Learn C language in 30 Minutes & Start Coding For Beginners in Hindi


Learn C language in 30 Minutes & Start Coding For Beginners in Hindi

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  1. Technology Gyan says:

    Video Helpful Raha to Plz LIKE COMMENT jarur krdena ho sake to SHARE karden taki auro ko help mile
    aur vakayi me sikhna hai coding to pura dekhna

  2. Md Sahil says:

    You are great person bro osm

  3. Gopal AHIR says:

    Hardworking is always best ride

  4. Kanchan Bolkar says:

    thnks a lot sir to giving lots of trics about programing syntax

  5. Sahil Kumar says:

    very simple c language ATM code

  6. SIRAJ AHAMAD says:

    prabhucharan kahan hen apke… awesome dude,,mere 42 minutes bekar nai gaye, thanx bro

  7. Abhishek Pandwar says:

    you are a great you tuber bai ji and also make videos on other programming languages.
    and a very big Thankyou .

  8. sushil kumar says:

    Sir computer ka pura sallybus bano

  9. Yashashree Suryawanshi says:


  10. Vishal Gupta says:

    Well I all know all this but I cleared all my doubts thanku for hard work😍😍😍

  11. Jamy Sen says:

    Very helpfull

  12. Dipendra Chaudhary says:

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <conio.h>

    void main()
    printf("Thank You Technology Gyan. You're great.");

  13. shivam Bari says:


  14. Dipendra Chaudhary says:

    the addition code of yours is showing error. But after I've put return (0); in the last, the code works. why is this so?

    And when I'm putting any alphabet instead of number, the result is another. for eg. first number 21. second number a2. result: 180

  15. Dev Rajput Baghel says:

    Manoj SARU Bhai make a video python programming language ki full Video with example and syntax Bhai me aapki sabhi videos ko watch & like karta hu

  16. Mr Lalit 05 says:

    Thank you so much sir
    Nice your video

  17. Shubham Kushwaha says:

    Jo cheeze me 10 din me nhi seekh paaya wo aapne 40min. me samjhaadi..

  18. Anjli Barman says:

    very nyc and use for me.Thank you sir…😊👍

  19. Atul Jaiswal says:

    Can you suggest me that which type of c Language app for android set.

  20. Atul Jaiswal says:

    Suggest me about c Language app for android set, Because I have no laptop but I'm interested in c Language

  21. Anjali singh says:

    Thank you sir this is very helpful

  22. dhruv jain says:

    Very nice tech you manoj ji muje apki sari videos achi lgti h. You are awesome

  23. Sukumar Karmakar says:

    Hi Manoj Da! Myself Sukumar Karmakar, I'm the owner of I'm a big fan of yours. You're doing well-defined of any videos, especially some programming language videos. I think that you're well doing more programming language videos. Please fulfilled my request and see & share my educational programming language tutorial site to your all friends –
    Thank you

  24. Kunal Singh says:

    Thanks brother finally now i understand basic and i can go and learn c++

  25. Bhagwat SOREN says:

    Thanks it's help me in my exam……

  26. Sujeet Biswal says:

    Guys I am learning C from a book in amazon which is really helpful after watching this video.It has 100 of programmes from beginning to files.
    Book id=B078XF9KLJ

  27. Anupama Panda says:

    Thanx bro
    Good presentation

  28. Anupama Panda says:


  29. Kriti Singh says:

    Thank you sir

  30. Deepak Kumar says:

    This vedio provide easy way to learn Coding. Superbbb👍👍

  31. Rock Music Plus says:

    Bhai aap plz ek exel pe full video banaiye

  32. AVINASH RATHOD says:

    Thanks Yar video ke liye 😎😎

  33. Mahesh Puttu says:


  34. Gaming Swag says:

    ek video turbo c++ pe banao please

  35. XTen Code says:

    Watch my videos alao ☺😁☺😊

  36. Chaitanya Kulkarni says:

    Great video for beginners in C.Thanks for keeping it simple and sweet.

