our help and I think
we should take it upon ourselves that if we have the time and efforts and resources to
help that we should go out of our way to help. I’m from Philo, Illinois. It’s a small town south of Champaign. I decided to come to UIS because it was a
cheaper alternative and on top of that it is a great education system. It has a good business school and on top of
that it’s a U of I degree. I’m glad I came to UIS. There are plenty of other opportunities out
there, but I do think that UIS was the best opportunity for me. I’m very proud of the things I’ve done here
and the things I’m going to continue to do. The friendships and bonds I’ve made at UIS
are 100 percent genuine and friendships and bonds that I’m going to keep forever. I think this school is great to kind of get
out of your comfort zone, give you an opportunity to get involved with organizations and build
your leadership skills.

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