Learn More About Online School Graduation with Connections Academy

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Learn More About Online School Graduation with Connections Academy

*music playing* “The senior year of high school; it’s a time for making future plans, wearing caps and gowns, and celebrating academic achievement. At Connections Academy, seniors can reep the many rewards of attending virtual school. Including, personalized learning and a more flexible schedule. And still enjoy all the pomp and circumstance of a memorable graduation experience. Connections Academy seniors all across the country gather with their classmates to don caps and gowns for in person graduation ceremonies. They process into auditoriums in front of friends, family, teachers, and administrators, who have helped them achieve their educational goals. Naturally, there are awards and inspiring speeches. And then, there is the moment when they are handed their very real diplomas. But what happens leading up to these celebrations is even more remarkable. For college bound students, Connections Academy provides many ways to enhance the challenge of each students academic program. License school counselors work closely with students to develop individiualize programs, that will help them succeed in higher education.” “We will have them focus on honors courses and also AP courses. Another way is through concurrent enrollment. Students can take college level courses, and earn college credits and high school credits simultaneously.” “My daughter Trinisha graduated from Connections Academy, and she received a scholarship with the University of Berea Kentucky. Connections Academy set her up with a plan and also showed her things she needs to have in order, as far as going to college.” “In addition, students at Connections Academy gain opportunities for personal growth. Only a high quality virtual school can deliver.” “This kind of required more of a college mentality as far as preparing your work on your own, doing the reading aside on your own.” And graduates say their Connections Academy education provides a great foundation for future success. “Going to an online school helped prepare me for college because i learned how to manage my time, and be responsible for getting my work done, and I was also use to the high academic standard set by Connections Academy, so I was better prepared to meet the standards also set by the college.” While attending Connections Academy, students also have many options for exploring various career fields, they may wish to pursue. “We will look at their interests, and their abilities, and help them focus those strengths into jobs that they might be geared towards. We also offer career technical courses for our students. These are the courses, in which students can further develop their interests in specific career industries.” And Connections Academy students have big plans for the future. “I wanna be an architect, and Connections Academy is making me do an exploration plan career plan for that, and I really love it.” “I plan to go to the University of Minnesota for my undergraduate. Then I plan to the University of Chicago for my graduate studies. And I plan to be a corporate lawyer.” “I’d like to major in Social Science, and hopefully become a marriage and family counselor.” “After I graduate, I plan to become a veterinary technician and I’m gonna go to a four year school somewhere around my home.” “With a superb education customized to their interests, outstanding college and career counseling, and opportunities to develop self motivation and personal responsibility. Connections Academy gradautes are well prepared to face the future with confidence. To learn more about Connections Academy follow us on Social Media, or visit us at”

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