  37. MUSTAF RAJPUT says:

    Yaar apnay bht achi traah sy samjhaya hai

  38. Kunal Rajput says:

    Thanks you sir

  39. Deepika Chouhan says:

    Thankyou so much sir mere liye ye video bahut hi Jada helpful Raha hai

  40. Sunil Panwar says:


  41. varun vikram says:

    Hi very informative and easy to learn steps in your video. Loved it. Thanks 4 the video. I downloaded turbo c software from the link u gave. But it's not working. Whenever I click on start turbo c++ tab. Is says "The system cannot find the file specified". Please suggest what shall I do

  42. Varun Chauhan says:


  43. smit soni says:

    Thank you big help bro jyada video banao i support you 👍👍👍❤🙏

  44. Abhishek Tiwari says:

    hello sir I am b tech students

  45. SHYAM PANDHARE says:

    Thanks bhaiya

  46. Suman Raskoti says:

    Python tutorials please

  47. ABID NAZIR says:

    kash aap mery computer teacher hoty

  48. Tausif Raja says:



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    Plz send similar video

  51. Kheerusagar Patel says:


  52. Hemant Charan says:

    Perfect but pretty long

  53. Sire Kant says:

    Thinks for my help

  54. Abhay P.Singh says:

    Thank uhh vry mch sir.

  55. Aman Sahu says:

    Thanxxx sir very productive video

  56. Swapnil Borse says:

    Thank you brother👍👍

  57. all in one says:

    #Manojsaru bhai coding ke liy desktop konsa best he riplay pliz

  58. Rohit Paliwal says:

    fabulous video

  59. Rohit Paliwal says:

    thank you very much brother you solve the my biggest problem of basic of c programming language

  60. Sujeet kumar singh says:

    Sir bhut acha hai basic video c ka dal dijiyega ham new student hai

  61. IIT Aspirant says:

    Talk in English plz

  62. nittal ragni says:

    Hello sir how can I talk to you personally. I need your help. [email protected]

  63. Aash Kumar says:

    Thank you sir
    Best knowledge

  64. satendra singh says:

    Sir aap ko ye html, java, python,etc languages aati hai to aap bi ek type se hacker hai kya han ya na

  65. satendra singh says:

    Sir kya har mp online wale ek type se hacker hote hai aur apko har languages aati hai to aap bhi ek type se hacker hai pls comment

  66. Harsh Singh says:

    Mujeye theory chahiye

  67. TONMAY PODDAR says:

    a="Thank you TG"

  68. Avinash Dubey says:

    Please make video about c++

  69. Ravipal creations says:

    Thanks for this video sir…thanku so much

  70. Ravinder 71 says:

    It's very good vedio

  71. Ravinder 71 says:

    Very nice

  72. Aaditaya Kumar says:

    Thanks sir for this help

  73. Nakul Jaiswal says:

    Nice video

  74. James Pottex says:

    printf("Thank u….");

  75. Madhuri Pandit says:

    Please make a vedio on if else statement

  76. Priya Rattan says:

    Thanku sir . Yeh video mere lie bhut help full rahi. Aab Mike sare doubt clear ho gye. Thankyouuuuuuuu👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  77. Salonii Brijwal says:

    Thank you sir it helped me a lot ❣️

  78. Chandrashekhar More says:


  79. Anita Pandey says:

    Very nice sir🙏

  80. Yashwant Sahu says:

    Thank you soo much…

  81. Arvind bethekar says:

    Second data type batao
    Araay pointer batao

  82. BIKASH KUMAR says:

    Yes boss

  83. Hacker Scam says:

    plzz next video C language

  84. Kishan Singh says:

    Thank you, sir

  85. Amaan Khan says:

    Love this video
    Big fan sir

  86. Krunal Parmar says:

    Sir age c++ ke parts banate rhiye

  87. Neha Raghuwanshi says:

    Nice Video

  88. Rohit Sharma says:

    Return 0;ka koi jaruri nhi hai or conio ke jagah sir math.h v dalte hai wo kya hai..or ek Video banaye..

  89. Rohit Sharma says:


  90. Terminator Gaming says:

    sar mae ise apke khene se pahle hi likh raha tha i am 12 year old

  91. Manu Jain says:

    Sir C program mac mein kaise install kar te hai??

  92. muhammadmuhammadislam muhammadmuhammadislam says:

    sir it is very usuefull vedio.

  93. Usman Khan says:

    Zabardast bro its very nice video

  94. Usman Khan says:

    Whats your name

  95. Akash Jadhav -Aj says:

    Sir C Programming Language Ka Next Part Banav N Sir Plz I Will Request You plz

  96. rahad bhuiya001 says:

    Sir. Please make a video that how do learn easily c language or html.

  97. Sahil Thakur says:

    Thank u very much bhai u r great

  98. Pankaj Sangle says:

    you are the perfect know that?we also want some more vedios and more knowledge from you sir!

  99. shibsundar naik says:

    thanks for your video ,it is very helpful

  100. COMedy ROoM says:

    Class main jo samaj nahi aya woh aj samaj a gya thanks sir

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