Learn when your schedule allows-Online Accelerated Degree Programs

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Learn when your schedule allows-Online Accelerated Degree Programs

Do you have any regrets?
Ever wish you could hit the reset button because you missed
out on something? I’m sure we all do.
And one big regret many have is not finishing college.
But, there are ways to make that dream a reality.
Say hello to our next guest, Mary Hawkins, president of
Bellevue University. Welcome to the show.
Thank you. I’m delighted to be here.
I’m glad you’re here, because I’ve heard that from many
people. Something happened during their
lifetime, and it took a 180, and they weren’t able to finish.
Common denominator for people? Yes, especially women.
It happened to me. It did???
MMhmm… I had done two years and started
having children, and realized after a few years I wanted to go
back. I am not unusual.
I think it’s a lot of women, and actually a lot of people.
And look at you know. You’re the president of Bellevue
University. It is possible.
It is, and a surprise. Mary, I was reading here, 30%…
this was alarming to me, 30% of college and university students
drop out after the first year of school.
Why? It is true.
They just drop out. That’s a lot!
It is. It’s a lot.
Sometimes they decide to get married.
Sometimes they’re frustrated. This doesn’t feel like the right
major, doesn’t feel like the right college fit, sometimes
they run out of money. All kinds of problems that
adults are going to deal with, and they still have to figure
out a way to get back and get in the saddle and go.
Absolutely. And it doesn’t matter when.
In fact, one of my mom’s best friends, I believe she finished,
I want to say a couple years ago, and I think Loli was 56.
Great day. We all went.
She graduated. It was a huge celebration for
us, and for her. It’s the new normal.
And what’s cool at graduation is to hear “Go Grandma, go mom, go
dad!” But you know, when you hear
that, you think to yourself, okay, that sounds great, but to
make that adjustment when you have a family, when you have
kids, when you’re working maybe three jobs.
Would you say it’s kind of tough?
What you have to do is find a new path, and find support.
Find schools that support students.
There are some schools where it’s like “We dare you to
finish. We’re going to make it as hard
as you can.” There are some schools that say
come on in, we embrace you. Our success is based on your
success, and let’s talk then about Bellevue University.
You offer a great online program.
Let’s talk about it and how you embrace people to say come on in
and do it. We do.
And what’s surprising about the online classroom is it is so
intimate. They make such good friends,
great interaction with the professor.
There’s an image that you’re going to be working with a
computer. You’re not.
You’re working with people. That’s what I first thought,
Mary. It’s just the computer and me.
But it’s not so. You can actually get the help
you need. You can get the assistance.
You do projects with everybody around the world.
Tell me about that. What is really interesting is to
watch these projects and the way students figure it out.
There’s skype and there’s social media, and there’s adobe
connect. You name it.
But, they can make it really intimate.
They become best friends with people they’ve never met, never
crossed paths with. Something that’s great is also
the fact that you can do it on your own time.
Exactly. For parents, and for working
adults, sometimes you have a long work day.
You’ve got a project at work you’ve got to finish.
You can’t stop to go to class. So, online is perfect.
You get home, or you get up early in the morning, or you get
up in the middle of the night. Whatever.
And you do your homework. And whenever you can, you get it
done, and as long as it takes. Correct.
Do it at your convenience, and what you’ll find is there’s
support out there. Funny, other people are on the
same schedule. You think you’re the only one?
You’re not. I’d like to share some fabulous
testimonials that we have from some of your students
at Bellevue University. Can we do that?
Yes. Alright, let’s listen.
I’d left school, early on. Never finished, and got to a
point in my career where I saw education and the benefits of
that and felt it was really important to gain an education
to make me better at what I do. The only way I was going to be
able to go back and pursue additional education was to be
able to do it online, because I have three young children and my
husband was in school at the time, as well.
Really, the only way that we were going to be able to make
that work and feasible for our family schedule and our work
schedule was for me to be able to do that online.
It was a fantastic experience. I absolutely felt like I got all
of the same education that I would have gotten in class,
because I had so much dialog. The instructors, the support
staff, everybody at Bellevue will take you right down the
path that you need to go to succeed.
It’s pretty exciting. It’s pretty cool.
Even at 50 years old. I’m excited, and I would tell
anybody. It doesn’t matter how old you
are. It doesn’t matter what time it is. Don’t wait. It’s
there for you. Reach out and grab it.
I love hearing it. It is possible.
You can do it. I love those stories too.
I will tell you, and sometimes when i hear them, I have tears
rolling down my face because you realize what it’s done to change
somebody’s life, and it is overwhelming.
It’s so powerful. You have here a beautiful pin
that you give to your graduates. What is it?
It’s our new seal and our new emblem for the university, and
every graduate gets one at commencement.
I love what it says. I’m going to read it real quick.
You’ve achieved something great. As you turn, now, toward your
next endeavor, take with you this reminder of what you have
earned and all you will accomplish.
Great stuff. Thank you so much, Mary.
And for information on Bellevue University, where do we go??
Come back anytime. Thank you so much.
And, of course, if you’d like more information on Bellevue
University, you heard the website, or go to our website, Get your degree.

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