Learn the Top 25 Must-Know Spanish Phrases!


Learn the Top 25 Must-Know Spanish Phrases!

Hi, my name is Rosa, and today we will be doing the Top 25 Phrases in Spanish. So the first one is… Hola “Hello” Hola which means “hello”.
Hola is a very casual way to greet someone. So you can say hola to your friends,
and hola to your family and hola to everyone. Adiós “Goodbye” Adiós is “Goodbye”. I don’t know why but to me, adiós sounds a bit harsh. So I don’t really like saying adiós. It sounds like you are
not going to see that person again maybe. So instead of adiós I would maybe use hasta luego which is, “see you later”. Buenos días “Good morning” The next one is Buenos días, which is “good morning”. Yep, you say when you see someone in the morning. So… Buenos días. Buenas tardes “Good afternoon” Buenas tardes which is “good afternoon”. Buenas tardes is used from 12 PM on. So maybe you are having lunch and you see someone, so you say… Buenas tardes. Buenas noches “Goodnight” The next one is buenas noches, which means “goodnight”. You say like “goodbye”. When you are going to sleep, you say buenas noches.
It is the last thing you say. Buenas noches. Sí “Yes” The next phrase is sí, which means “yes”. For example, if someone asked me, Do you want a slice of cheesecake? I would say ¡Sí! No “No” The next phrase is no, which means “no”. For example, Do you want to do your homework? No. Nos vemos “See you later” The next one is Nos vemos, which is “see you later”. Very casual. So, yeah, you can say it to your friends
or, yeah, to your family, whatever when you want to say like goodbye. See you soon. Hasta mañana “See you tomorrow” The next one is Hasta mañana,
which means “see you tomorrow”. For example, if you are in university and you want to say goodbye to your friends which you won’t be seeing until tomorrow,
you would say… Hasta mañana. ¿Cuál es vuestro nombre? “What is your name?” So the next phrase is ¿Cuál es vuestro nombre? which means “what is your name?” Mi nombre es Rosa. Yep. What is your name? Tell me. Yo soy Rosa. “I am Rosa.” The next phrase is… Yo soy plus your name. So in my case, Yo soy Rosa. and it means, I am Rosa. What’s your name? Encantado de conocerle. “Nice to meet you.” The next phrase is Encantado de conocerle,
which is “nice to meet you”, but the thing is that Encantado de conocerle is a bit formal. So if you want to say it to your friends or you know family, you could say… Encantado de conocerte. Encantado de conocerte. Gracias “Thank you” The next phrase is gracias which is “thank you”. If you want to say… Thank you very much, you say… Muchas gracias. Thank you for watching this video. Gracias por ver este video. Thank you! De nada “You are welcome” and the next phrase is de nada,
which means “you are welcome”. So yep, whenever someone says thank you to you,
make sure to say… De nada. No hay de qué “don’t mention it” The next phrase is No hay de qué “don’t mention it”. So if you do a favor to someone and that someone says thank you to you, Gracias You could say No hay de qué. Por favor “Please” The next one is por favor, which means “please”. So if you want to ask for a favor to someone, you would say… Por favor. Por favor suscribiros a este canal. “please subscribe to this channel.” ¿Perdón? “Sorry?” The next one is ¿Perdón?
Which is “sorry”. If you haven’t heard something properly and you want the other person to repeat it,
you can say… ¿Perdón? “Sorry?” Lo siento “Sorry” The next one is lo siento “I am sorry”. So if you did something wrong, that’s what you say. So for example, if you get late to class, you would say to the teacher… Lo siento. Bienvenidos “Welcome” The next one is bienvenidos.
which is “welcome”. Bienvenidos. If someone is coming to your house, you can say… Bienvenidos. ¿Cómo estás? “How are you?” The next one is ¿Cómo estás?
which means “how are you”. It’s not a formal way to say it but maybe a more informal way would be… ¿Qué tal? but yeah I think you can use ¿Cómo estás?
like, with almost everyone. Like sometimes when you ask ¿Cómo estás? you want like a more in depth answer,
like, you don’t want a simple “I’m fine” but you really want to know how the person is but maybe ¿Qué tal? is more casual. It’s just like you just want to hear “I’m fine, thank you.” For example, if you ask someone… ¿Cómo estás? that person could tell you, I am not very good. I lost my job. And I am trying to find a new one but umm….
something like that. ¿Qué hora es? is “What time is it?” The next one is ¿Qué hora es? is “What time is it?” So now it’s 4 o’ clock. Las cuatro en punto. ¿Cuánto es? is “How much?” The next one is ¿Cuánto es? “how much”. So when you enter a shop and
you want to know the price of something, you can say ¿Cuánto es?” Also you can say ¿Cuánto cuesta? It is the same thing. ¿Qué es eso? “What is that?“ The next one is ¿Qué es eso? “What is that?” Here you can point out something, ask… ¿Qué es eso? ¿En dónde está el baño? “Where is the bathroom?” The next one is ¿En dónde está el baño?
“Where is the bathroom?” Yeah, very useful phrase to know. So for example, if you are in a restaurant and you want to go to the bathroom, you can ask the waiter ¿Dónde está el baño? and then the waiter indicates you,
and then you go to the bathroom. No lo comprendo. “I don’t understand.” The next one is No lo comprendo,
which is “I don’t understand it”. If someone is talking to you, and you are a bit lost. You can say… If they are nice, they will try to explain it well to you. Also instead of comprendo you can also say entiendo. So, no entiendo. It will be the same thing. This is the end. Thank you for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed these top 25 phrases in Spanish and don’t forget to subscribe. Bye! I’m a bit shy, I don’t know. I don’t know.

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